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Sandra Bullock Sticks to the Script

3/31/2010 5:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a joke in Hollywood about an agent who came to an actor's house to relay some tragic news ... and the punchline is, "Your agent came to your house?!"

Sandra Bullock Sticks to the Script

A woman clutching what looks like a couple of scripts from Creative Artists Agency -- CAA -- just made a special delivery to Sandra Bullock's Hollywood Hills home.

CAA Delivery


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I have a suggestion

I think we all need to act

if you know someone having an affair with a married person - please hit that person up side the head

go on do it

1582 days ago


OK, now I want to hear the whole joke.

1582 days ago


The agent joke is funny because big-time agents don't go to client homes, you go to them. the punchline should read "an agent actually came to your house.

1582 days ago


Great actress and person.

How she ended up with that ugly ,pie faced SOB is beyond words.

LIVE NOW forget this bum; you were way above him.

1582 days ago


The bony structure doesn’t reveal itself until something happens. -Something happened with Sandra, and she has become a mystery lady.

1582 days ago


Sandy B is retarded. How u gonna marry a low life tattooed biker white supremacist dude who loves skanks? She new his x was a low life porn star. People are idiots to think this lady didn't have a clue that she married a low life. There's more to Sandra than meets the eye.She's a skank wanna be. Maybe she should go get herself one of those super awesome(not) teardrop tattoos on her face.Stupid wench.

1582 days ago


An Oscar winner should be working on a new script!!! Jesse is playing the "emotional" card. He takes off to rehab for 45 days & hopes the kids call Sandy over to see them and she takes his loser butt back.Jesse thinks if Sandra files for divorce while Jesse is in rehab Sandra will appear heartless. Jesse and his reps are still knifing Sandra in the back.

1582 days ago


One is a Nazi war movie and the other is a Lifetime man hater Movie.

1582 days ago


How ironic is it that Bullock was honored for a film that makes her look all tolerant of black when meanwhile back at home she's nesting up with a low life white supremacist? Can anyone hypocrite?When I first found out she married this bad boy I was like WTF, no way. I new right then she was a far cry from Americas sweetheart, I totally lost respect for her right then. All I could think was what a dumb a&&. There is no way girlfriend couldn't know who she was marrying. For Christs sake I new and i don't even know him, so come on..really? I don't feel one iota of sympathy for sis..WTF else did she expect..seriously!

1582 days ago


This is the joke: First Actress: Oh my God, my agent just came to my house and told me my husband is dead! What am I going to do?Second actress: Wait a minute...your agent came to your house?

1582 days ago


Do you think he will do something to himself? Not that I really care, but they (men) do have feeling and I am not taking up for the DOG!!!!. I don't really believe he's going to rehab to fix himself but to hide out from the media. But guess what maybe he might find out something worstwhile about himself. He does have children and I know he loves them. I believe that he wants the best for them and knows he has blown it. Sometimes, things like this happens for a reason, so you can get yourself together. What do you think?

1582 days ago


her PR agent is plugging along nicely, the shopping run and now ill concealed scripts. You married a racist skank Sandra this does not distract from that.

1582 days ago


How ironic is it that Bullock was honored for a film that makes her look all tolerant of black when meanwhile back at home she's nesting up with a low life white supremacist?

THAT is why she opted out of the media blitz for the movie her agent etc just knew it was coming out and the best option HIDE

1582 days ago


Sandra Bullock donated ONE MILLION DOLLARS to Haiti shortly after the earthquake. She put her MONEY into helping a nation of BLACKS. Sandra is not a Nazi!!

1582 days ago


She looks blond in the pic , brunette in the video. Maybe it's a symptom of having different selves. One self is "Americas sweetheart", the other is a white supremacist tattooed biker sex addict freak lover.Would the real Sandra Bullock please stand up?

1582 days ago
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