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Ex UFC Fighter -- Assault with Deadly Weapon

3/31/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Several San Diego police swarmed in on former UFC bad boy War Machine last night and threw a spit bag on his head after cops say the dude assaulted someone with a deadly weapon.

UFC Fighter Busted - Assault with Deadly Weapon

TMZ has learned Machine -- which is the fighter's legal name -- was arrested outside a bar called Thruster's Lounge around 11 pm.

Law enforcement sources tell us Machine and another male were fighting with bouncers -- and when cops tried to approach the situation, War Machine took off running.

Eventually, cops caught up with the 28-year-old, threw him in handcuffs, and for some reason, put a spit bag over his head ... which is generally applied when the perp gets a little too aggressive with his oral fluids.

Machine was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon -- though it's unclear what the weapon is. He's currently being held in a SD jail.

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If you have a deadly disease, then spit is a deadly weapon.

1676 days ago


I was there. Saw WM gettin all ricky with the bouncers. Heard the getto bird tracked him down. Sucks to see him all cranked out like this. Hopefully this can be his wake up call.

1676 days ago


I just wanted to join the chorus of ridicule in pointing out that your fact-checkers and editors failed to mention that he hasn't fought in the UFC for years.

If you're going to try to masquerade as a media outlet, you might want to get basic facts right.

These are the best comments I've seen on this site. Instead of people throwing hateful invective at each other or bashing the subject of your "articles," they are ridiculing TMZ for failing to do your proper research and coming off looking like the clueless fools that you obviously are.

1676 days ago


To bad that spit bag isn't just a plain old grocery bag!

1676 days ago


Anyone with any form of martial arts training is considered to have assaulted with a deadly weapon if they should assault someone.

1676 days ago


if any of you noobs watched The Ultimate Fighter, you would have learned the kid had been through a lot.
Including his father dieing in his arms.
I think this kid has serious mental trauma that needs to be dealt with. Or he will be doing life real soon.

1676 days ago



1676 days ago


I am embarrassed to admit I am a UFC fan with all the drama-queen, Affliction clad Bozos who weighed in here. Did this guy fight in the UFC? Yes. Is he currently under contract with the UFC? No. So, is calling him a former UFC fighter correct? yes. No facts to check here you dummies.

1676 days ago


He's a failed porn actor too lol

1676 days ago


dont you idiots read the other posts,,how many bozos are going to say he isnt with the ufc anymore..it says formers ufc fighter you morons

every dumbass that posted after the first loser needs to have his ass whipped
read the other posts u idiots

1676 days ago


How many wake up calls do you need? You could have done something good with your life instead your wasting it. Hope the time in jail will help you in getting it together.

1676 days ago


"26. If any of you UFC morons could read you would see TMZ has it right.

It says he is a "FORMER" UFC fighter you illiterate knuckle draggers.

Learn how to read before you go off on a protein power/steroid fueled rant.

Posted at 2:04PM on Mar 31st 2010 by David Alexander Toluca Lake"

Hey bozo, TMZ finally EDITED it. For half the dead the headling said UFC fighter not Ex UFC fighter. They changed it because so many people pointed out that he isn't in the UFC anymore. Everybody wouldn't have pointed out that he's not in the UFC had they originally said Ex UFC fighter but originally it said UFC fighter you assclown.

Read this article, it talks about how TMZ incorrectly labeled this guy a UFC fighter. Just because you came and saw the story AFTER they edited doesn't make the comments wrong because at the time it didn't say EX.


1676 days ago


*for half the day the headline said UFC fighter*

too bad i can't edit my posts like TMZ can edit the article. I guess unlike them i got to get it right the 1st time.

1676 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

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There is a young native Chicago trensport whom has a career in the Civil Engineering industry in teh Las Vegas area whose co-workers ov erly adore herand al the while after being accused of using a rotary food processor-blender to eat-cnosume male balls at the Jeffery Damier estate, just happened to be John Belussi's balls after he drowned in his tub adn also after the gal made his childred through sexual intercourse!

First hand knowledge the she feels that her fellow employees are "fucked" and they are related directly to "Cylons from Imperial Empire"

Told my pal from Kentucky about this gal and he became hysterical!

1676 days ago

jeff smith    

I was at Thrusters last night, and yes Jon "aka War Machine" got into a fight the security broke it up and when one of the staff was holding the guy Jon was fighting he SUCKER punched a security guard in the face. The security guard went down than got up and dragged the so called UFC fighter out of the bar by his neck! lol. Please someone call Dana White and get that security guard a UFC contract! Mar Machine talk about bad choices!?!?! WTF is wrong with that dude!

1676 days ago
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