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Dr. Conrad Murray: 'I'm Hanging On by a Thread'

4/1/2010 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray: 'I'm Hanging On by a Thread'Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyer filed legal papers today pleading with the judge in his criminal case not to yank his medical license, because he needs it to pay for his defense.

Murray's lawyers are responding to the State Attorney General's motion, asking the judge to suspend his medical license as a condition to bail.

Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, says his client was in financial hot water before Michael Jackson's death and is now, "without fear of overstatement, hanging on by a thread."

Murray believes if the judge suspends his license, Texas and Nevada will follow suit and the doctor won't be able to make the money required to mount a defense. We're now told Chernoff will be earning some sort of fee, and Murray is also responsible for expert witness fees and other trial-related expenses.


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Uhhhh...who wants this guy as their doctor????

1643 days ago


Murray paying for his legal defense is his problem. He should have thought about that before he murdered Michael Jackson. The people who live in California, Nevada and Texas need to be protected from doctors like him who will sell their souls, ethics and all sense of decency for a dollar. Let him go push drugs on the street like the criminal he is and pay his low-life lawyers that way. Or better still just let the b@ztard fry.

1643 days ago


This guy will probably off himself when he gets painted into the corner.

1643 days ago


In my opinion his Medical license isn’t worth a dime; of course he shouldn’t have one. Who knows how many more patients that he has medicated in the wrong way? Enough! How many more have to die?

MJ forever!

1643 days ago

MJ's PYT Superfly Sista    

mjlover4life..I saw your question on the other board.if your
on facebook. Which you have to be. Its "the truth behind Michael Jackson, Allegations." I think thats the one you want.
Go Kimberly , Murray is not BAD...just a bast88d....

1643 days ago


I think that his license should have been suspended months ago,as soon as it was apparent that his actions caused the death of a patient.Murray used unsound judgment and did harm to a patient through gross medical malpractice.

1643 days ago


I will FINfD U we will dance the dance in your eightsided VOODOO chicken headed poohpa sniker fest.GRAND EMCAMPMENT i will tree you all BANANA?

1643 days ago


I will find you on your island and it will be a momkeys tass

1643 days ago


Oh my God what a piece of ... Are we supposed to feel sorry for this killer? MJ is gone and he's worried about his bogus defence. I can't believe anyone would go to him as a patient. He deserves no sympathy. Give him a legal aid lawyer - or just let MJ's fans get to him.

1643 days ago


People actually still see and pay this Doctor?


1643 days ago


POOR baby........ maybe he should have tout about tat before he KILLED Michael Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please.......... He might go to jail, god willing, for MEDICAL mispractice, to put it in a kind way. As8hole!!!!!!!!! Karma is a bitch. Hope the rest of his pathetic life is FULL OF IT.

Sorry, but i dont feel bad for this sorry accuse for a human being.

Its all about love. L.O.V.E.

1643 days ago


Any docter who performs CPR on a bed definetly deserves to have their license revoked.

1643 days ago

wish mj was here    

well idiot if you think thats real bad wait till you get in jail with bubba.he has alot in stored for deserve everything you get from had no right to give anyone that kind of stuff.i dont care how much they begged.your the doc you should have said no and got michael some help but all you thought about was that green stuff.well now guess what jackass now you can meet bubba.gooooooooooo bubba.dont feel sorry for you at all.suffer the way everyone else has.rot there for all i care.

1643 days ago


Oooooh, boo hoo!!!! Cry me a bottle of Propofol!!!

Nurse Murray should have thought about that before he smoked that joint and then hooked Michael up with that Propofol, which had a hole in the top of the bottle that was big enough to insert a garden hose!!

What a Grenada reject!!!

Only in America could a numb-nut doctor practice medicine on an American Icon!!!!!!

Any other country would have stoned him by now!!!

1643 days ago


Oh well, thats more than beloved MJ had!! MURDERER!!!!!!!

1643 days ago
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