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Dr. Conrad Murray: 'I'm Hanging On by a Thread'

4/1/2010 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray: 'I'm Hanging On by a Thread'Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyer filed legal papers today pleading with the judge in his criminal case not to yank his medical license, because he needs it to pay for his defense.

Murray's lawyers are responding to the State Attorney General's motion, asking the judge to suspend his medical license as a condition to bail.

Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, says his client was in financial hot water before Michael Jackson's death and is now, "without fear of overstatement, hanging on by a thread."

Murray believes if the judge suspends his license, Texas and Nevada will follow suit and the doctor won't be able to make the money required to mount a defense. We're now told Chernoff will be earning some sort of fee, and Murray is also responsible for expert witness fees and other trial-related expenses.


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Politico Pablo    

He looks like a very worried man. He must not be sleeping very well.

1563 days ago


CRP is just a way to look like he was trying,,he was never trying to keep MJ alive.He was doffying him for CBS`s coverup grand emcampment poohpas masonicas they are over FABIANS now rule the americas too bad he didn`t live to see that happen,,but doc DOA is off his kids back GGOD job MJ even though it cost your life..all things worth anything have a price

1563 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

What goes around, goes around, goes around, comes around...........

I felt such anger reading this article.

Seriously, i mean, there are so many things wrong with this situation that i cant even find a place to start.

This guy is scum, SCUM. I mean, he starts CPR on a BED!!!!!!!!!! Then stops, to try and cover his lame ass, then, oh yes, he thinks maybe i should MJ's 13 year old son, to see me giving his probably dead father MJ CPR.

Class act all the way, all the way...........

1563 days ago


Who does he think will hire him? This guy is delusional.

1563 days ago


He should have thought of that before doing stuff UNETHICALLY .. REMEMBER YOUR CODE OF ETHICS

1563 days ago


....awww bad...too bad comments !
Where is the LOVE ?! -.- #MJSALIVE !

1563 days ago


Awww, poor you Conrad Murray. You were practicing medicine prior to this and you still didn't pay your child support, student loans, etc. etc. (and lied about in court when renewing his licenses).

Don't see any reason to give this man any type of consideration. Doesn't matter who is patient was, he is responsible for a death of a patient and his medical license(s) should be yanked accordingly. Police get suspended without pay, why wouldn't this man? Legal aid is always an option ...

I guess, in the spirit of Michael, perhaps one license could remain valid, restricting him to one State, with very demanding restrictions put on him.

I'm stuck up here in Alberta, Canada but you know I'll be wearing my "Justice 4 MJ" hoodie in support!

1563 days ago


I agree with number 33. Your lisence needs to be provoked. People need to stop seeking your services as well. Who is stupid enough to seek your services after you killed someone? You don't even know how to give CPR. That is just crazy! I hope you rot in jail Dr. Murray for what you did to Michael!! No one feels sorry for you. You shouldn't have KILLED our Michael.

I can't wait 'til Bubba gets a hold of you and tears-dat-ass up! LMAO

1563 days ago


Then will SOMEBODY please cut that thread !!!!??? what is he wanting people to feel sorry for him??? WTF EVER....You should get what you deserve.....

1563 days ago


Well lets see. He could cancel his gym membership, sell his expensive house in Las Vegas, and cease going to bars and banging strippers. Oh a garage sale might be a good idea too.

Time for Murray to join the ranks of the unemployed and get prepared for his stint in the big house.....

1563 days ago


OH poor you! You didnt bother to take care of your family before you murdered it's dont yank my licence bcse I cant support my family......should have thought about that before you agreed to break your Hippocratic Oath....doesnt that mean anything!!!!

1563 days ago


maybe he should have thought about that before he murdered Michael!! life without parole, then he won't need any money.

1563 days ago


Aww boo freaking hoo.

Maybe next time (or hopefully there isn't a next time) you'll think before you act when it comes to other people's lives DOCTOR!

1563 days ago


Let him have a public defender if he can't afford "a defense."

1563 days ago


A larger issue here is that he not KILL anyone else with his sloppy practices. As for his legal defense, he can get a public defender if he cannot tender a defense any other way. I am surprised his current lawyer didn't mention he'd have NO way to support all his children. That's more compelling.

1563 days ago
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