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Miami Heat Star Claims Wife Sabotaged Big Game

4/1/2010 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dwyane WadeMiami Heat guard Dwyane Wade claims his estranged wife intentionally blocked their oldest son from sharing in one of the most precious moments a child can have -- out of spite.

In legal docs filed in Wade's uber-nasty custody fight, Wade's lawyer claims he wanted to take his 8-year-old son to All-Star weekend in Dallas. But Dwyane's lawyer claims Siohvaughn jock-blocked him by throwing a birthday party for the boy in Wisconsin -- 10 days after the boy's real birthday.

According to Wade's lawyer, James Pritikin, Dwyane actually filed an emergency motion before the game, asking the judge to order his wife to let the boy go to Dallas. But the judge felt the All-Star game was not an emergency.

Sad part of the story -- Dwyane scored 28 points, got the MVP award and led his team to victory. And the boy got a sucky cake in Wisconsin.

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I saw dwayne wades wife on e about basketball wives. She said he's changed since he became a mega star. That might be true but it sounds like he still cares about his kids. I hope she doesn't turn into a nasty, nasty ex wife. Dwayne Wade is a good guy and I think would be a great father. He's not stupid.

1663 days ago


Don't fall for it people- this troll gets what he deserves. His wife was his high school sweetheart, they lived together all through college, then had two children together. Once he made it big, he started stepping out on her- first with Kelly Rowland then Gabrielle Union, then who knows who else. Tiger #3, forget you.

1663 days ago


What a conniving spiteful B*TCH!! If I had Wade's money, I would now throw all my money and power at getting sole custody of the kid. He has the money and lawyers to do it. Squeeze her out completely. Seems like this B*TCH will just poison the kid against his father.

1663 days ago

oh yeah    

sound like she's hurt and shee's trying to get back aat him by using the kids. she should just move on with her life and wish him the best of luck. life is too short.

forgiving someone is the best thoing u can do for yourself. every time you hold on to the hurt it's like drinking poison and expectin the other individual to die.

1663 days ago


All parents going through a split should focus on the child(ren) and their needs. They need to focus on loving their children more than hating/being angry at the ex. The children are the ones that pay the price with their emotional wholeness, or lack thereof. The parents will also pay when the kid(s) grow up and realize they weren't allowed to love each parent equally. Emotional hijacking by parents will bite the parents in the end. I've witnessed it in my own family with 2 nieces from 2 different brothers. So sad :(

1663 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Its so funny how people always want to act like marriage is a game. Some people actually take their marriage vows serious. I believe that in God's eyes its a serious thing. He was out there cheating on his wife. THat is a sin and a shame.

All of those bastards black and white do this. After the woman has stuck by them when they were nothing and to do this is betrayal.

For instance Lionel RItchie

1663 days ago

john johnson    

awwwww........too bad d-wade, let gabrielle union kiss you and make things feel better.

1663 days ago


Siohvaughn? Where do these people get these names? I want to know.

1663 days ago


That is just crappy. It may not have been an emergency, but he is right. It would have been a good opportunity for his son to be there. Shame on the mother.

1663 days ago


Who would want to let their kid go to a game where his mistress Gabby was attending. The all-star game brings out all the hoes trying to hook up with a player.

1663 days ago


I don't care what they did to each other in the marriage, before they were married and after. We ALL know that some women can just be mean and spiteful (as well as some men).

They need to think of the kid and his relationships, not the jealousy that the kid might like one of them better or might do something better.

I have a feeling there is a lot of hate and the kid is stuck in the middle. Shame on them if that is the case.

1663 days ago


The sad part about divorces......it's the kids that take the greatest beating

1663 days ago


Franky, she withdrew those allegations like 2 weeks later and Wade sued after that. And if you believe Wade his wife also had an affair and isn't mentally stable. What I'm saying is...who knows what really happened....also...everybody should mind their own business. Same thing with Tiger and Jesse James. Someone's private life isn't the publics business.

1663 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Why am I supposed to care about some over paid spoiled jock and his rotten kid? anyone?

1663 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Well honestly i feel like the wife i refuse to bow down and make your life easy when he have put her through hell and back...cheating,lies,etc...what ever the case may be so HELL NO i would not make it easy for him to play house with my kids either, However i guess once she accepts this she will be fine but just because you are dwayne wade does not make the world revolve around u: SN: and i guarntee before the divorse she couldn't make him spend time with them kids like that!!!! AND YES HE IS AN ARROGANT JERK WHO THINK HIS DEAD EYE ASS IS THE SHIT AND i cant stand him so honey TAKE HIS ASS TO THE BANK AND LAUGH ALL THE WAY THERE!!!!!

1662 days ago
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