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Native American Backlash Over Speidi Names

4/1/2010 1:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Running Bear and White Wolf aren't exactly being embraced by the community they hoped to join ... in fact, several Native American groups are lashing out at the reality stars over their "ignorant" name changes.

After the people formally known as Heidi and Spencer announced their new names, TMZ spoke with a rep from the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota, who told us, "Continued stereotyping such as this by people ignorant of our traditional ways is very disrespectful and only hurts our efforts to curtail these stereotypes."

The rep claims they're especially upset because "the names they have given themselves are legitimate names in our tribe." And they're not the only ones pissed at the MTV couple ...

The National Indian Education Association tells us, "they have taken an inaccurate stereotypical approach to enhance their public image which is offensive to our diverse American Indian cultures."

They add, "We hope they are taking their 'self-improvement' journey seriously."

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Blue Swan    


I naming her, She Who Has Buttocks Made of Kevlar.

And he, Who Fly Like Vulture, But Have Brain of Flea.

Go now...hunt the buffalo...

1666 days ago


This has got to be an April fool's prank.. look who's doing it.. the 2 biggest fools of all.
Giving any more attention to these 2 idiots would be just a waste of time and energy.

1666 days ago


I have a very serious question for you there at TMZ. I am really sick of Heidi and Spencer, as I'm sure you are as well! What would happen if you or others would just refuse to air or say anything about them? Are you required to say anything? Just cut them off at the root and let them wither and dry!

1666 days ago

McCain Is Scary    

These two are a waste of space. god damn fame whores.

1666 days ago


Which is exactly why they did it bad press is better than no press

1666 days ago


Running Bear and White Wolf? How about Little Turd and Plastic Tits.

1666 days ago


TMZ, why are you calling them "Running Bear and White Wolf"?
That is NOT their names.

1666 days ago


In the end sadly these idiots are getting exactly what they want, more attention. Provided to you by yours truely, TMZ. Stop reporting on them they are just attention wh*res who need to fade away and realize that not all of us care!

1666 days ago


A little Indian boy went to hus father and asked "How do you name your children? I mean, my brother, White Cloud and my sister Eagal Star have great names!"

His father put down his work and said "Son, when you brother was born, I stepped outside the Teepee and saw a huge white cloud. And when your sister was born, it was night time and I stepped outside and saw a bright star and heard the scream of an Eagal....."

The father still saw the perplexed look on his sons face and asked "Why do you ask such questions, Two Dogs F*cking"?

1666 days ago


Why are they calling themselves Running Bear and White Wolf? These two are total morons. What the hell are they up to now? Oh, wait.....who cares?

1666 days ago


What do you call Rosebud trash in clear plastic bags?

Pine Ridge window shopping!
I'm just joshin' you guys, I know the rez.
In other news, Heidi and Spencer are Embarrassing

1666 days ago


I know... I know...

Picked up Soap and Gives the Drip!

Now those are some suitable names!

1666 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

you have got to be kidding me..As a Native American this pisses me off. These two worthless things wouldn't even be good shit under any Native American's shoes.

1666 days ago


TMZ you usually ROCK!! However spending any time at all, covering anything remotely close to these two losers, is mindnumbing. No one cares about these two. Your part of the problem here.

1666 days ago

doc murry    

Need I mention Washington Redskins.....

1666 days ago
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