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Sandra Bullock Heads to Michael Jackson's Block

4/1/2010 1:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It appears Sandra Bullock is officially on the move ... as in driving on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood through Beverly Hills.

It looks like Sandra left her house Wednesday around 6pm. She was wearing a big green sun hat that was covering her face. A bodyguard and an assistant blocked her -- with the help of several trusty umbrellas -- as she exited the house through the garage and got into a waiting car.

Sandra got in the backseat of a black Mercedes and the driver whisked her away.

Sandra just pulled into a house ... on the same street where Michael Jackson died.


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So What,
Harvey You Can Do Better Than That

I Just Farted & It Sounded Like "Thriller"

1644 days ago

Zach Swan    

Most pathetic and disturbing excuse for a story in a long time. We do not need to know this, TMZ. Leave her alone until something newsworthy happens. This is NOT newsworthy (unless the story line is 'pathetic lives of celebrity paparazzi and their associated website editors')

1644 days ago


Geez! Leave these people alone. I guess I can appreciate the fact that they are celebrities and are expected to be under public scrutiny and interest, but to follow every freakin' move you make and report going down a street in an affluent neighborhood as news worthy seems a little excessive. And we wonder why so many become reclusive.

1644 days ago


hmmm & 007
The two of you are really "shallow" - beauty (botox or whatever) is only skin deep...Sandra has a great deal of class but obviously the two of you are only looking at what other such depthless people think matters.... Sandra is a real person -- not without faults, no less...Do not judge, lest ye' be judged. Look in a mirror first...if botox were my worst fault, I'd be a saint!

1644 days ago


ffs call off the pap dogs. It IS dinner time on the west coast. Maybe she has a dinner invite? People do need to eat you know? For crying out loud, let her get out of her house and on with life in peace.

1644 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Leave her the fuck alone! Stop stalking her...this is just really low. Now just stalk Jesse because that is funny.

1644 days ago


You suck TMZ!

1644 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

what the hell is wrong with you assholes? that is a story?

1644 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

ooooh ooooh over here over here pay attention you hoooooooooo
look at me and follow

Pay no attention to the racist scum with pics behind the curtain watch I will do things to bump JJames off the front page of the tabloid. Yooooouuuu hoooo over here I am in my shiny car ignore the sewage leaking out of my failed marriage and watch me kick it into high gear when you all find out I have my own wittle secrets too.

1644 days ago


I have a couple questions for you TMZ... First, what color lipstick was she wearing?? Second, how much gas was in the car that picked her up?? Third, how many red light did she hit on the way there?? Forth, what did she have for dinner?? Fifth, what kinda tires were on the car?? Sixth, what was in her caca this morning?? Seventh, what color and how many stitches were in that green sun hat she was wearing?? Come on TMZ, we need more details.

1644 days ago


Stephanie Meyer breaks Vampire Lore/legend by making Edward sparkle in the sunlight vs. turning to dust.--and makes big wads of cash doing so--
(there, that's more news worthy!)

1644 days ago


paparazzi SUCK , and its a wonder no one does a OH SNAP on all of your butts..

I would never ever come out of my house due to all of these STALKERS...Never would I choose to live there, EITHER !!!!

1644 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Leave her alone, scumbags. That means you, TMZ. We don't want to see her picture if you have to stalk her to get it. She's been through enough.

1644 days ago

Go Patrick!:)    

ye' beeee reader, you wanna read something wholesome, grab a Bible. This is effin TMZ, get over yourself.

oh, and all of you, coming here to see the dirt, get off your high horse, knocking TMZ down for stalking Sandra.
Phleease, hypocrites...

1644 days ago


excuse me. but now you all are sounding/acting mentally impaired. this woman drove down a street. do you have any idea how lame this is. THIS IS NEWSWORTHY AND WE ALL WANT TO KNOW THIS????? WHAT SLOW DAY.........................get a grip for God's sake. quit the drugs/alcohol/ go back to journalism school.. you missed a few of your classes.

1644 days ago
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