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Biden's F-Bomb

4/2/2010 1:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Biden's recent "big f**king deal" gaffe on live television is raking in dough for the Democratic Party ... all in the form of an awesome, slightly inappropriate $25 t-shirt.

Joe Biden's BFD: Click to View!
The shirt -- sold on -- is real, we promise ... and the Democratic National Committee is behind it.

It even has the date March 23, 2010 on it -- the day Obama signed the health care reform bill and Joe Biden effed up on live television.

That's a change of clothes you can believe in.


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and they both are BFa--holes!

1665 days ago

cabdy sucks    

Nice. If a Republican said this there would have been hell to pay & we would never hear the end of it. We would have to hear how appalling that comment was forever. But since the Democrats said it, lets all laugh about it & profit off of it.
I hope our everyone enjoys living in a Government run Socialist Country.

1665 days ago


I thought it ment.
Bidon Finally Dies.

1665 days ago


Uhh, shouldn't that have said "HealthCARE Reform ---?"
Lamest April Fools joke ever.

1665 days ago


Stay classy Biden...! WOW, Such good role models for the children of tomorrow. We will see how it stands this November ;)

1665 days ago


"Considering Bush accomplished ZERO during his 8 years in office, other than making this country the laughing stock of the world"

Got to love uneducated political zealots like the one above. I was no Bush fan, but to say he didn't accomplish anything makes me want to roll my eyes at you.

There, I did it.

1665 days ago


The right needs to jump on this band-wagon. This is the only statement I ever agreed with drunk Joe on. It is a BFD, but it a very bad fing way.

1665 days ago

Dana Owens    

Are you kidding me, what a joke just like the party!

1665 days ago


It should stand for Big F-ing Disaster

1664 days ago


Really?! well maybe that's how they should have paid for health care, instead of using my money the white house could have sold Biden gaffe t-shirts.

1664 days ago


The rest of America & the Republicans need to put one out that says WGF, "We got fu#ked", or what Biden really meant, FYA, "Fu#k You America." I want a percentage for the sale of my idea. 04/02/10.

1664 days ago


Biden is a BFI (Big F*****g Idiot) and so are the other BFIs that elected him an Obama.

1664 days ago


This is an example of the kind of "dumbed down" people we have in the current administration.

What an embarrassment to decent people everywhere in the USA. The president has surrounded himself with Bidenesque dummies that are proud of their vulgar vocabulary. ANd now they want to profit from it...isn't that strange..PROFIT is a bad thing in private enterprise according them. These clowns don't have a clue how to do anything but mortgage the country.

1664 days ago


only thing obomber is accomplishing is bankrupting this country and driving up the national debt..all he does is go to partys and fly around the world at our expense..and his wife is so concerned about fat kids,,then why all last week did she eat out every meal in new york with her kids..too lazy to cook i guess...they do not have a clue to the real world is like so they just party and spend out money like it is free.....even theblack people are not happy with obomber.....they thought it was going to be easy street once he got into office and now they realize no handouts for them..other than what they were already getting......

1664 days ago


Well isn't that great; another classy move from the left. The whole administration is a joke. Unfortunately the joke's on us!

1664 days ago
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