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Biden's F-Bomb

4/2/2010 1:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Biden's recent "big f**king deal" gaffe on live television is raking in dough for the Democratic Party ... all in the form of an awesome, slightly inappropriate $25 t-shirt.

Joe Biden's BFD: Click to View!
The shirt -- sold on -- is real, we promise ... and the Democratic National Committee is behind it.

It even has the date March 23, 2010 on it -- the day Obama signed the health care reform bill and Joe Biden effed up on live television.

That's a change of clothes you can believe in.


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If you want to see what George Bush did during his 8 years, all you have to do is replay the "before and after" interviews of Obama. Look up his last interview before he was brought up to speed by the CIA/FBI/ETC. (this meeting is standard for the president elect) and then look at his interview minutes after this meeting ended. He looked like he was about to take a dump in his shorts and would not answer reporters direct questions regarding his stance on taxes and so on...things he'd been quite specific and forthcoming about up until that minute.

What happened in that meeting to change him? Obama was informed of all the attempts and plans to attack our country over the previous years which George Bush and his administration and policies had averted. It shook the man to see what "we" were actually up against.

Instead of having the balls to recognize this and continue to keep us safe, he insulted GW and his policies during his first speech as president and began his "apology tour" of the world.

What's next? Obama will tell Biden to come up with a fake medical condition which will cause him to have to withdraw from the VP spot in the 2012 election. Obama does not want this dimwit as his VP...and never did...he just needed a "name" for the first election and now feels he does not need it anymore. Plan on Hillary being his VP of choice in 2012.

And the shirt should read "Joe Biden...he IS a BFD!" with the "D" standing for DUMMY!

1609 days ago


Its funny that you leave out the actual shirt with the entire word fu**king on it, yeah people there is a shirt as of yesterday that obama was selling with the entire word on it, not sure if it was taken down or not.

1609 days ago


Lol, kind of funny...Rebuplicans did it with "you lie" and it was also funny. I consider myself Independent and vote based on the issue and person, not by party line (which is so asinine). Though it's politics, there has to be humor somewhere or they will just go crazy like the closet racists and welfare/disability collecting tea baggers (oops, partier). If you spend your day letting politics raise your blood pressure, make you quit your job all based on what u don't like...than you have no other life. This is not woman's rights, civil rights, abortion rights, right to marry. I understand you're mad that you feel "you lost control of YOUR country (yeah, right..tell that to Native Americans), but get a JOB and raise your children to have morals, values and manners, teach them to love and not judge and then you can say you did something to better this country...OUR country!

1609 days ago


lol it woulda bin funny if obama said "what u say, f-ing white boy?" and slapped biden 'cross his face....

1609 days ago


Gotta love those professional, elegant, role modeling kook liberal nutcases. Yet another idiotic, trashy action taken by the Pro-Nazi DNC.

You stay classy now Democrats......

1609 days ago



You are as independent as that pro-Communist quack Bill Maher is. At least he has the stones to admit he's a commie, unlike your gutless a$$. I'd be ashamed too if I lived in a country that I hated. So I get ya.

1609 days ago


Amazing. More trash from the Muslim Kenyan. Glad all those incompetent fools that voted for him are losing their jobs, cars and homes. It's called KARMA, biooootches!!!!

1609 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Biden should wear a muzzle!

1609 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

So Dick Cheney can shoot a guy in the face, oust a CIA agent, waste billions of our tax dollars and even divert alot of that money to his previous employer, con an idiot into the Iraq war that kills 2000+ of our brave soldiers, and tell a member of the house to "F" Off and thats all ok...but Joe shows some excitement over something that is a bid deal for millions and millions of us and he's a national disgrace? Seriously?

1609 days ago


41. All the health care haters are out in full force. Unlike the GOP and their mindless followers, my generation believes that lives are sacred even after birth and not just before. Healthcare is a BFD, hopefully it opens the door for more, more, more. BTW, I have insurance that pays 100% of my healthcare costs, I pay for it and you know what I'm still loving this. They call that compassion.

Posted at 9:45AM on Apr 2nd 2010 by Steve Woods


LOL!!!! You think it's so "sacred" that you elected a baby killing President who is on record for supporting the "TERMINATION" of actual babies that are born that have survived abortions, AND, one that has cut Medicare by 500 BILLION dollars and is on record as saying he doesn't want to waste medical attention on old people, he just prefers to give them a pill for the pain.

You are an ignorant, idiotic, un-informed liberal sheep that doesn't know your own fat a$$ from a hole in the ground.

1609 days ago


further proof this country is now destroyed. Amazing.....

1609 days ago


The only reason Obama pumped so much money into the economy is because he thought he heard "ho, how much do I have to pay for you to stimulate my package"? Biden then reminded him that this is a big farking deal, but it is called a stimulant package, consisting of all forms of drugs from the 60's that were used to figure out a way to get the government to implode on it's people.

Palin reminded these idiots that it was a stimulas package, but that it was a bad idea. We will have to pay that back someday, and that much money spent should have been spent for a much greater return that politicking.

1609 days ago


Biden and Obama = DUMB AND DUMBER!!!

1609 days ago

Tony M    

This is funny, but they are a little slow. I've seen this on a couple of sites already over the past week or so. Plus they are ripping us off on the price.

Here's one I saw for cheaper:

1609 days ago


Now that's something to be proud of.... Couple of real MORONS for sure. Dumb & Dumber comes to mind..

1609 days ago
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