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'Jersey Shore's Pauly D -- Foiled Again

4/2/2010 8:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Because he isn't tan enough, "Jersey Shore" gel head Pauly D took a break from filming the new season and charred his face with a homemade old school aluminum sun reflector in Miami on Thursday.

Somebody pass the 29-year-old some baby oil.


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Holy ****t all the haters on heree ? To me , Pauly is the best looking out of anythose jersey shore boyys. And i would Kill to have him ! (: Ya'llll are Jealous ! (: Gettt itt Pauly<3

1595 days ago


can you say... mad HATERS....!

1592 days ago


Pauly d is the man you guys are ****ing ***s

1526 days ago

your mom .     

you all are ****in haters .
you're probally some stupid fat ****s just sitting at home hating cause he gets more girls then you cause if you went out trying to get a girl they would laugh in your face (:
you all are ****ing jokes!

1508 days ago

yourmom .     

i bet you he's hotter then you , you people are probaly some ugly fat asses hatingg .
& whoever said 'Hopefully he will get skin cancer and die.'
i hope you kill yourself you stupid ugly **** (:

1508 days ago


#28 you think its sick or maybe you are just jealous?

18 and 19 are WOMEN. nothing wrong with it.

1487 days ago


"People are not realizing that these are NOT KIDS...Pauly D and the SITUATION are both almost 30 yrs old!!!! I think it's sick how they pawn and follow 18 and 19 yr old girls around on the show when they are both full grown men. "
Are you retarded or blind? I can GUARANTEE you those girls they (not follow around, but that follow THEM around) are NOT 18-19 years old HELLO they meet them at bars and clubs that you have to be 21 AND OVER to get into. Freaking stupid jealous people GET OVER IT! LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE AND NOT TRY TO LIVE SOMEONE ELSES. You don't even know him. All of you jealous idiots.

1468 days ago


"Hahahahahahahahahaha!! He is too cheap to get a spray tan. TOO FUNNY"
At least its a REAL tan. You must FAKE AND BAKE. Sad.

1468 days ago


Hi, can I talk to Angelina?
No, she died!

Best part of the entire show!!

1384 days ago


If you guys hate him so much and think he's ugly and the show is horrific, why in Gods green earth are you even taking the time in your pathetic life to even "search" for Pauly D! You have to actually "TYPE IN" his name to view anything about him. Instead you should be hitting the gym, tanning and looking good! Otherwise, you wouldn't be soo negative about anybody else for that matter.....Seriously????? You guys must live a miserable life to hate on this poor guy that just so happened to get lucky and get famous and do good for himself whatever it is that he's doing! Maybe therapy would help instead of commenting on things like this! I love Pauly D and his hair Rocks!!! I will pray for the rest of you haters... Live and love life!!! Just saying........

1368 days ago
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