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Lindsay Lohan Broke

In Dire Straits

4/2/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan is broke -- so much so, she can't even pay her rent on time, sources tell TMZ.

We've learned Lindsay was two months behind in rent and her landlord sent her a legal notice to pay or get out. Lindsay just paid her landlord $23,000 to become current.

What's worse ... Lindsay isn't pulling in any income and her prospects for work are almost non-existent because of substance abuse issues ... according to our sources.

In the few days since TMZ published the story that friends and professionals are deeply afraid for Lindsay, the situation has become even more dire. We're told there is still a strong feeling -- even resignation -- that Lindsay will die soon if she doesn't get help.

There is deep frustration among the remaining people in Lindsay's world that her mom, Dina, is enabling her daughter by insisting Lindsay is fine.

As for how Lindsay could possibly be in compliance with her alcohol education program -- all she's required to do is go to the classes and refrain from driving. Drug and alcohol testing are not part of the drill.

More evidence of Lindsay's situation: last night she went to Ubisoft's "Splinter Cell: Conviction" Launch Party at Les Deux, where she once again fell -- hard -- on her way out of the club. After the crash, she got up, dusted herself off ... and went to another nightclub.

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Dina, Why the hell are allowing this to happen to Lindsay? Do you really want to bury her? What more do you need to see?? Were not aware of Heath Ledger's drug abuse and the fact that your daughter was hanging out with him?? What about Samantha Ronson?? That girl is on drug's! What are you doing to your family and why? Why are you this role model that has shaped Lindsay's life this way?? She is a young girl she isnt a woman like yourself! Stop kissing your daughters ass and trying to be her best friend and drag her to rehab. Do whatever you need to do. Or Harvey, have Dina come to TMZ and deny all of Lindsay's problem's like she does in your phonecall's. TMZ kills people.

1664 days ago

doc murry    

Obviously she isnt broke if she can come up with 23,000...I sure could not come up with 23,000 just like that.

1664 days ago


This world needs one less WHORE!!! Die already Loser so TMZ can move on & we got one more has been rotting 6ft under.

1664 days ago

andrew alfano starbucks    

regardless, a broken family. unfortunate.

1664 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

A tip for Lindsay: Sell the pussy.

1664 days ago

Christina G.    

There's nothing that can be done, by her parents or anyone else. The change has to come from within. As long as she gets attention as a drunk/druggie, she'll keep doing it.

1664 days ago


I cannot understand how her mom can stand by and let her daughter fall apart. Dina needs a reality check! Once she is gone, there is no turning back. Get your act together and help your daughter.

1664 days ago


If anyone was enabling her it was the media! She should have been working at McDonlads a long time ago, but the media & all these clubs kept her in the spotlight. If anyone is too blame it is TMZ & the rest of the media along with these clubs. They build them up, then when they have outlived their usefulness they throw them away & love showing it happen. Get out of the entertainment business, unless you have a tuff skin & more brains about economics than our President & congress. Save your money while you are hot, then retire.

1664 days ago


This is so tragic... This girl although young... reminded me of the next Ann Maragaret. So sad to see what has happened to her life and career. Maybe Lindsey needs to take a break away from her parents and everything is life. Do what Amy Whinehouse did, and go to a tropical island to get clean. I dont think any of the people in her life are good for her. Hey, if Britney can change her life around, she certainly can.

1664 days ago


I guess if she's broke it's time to grow the hell up and get a JOB. A hob doesn't have to be acting. It can be working at a coffee shop, as a secretary or whatever.
I have so little pity for her because how many of us have been laid off and or broke? Do we skip rent and go out partying? Not the grown ups.
Miss Lohan needs to accept reality. She's not getting acting jobs, needs money and really should get a job. Maybe get an apartment and roomate too.
I remember being in LA 6 yrs ago and she'd blown $750 000 on her own birthday party. (What were the party favours - blow and a car?) It's her own fault. She spent all the money. She isn't facing reality.

1664 days ago


Why can't these celeb lead low key, inexpensive lives? $23,000 to become current on rent?? You know how many *years* it would take for my rent to reach $23,000? Our rent is $840 a month. Do the math! :D

These "celebs" live way higher than their means. How come it never occurs to them to scale back? Why do they all feel like they need to either be buying mansions in "the hills" for millions of dollars, or renting places that cost tens of thousands per month??

While I'm at it, let's rant about how when work dries up for these celebs it never occurs to them to go out and become a member of the real world, get some job skills training and go join the real people in society. They paint themselves into a corner by refusing to pursue anything but "acting" gigs, no matter how D level straight-to-video the project is. Then they continue trying to rent sprawling spreads for thousands per month, or buy some mansion for millions which they don't have. Do these celebs have any common sense?? (no.)

1664 days ago


Watching Michael Lohan's press conference i was thinking "Good, he's right, he's making alot of sense". Then someone mentioned Dina's comments, and he started that maniacal laughing and immediately started acting really immature and crazy. It brought me back to the reality of "Oh, right, this is MICHAEL LOHAN". The frosting on the cake was when he thanked his attorney for standing by him in all his criminal cases.
If this is Lindsay's biggest advocate....

1664 days ago


She is far from broke...if she can come up with 23,000 in a matter of hours...she is not broke...irresponsible...but not broke...

1664 days ago


Despite all Michael Lohan's faults, which are many, at least he seems concerned about his daughter. Her mother is an absolute waste of skin. It's going to be on her head when Lindsay OD's, which could be any second now.

1664 days ago


Why doesn't this dumba$$ sell some of the thousands of dollars worth of clothing she "hoards".

1664 days ago
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