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Speidi to Native Americans: It's Peace Pipe Time

4/2/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Running Bear and White Wolf are now attempting to dislodge their moccasins from their mouths ... after their off-the-wall name changes pissed off multiple Native American groups.

Spencer "Running Bear" Pratt just told us: "Changing our names to Running Bear and White Wolf isn't meant to be disrespectful ... we respect [Native American] heritage and have a sincere acknowledgment of their beautiful culture."

Bear says he and Wolf "would like to invite any Native American tribal leaders to meet with us to help us further understand their culture" ... but we're guessing they'll only do it if cameras are rolling.


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are you kidding me!!! only if the camras are rolling.....they dont understand the native people at all if theres one thing that the native people are known for is their humbleness.....gawd!!! trying to pin there crave for attention on the native people

1634 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Why would anyone alive want to meet an asshole like Spencer Pratt or his equally stupid wifey babe?!! By the way Spencer, you want to meet elders of any of the Native American tribes YOU get off your bone idle ass and go meet them - if you really want to learn, you go see them not expect them to come see you because you're some white trash celeb!! If I can do it so can you lol!!
Sounds just like more P.R though, when they went into the Jungle they were rude and offensive about everyone there saying they were nobodies in comparison to them! They got to walk what was it 3 times - great t.v hype but I woudn't have let them back in and I wouldn't have paid them any of their fee either!! For someone who claims to be a christian Spencer Pratt comes across as a racist, narciccist (probably spelt that wrong too).
One last thing, the Cheyenne, if the government had it's way would no longer be able to keep their own language as it seems the government wants or wanted them to speak english only - now that's a racist act if ever there was one!! I'm waiting for the day a Native American becomes president and tells everyone else to piss off out of their country and off their land lol!! Now that I'd pay to see - unlike these two idiots who I wouldn't watch if you paid me lol!!

1634 days ago


native american....................really! it's obvious that when these 2 put their heads together, anything is possible! it's as if there going shopping,"honey, i want to become native american" why not look into other relioions?, they could become budist, and get to wear snuggies all yr round! i could see them taking a limo to see the dahli lama!

1634 days ago


I agree with #7 - ignore them!

1634 days ago


I read somewhere, shortly after her 10 plastic surgery procedures, that the most proud she was of it all was her chin. The woman looks THICK. She looks like JAY LENO. That chin is the WORST of it all. She looks HORRIBLE! Poor husband. I bet he's heartbroken to have this woman change into a MAN FACE, let alone the change in her personality. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!!!

1634 days ago


SOOOOOO KOOL!! I read this site all the time and it was shocking to come across our tribal flag!! AWESOME!!! We have made FIRE!!

1633 days ago

Larry D. Crumbley    

Would you please send every single living, breathing, native--("REAL)-American a huge apology TMZ. This is so disgusting that I want to puke. Why, and by whose authority do they think that they can now start to call themselves by any other names, especially names like these that are clearly something that they are doing to try, and make the point that they are nothing but "FOOLS". Please stop reporting on them. They are out of touch with reality. White IDIOTS, that do not know what they are doing.

Larry D. Crumbley

1633 days ago


Spencer Anus and Heidi Anus are both mindless morons;

"Changing our names to Running Bear and White Wolf isn't meant to be disrespectful ... we respect [Native American] heritage and have a sincere acknowledgment of their beautiful culture."

Bear says he and Wolf "would like to invite any Native American tribal leaders to meet with us to help us further understand their culture"

"Would like to invite", "respect", "sincere acknowledge"? Totally wrong, totally evasive, totally uninvolved and typical white trailer trash not willing to make the slightest effort to crawl out of your filthy cocoon to travel and learn about the world.

Let's hope Spencer and Heidi are hit by lightning. It's springtime, time of change! Let 'r rip! Look for a burn mark in the grass and a big pool of silicon gel.

1633 days ago


Get off your bone idle butt Spencer (Pratt is such an apt surname), if you want to talk to any Native American elder go see them - they don't come to you,you pompous, narciccistic, racist, egocentric, offensive nobody!! If you want to learn about the many Native American tribes their customs, their language and their history, since it's far to much to hope that you know where a library is, go online!!
Why anybody though would want to talk to a person who claims to be a christian and who has none of the humility or caring of afore mentioned I have no idea!! Me I'm waiting for the first Native American president to be elected, just so I could laugh my ass off when they said right you - get out of OUR country!! That I would pay to see - I wouldn't watch Pratt and wifey on t.v or anywhere else if you paid me $1 million lol!!!

1633 days ago


Seriously, why are these D-bags allowed to speak?

1633 days ago


These 2 people are ate up. Just plumb ate UP with all kinds of stupid. It's time for the paps and everyone else to ignore these two kids and let them dehydrate from lack of attention. Maybe they'll figure out that taking on different personas is only for REAL actors....not these "reality stars" that are going to wind up lost and broke.

1631 days ago


uhhh reggie reggie, here is a link that i think will help you,, it's from a university which knows waaayyyyyy more than you and i, it explains to you what really happened, idk who has been lying to u but u should send em this link to, there are tons of other stuff that dispute what ur saying, but i guess in your own little world everyone else is wrong right? hehe ur funny. u ever gonna mention ur tribe or are u that ashamed of it?

1624 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

wtf? if you are going to do something so significant as CHANGE YOUR NAME, should you NOT have learned about the culture FIRST?! Fucktards......

1624 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Here's your new, new names: cocknuckles & diklock.

1623 days ago


These 2 people need to go away.. forever. People keep doing stories on them and taking photos so we are giving them exactly what they want.... publicity.

1610 days ago
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