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Tiger Woods' Teacher -- He's a Liar

4/2/2010 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The mystery teacher is speaking out even before her news conference, claiming Tiger Woods' tale of childhood racism is a lie.

Tiger told a story back in 2005 about how, when he was a child, "a group of sixth graders tied me to a tree, spray-painted the word 'nigger' on me, and threw rocks at me. That was my first day of school. And the teacher really didn't do much of anything."

Ms. Decker, Tiger's kindergarten teacher, couldn't wait, and even before she takes the mic at Gloria Allred's office at 10:30 AM PT, she's denying it ever happened, saying, "... no such incident ever occurred to Tiger Woods while he was under [my] care as a kindergarten pupil on the first day of class."

Allred, released a statement saying, " No teacher should ever be treated in such a callous and unfair manner especially one such as Ms. Decker. The time for Tiger Woods to make direct amends to her is now."

So what does Ms. Decker want now? TMZ will live stream at 10:30.


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...and the Gloria Allred bottom feeding gravy train continues...

1665 days ago


you're kidding right????

1665 days ago


Really? Really? You decide that after God knows how many years, you have a burning need to refute claims about your performance? I can barely remember my kindergarten teachers name, but this teacher remembers Tiger from all those years. She must have tried to sleep with him, that's all teachers have been doing. We may have found subject zero.

1665 days ago


Ok.. why is his KINDERGARTEN teacher denying something that happened in the SIXTH grade? How in the hell does she know what happened then? She just want attention. Hush up, teach your ABC's and stay the hell out of his business. Its not your role especially if you were his kindergaten teacher.

1665 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Tiger is such a lier !!!! .... I don't think we can believe a word that comes out of his mouth ... Just go AWAY!!!! Boycott Boycott Boycott

1665 days ago


Now this sounds so bogus! How is it that a kindergarten teacher remembers what happened on Tiger's first day of school that many years ago.....I'm so sick of Tiger Woods phenomenon. I hopes he kicks ass at the Masters!

1665 days ago


Instead of asking teacher, how about asking Tiger's former classmates. Will any of them come forward?

1665 days ago


I don't think there's a bigger media whore than Gloria Allred. She's a total joke amongst real lawyers-

1665 days ago


Sick to death of tiger's crap. Good for Gloria.

1665 days ago


What is the point of this??? I dont get it. WTF?? Has the world gone mad?

1665 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

BACK TO ME !!!! ME ME ME and who? ME!!!! ... I'm the greatist star, I am by far but no one knows it... ME!!! ... Buy my fam balies dvd's, c.d's and t shirts... Mo money for us!!! Ker Ching

1665 days ago


not that tiger is without his issues.. but geezuz .. this gloria allred is really a gutterslug ... would be great for all the people she has attacked to get together and dig up some "character references" for her ... come on .. whats the dirt on her .. when is someone gonna turn the tables on this attention leech ? pleeeeeeeeeeeese !!! there's gotta be some skeleton's in that dungeon

1665 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

back to us

1665 days ago


This is getting stupid beyond words. What comes next? The midwife who delivered Tiger. Can't the Courts put Gloria Allred
on some kind of psych hold. She gives lawyers and women a bad name.

1665 days ago


If she had a problem with what he said, why didn't she voice her objections in 2005 when it came out? I can't help but wonder if she's just looking for a pay out. I know teachers are underpaid, but this is ridiculous! Gimme a break, and give Tiger one too!

1665 days ago
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