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Erin Andrews -- Emailer Talks 'Suicide Vest'

4/3/2010 1:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Erin AndrewsTMZ has more information on the emails a Newport News, Virginia man sent to ESPN's Erin Andrews ... and it's scary.

TMZ broke the story that sexual as well as violent emails targeting Erin have been sent to "The Dan Patrick Show" since last September.

Law enforcement sources have given TMZ specifics about the threats to Erin, who is currently a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars."

March 29, 2010 -- "Dear Dan: I hope Erin Andrews gets murdered in L.A."

March 26, 2010 -- "I hope she gets shot in the face. I would love to see if she can dance away from a hail of gunfire. That would really make my day."

March 14, 2010 -- "I would love to get close enough to her to show her my suicide vest."

And, sources say, there are emails that pose even more of a direct threat to Erin.

We are told the FBI knows the identity of the man who sent the emails. In fact, the man didn't even try hiding his identity in the emails.

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Fame and success come with a price, and there is a reason why public figures always get freaks after them, and get paid a lot of money so they can afford to hide away. She needs to choose between her career and her safety.

1671 days ago


All's right in good and fun but we got some sick people living on this earth.

1671 days ago



1671 days ago


Its all a bunch of crap DWTS sucks anyhow

1671 days ago


He DOESN'T say he is going to do anything. Leave it to Erin and TMZ to make much ado about nothing. He is simply stating he would love for it to happen, NOT that he is doing it.

1671 days ago


Another reason I'm glad I'm not famous.

1671 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Obvious: No one should have to go thru having "threatening" (open to interpretation) emails to deal with in life...no matter what the content. It seems, in our celebrity obsessed culture, to be part of the territory when someone chooses any given profession which places that individual in the mediums of radio, tv, film, politics; in other words, the public arena. Where EVERYBODY knows your name...

HOWEVER, just a thought: when one chooses that path in life, you now belong to the public. You're forum is broadcast across the country & around the world. Deal with it, b/c with EVERYTHING in life there is up & down, good & bad, positive & negative...

That said, when the down, bad & negative begin to rear their ugly head, SAVE the "I'm a VICTIM" bullshit. Erin Andrews clearly missed that bus. Frankly, she whined & cried a bit too loudly when Michael David Barrett got locked up for 30 months for his icky move. No doubt he's a pervy perv, but, he's certainly not deserving of life in prison as Andrews whined about following his sentencing. I mean, c'mon Erin, you're not THAT special, little lady. But what TRULY cost her credibility was after blabbering about feeling "victimized", she then accepts DWTS gig. WTF? HUH? REALLY? SERIOUSLY? I mean, what am I missing here?

So, after careful deliberation (Rumor has it, it took her 1/8th of a milisecond to accept the offer after hearing: Erin Andrews, victim, gets her boogie on & LOTS of people will be watching!!!) and of course a quick stop by Oprah's couch (Again, poor victim Erin cannot stay in hotels by herself) and just for the heck of it, asking her PR people to remind the public of her PLAYBOY'S Sexiest Sportscaster Award (2 years in a row, mind you), Girlfriend will throw on what will be a FASHIONABLE TOUR DE FORCE of an ensemble and bump & grind her VICTIMIZATION all over some DWTS dancer...

Hypocrite much, Erin? I think when a woman is truly victimized, she would retreat, seek counseling if needed, take time for herself and work her way back into life at a ready, steady pace...all the while taking care of her mind, body and soul. Any type of victimization takes time to heal. Like a wounded animal, they retreat, heal and in their own time become a part of society, at a pace that is comfortable and healthy. Erin Andrews trivializes & demeans & has been completely irresponsible to those who have truly been victimized. Shame on you, Erin. Go away. Go away now. THAT is why she deserves the criticism she is receiving in the press lately. I hope it hurts, little girl. You should be ashamed of yourself. But, you won't.

1671 days ago


Erin, you are receiving bad and critical press b/c you have lost any and all credibility with the public due to your incessant whining that you've been victimized terribly, by complaining the perv who taped you should have been locked up for life. Really? Seriously? You should be thankful he was locked up at all....MANY MANY MANY crimes against women happen all over the WORLD, every second of every day, including but not limited to pre-teen GIRLS being raped & sodomized. There are children out there who are taking their own precious young lives for being victimized/bullled at school (which should be a safe place); there are all types of attacks, brutal and otherwise every day, that leave all types of women. young, young moms, middle age and elderly, bruised, battered & broken...on the outside and tragically on the inside, too. Case in Point: Jaycee Duggard. Raped over & over, and out of that bore two children of her rapist...all before her 16th birthday (what did you get for Sweet Sixteen, Erin?)

For the record, what happened to you is unfortunate, and being in the spotlight had to be embarrassing too. BUT, you have completely & utterly take your "victimization" way too far and have overlooked that compared to the FEW horrific examples above, your "stalker" got 30 months. That is something, at least. Thousands of women & children, every day, who have been 100x more terrorized and victimized that you will NEVER see justice for their attackers. Never. Ever.

Furthermore, because you have whined all over the place about your "violation", why then, excuse me, HOW THEN can you diminish that, & conduct yourself in a sexual manner & grind up against a man who is NOT your husband, fiancee or boyfriend for that matter (direction: you have zero history of initimacy or shared history with this man)...You are all show and no substance. The public sees right thru you. No sympathy for your cause.

1671 days ago


Wonder how much she pays these "guys" to keep her in the spotlight. Done be fooled, she is lovin' EVERY minute of this publicity! Skank.

1671 days ago


She has NO integrity. NO substance. NO talent. NO empathy. NO class.

Browse thru some pix of her, she KNOWS she is being photographed.

So, what is with these so called stalkers? Unfortunately many people, famous or not, have them...I smell something fishy about this...Im calling BS.

She beat that hotel peep hole thing INTO THE GROUND. Then, all of a sudden, had to conjure up press (ANY press is good press) for her "Stomping Around Like A Clydesdale with the Stars" to keep her name in the press? Throw in the letters F, B & I, and BAM!!! Back in business Erin!!!


1671 days ago


i would EAT her alive lolllllllllllllllll

1671 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Well if they know who the sick sob is then just stick his suicide vest on him and leave him in the desert to find his way home - I'm sure he'll blow sometime!! Just because you can't stand her or her personality (with some commenters cheering him on ) you want some sick b****** to get away with stalking and threats, just like you wanted the peeping tom to, the fact the guy peeking on her also did it to 16 other women didn't stop you whining he should go free then did it hm?! If it was your wife or kid of course you'd have felt fully justified in beating his brains out even if either was a porn star. Guys like that become rapists and paedophiles, but hey just because Erin was affected you want the pervert to go free!!
What's really scary is that the show knew she was getting these threats back in september but didn't feel she should know there's another nutter out there?!! When you see the amount of celebs who've actually been killed or attacked by their stalkers you need to get a reality check, just because someone becomes famous doesn't mean you own their ass and it doesn't mean you need to know everything going on in their lives including what color their shit is!!!

1671 days ago


those emails were not threats. he said i hope she gets shot. obviously thats not the same as saying im gonna shoot her. all the hype by tmz and thats it? "i hope she likes my suicide vest" whats illegal about that? I'm not defending the guy but those are not threats and law enforcement has nothing on him.

1671 days ago

Gold Member    

Erin is cute and Tiger is a dog. But you all missing one important thing... this is not news anymore. And the couples people are talking about is not Erin and Tiger or Sandra and Jessie, but Arthur Vonshtain and his high profile westernized wife. Wake up and give us the real thing!

1671 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

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1671 days ago
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