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Erin Andrews -- Sexual Emails Turned Violent

4/3/2010 1:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the emails targeting Erin Andrews were initially sexual and then turned extremely violent -- in one case the writer threatened to gun her down in L.A.

Sources say the emails to "The Dan Patrick Show" began September 16, 2009 -- the email that day was sexual in nature.

That email was followed by sexual emails on October 5, October 28, November 16, and December 2.

Beginning on March 14, the emails turned violent ... and continued on with two on March 29 and one on March 31.

The threatened violence escalated in each email.

There was yet another sexual email on March 22, in between the violent ones.

Many of the emails were sent during the criminal case of Erin's stalker, Michael David Barrett.

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1663 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Sounds like the old green-eyed Jealousy monster has risen it's ugly head. Some of you little turds sitting on your couch, both male and female, wishing they could dance with 'Max.....
Erin has never done a thing to you dipshit losers, so why the hate?
Jealous, pathetic, little nobodies. Lighten up, your being gay is not the end of your world.

1663 days ago



1663 days ago


shes the biggest UN-celeb of our time. Stop milking this weak ass story

1663 days ago


Go away Ms Andrews. Please just go away.

1663 days ago


Thats a shame!

1663 days ago


You know I want to feel bad for her but I dont, shes always dressed very attractive, and yes she wanted to be easy on the eyes, now shes getting all these pervs and wonders why? YOUR TITS AND ASS GOT YOU THE JOB, NOW DEAL WITH IT BITCH

1663 days ago


So many of you know Erin personally - I mean you would have to in order to make these critical, mean and hurtful comments about her...nobody could know such things about her unless they spent a lot of time with her - well, unless those making the comments are simply jealous of her so they make hateful comments about her to feel better about themselves. The only problem with that....we (or anyone with a lick of common sense) know you have absolutely no idea what kind of person she is so you look even more pathetic for being a blatent, judgemental liar! Doesn't that make any of you feel just plain embarrassed? Say no all you want in defense but you still know the truth inside - and so does everyone else!!!!

1662 days ago


only place ihave heard of her is on tmz, other than that? i hav enever heard of her,sounds likes he is trying to generate self publicity

1662 days ago


It looks like the emails didn't threaten violence until Andrews started calling for the guy who took the nude pictures to get life in prison.

It was ludicrous for Andrews to be calling for a guy to do life for a relatively-trivial crime, and it looks like someone hearing that may have gotten very pissed off.

I in no way support this person sending the threatening emails, but the Guyinism movement (see http://guyinism.com)recognizes that guys shouldn't be serving sentences longer than women for the same crimes. It wasn't long ago that female sports journalists like Andrews were fighting to get into locker rooms where guys were naked. But naked pictures of her and a few other chicks - fewer naked bodies in number than I imagine Andrews sometimes sees in single-locker visits - are supposed to land a guy life?

I don't think so, and if this emailer is really a "sick person," as Andrews' lawyer asserts, Andrews may be one who ends up getting life.

1662 days ago


Ew, really Ms. X...leave Erykah Badu alone? She walked naked not too far from where I live, and trust me, it was a gagalicious sight on my 5:00 news! That woman is NOT gorgeous, she is nasty as hell! And she got down to her yucky birthday suit in front of children! Someone should tell her that eating ten pounds of fried chicken doesn't give her a body that ANYONE wants to see naked! At least Erin's video has her shots through a peephole, where it's almost definite that she wasn't aware of what was happening. Ms. Badu (and I use the term "Ms." lightly) got naked ON PURPOSE in front of unsuspecting parents and children. Who would want to stalk that? I do hope she gets more punishment than what she did, though. That poor nine-year-old will need strong mental bleach to clean that image out of her mind.

If you're going to b*tch about Erin and then praise Erykah Badu in the same post, something is wrong with you. Erin, at least is on a show where you know every woman is going to be wearing revealing outfits (kinda like in FIGURE SKATING!) and you can choose if your kids watch, or not. Erykah Badu has no class doing what she did in front of children, and her classlessness shows on every nightly news segment that runs her story. Sad that you would defend her over a female sportscaster who is on a dance show.

1660 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

This is probably: 1. Some weirdo scumbag, who hates women because, he knows they think he is a creep because....well, HE IS! OR, 2. This is some High School Punk.

1659 days ago

mike thomas    

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1655 days ago


They should been got the twisted minded person.......it's scary that they aren't doing anything.

1654 days ago


Who the **** looks at her and thinks anything sexual???? All i notice when i have to misfortune of seeing her ugly face is NOSE NOSE NOSE NOSE AND MORE NOSE. Fix your beak. And i agree with NYCBABY, she wasn't stalked. And it's hard for people to feel sorry for her and buy into her "waah waah i'm a victim" act when she's able to go on DWTS after being so "violated and traumatized." She's full of ****, she set it all up.

1649 days ago
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