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'Jerseylicious' Chicks

Who'd You Rather?

4/3/2010 1:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Doing their best Jwoww, Snooki and Sammi Sweetheart impersonations, Alexa Prisco (left), Olivia Blois Sharpe (center) and Briella Calafiore (right) of "Jerseylicious" brought out their acrylics, overdone eyes and orange skin for an event across the Hudson River in Manhattan on Thursday.

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Frank Ranu of Ranu's Reviews    

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1619 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

there aint no Snookie like the real East coast Snookie!!! these bithches is crazy, how can u be a fu*king Snookie impersonator without a hump? Thats like being a Carrot top impersonator with brown hair

1619 days ago


YUCK!!!!!!!!!! I would engage in bestiality before I would touch these foul fowls.

1618 days ago


WOW... I wish I could see what some of you people look like..!! lol.. They are Hair and Makeup artists!! So they wear makeup!! duh.. I can't speak for the other two but I know Alexa personally and not only is she Gorgeous in person but she's actually really sweet too... 99% of these comments are made by guys that wish they could get a strong, independent, Talented girl like that... So relax...

1617 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Actually this is gonna be the new "Jersey Shore" for like 5 minutes.
MTV, you fucked around for too long, nobody cares now.

1617 days ago

sha bae bae    

for hairdressers id expect more from their hair, utter disaster, and as for the look, even if you toned down that makeup, wouldnt change the fact that they are what they are and will always be, they do dress nice but honestly the personality shows in their makeup and attitude, totally stuck up and completely in love with themselves, i actually think they think they are hot, so sad.

1616 days ago


Dude none!!olivia has STD from her ex boyfriend joe odonnel like ew!!

1609 days ago


sick. They're all ****in ugly as hell. I really do hope none of them breed. Wtf is the world coming to?

1607 days ago


Believe me, most people from NJ do NOT look or act like this. Do most people from Tennessee have three teeth in their mouths and bear kids with their own siblings? No. NJ ranks 2nd nationally in per capita income, after CT. There are many more educated, well-employed, decent people in NJ than what is featured on this show. This is entertainment, not a do***entary on average New Jersey life. There are subcultures everywhere you go, and this is simply one of them.

1605 days ago


Ugh! I'm the furthest thing there is from gay, but I wouldn't want any of these girls (at least, not dressed like this). I wonder what they look like without all the makeup and fake stuff?

1593 days ago


I had to explain to my 12 year old daughter tonite that she shouldn't judge other cultures. She already knows that, but had no idea there was such a place as New Jersey. Blue eyeshadow up to the brow, orange skin, 60's hair, fake nails, white lipstick, tacky clothes and an accent that's completely indistinguishable to the ear. I had to tell here that there is a culture IN THIS COUNTRY that thinks that's ok, and so she has to take them as they are. But I clearly pointed out that she does not have to associate with them. EVER! Tacky, tacky, tacky.

1590 days ago


yea, not all jersey people are like this, only certain parts of jersey are...the more closer you get to NYC (North Jersey)...central and south jersey people are like everyone else.

and might i say...i cant stand that man faced tracy unlike any other person ive ever seen. seriously, b*tch got issues.

1589 days ago

Brody Jenner    

Which zoo did these creatures escape from? And who beat them up?

1589 days ago


HAH! That bitch Brielle, I grew up down the street from her. Her house is a dump, her family is white trash, and that bitch took my money! Glad to see that she looks like a hoe! :D SUCKITBITCH.

1499 days ago


wow these comments are to harsh...alexa looks great and olivia looks good as well

1339 days ago
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