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Sandra Bullock -- Moving Out?

4/3/2010 1:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A moving van was spotted Friday afternoon in front of the home of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.

Sandra Bullock

Here's what went down -- we're told the van pulled up at around 6:45 PM and stayed for about an hour. Two movers moved out a couch, a love seat and tons of boxes.

A man and a woman arrived to the place in a separate car along with the moving van. When they arrived, the movers took something out of the van and put it into the other car. The man and woman packed a few things into their car as well.

Jesse's mom's car was parked out at the house for most of the day, but wasn't there while the movers did their thing.


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Blue Swan    

That's their house?

Low-rent stars...

1635 days ago


Perhaps they will remain apart for a while but I'd bet good money they won't divorce. She needs some things from the house. It's clear she left in a hurry. I can tell the ages of the posters here. The younger they are the more they insist on cut and run and on to the next partner. I guess wisdom comes with age.

1635 days ago


To reply to Lisa:
I am very happy your hubby and you have been able to work it out. It is very true, hard work and dedication is truely the keys to continue a "rocked" marriage. Gaining trust back in your spouse is the most difficult thing.

I was married to an alcoholic for 16 years. Ten of those years he went through 7 rehabs, lost his professional career of 20 years, friends and finally his marriage. He, like most addicts just didn't want to accept his disease and played with it. He died almost 4 years ago at age 50. Addictions are tough. The stats show most fail and those who do stay sober and clean have to really dedicate themselves to it One Day At A Time.

Tiger and Jesse have an addiction (supposedly) that I am not well versed in. I have a hard time wrapping my head around accepting it as an addiction. But I do know this, one trip through rehab usually doesn't work for addicts. Marriage and sex addiction just doesn't seem logical to me with the relapse statistics.

I wish Sandra and Elin the best.

1635 days ago


On top of being a low life, cheat and without morals, Jessie is also a Mommas boy!!!! How revolting!!!!

1635 days ago


Jesse is a POS,
I'm single Sandra.

1635 days ago


Lisa, sounds like you want it to work. Better get a "GPS" on that good man of yours... Life is "NO" rehearsal!!! You only live once. Trust, honesty, loving sex are the key to a soul mate relationship! Otherwise lose the BOZO!

1635 days ago


Wisdom does come with age, Judy. I am 56 years old and one affair I could "possibly" deal with, but 7 for Jesse and 16 for Tiger (especially while she was pregnant!) is too much for any woman who respects herself. Life is too damn short to put up with this kind of abuse.

1635 days ago


Trish, I have two mottos I live my life on. You quoted one.

"Life is not a dress rehearsal"
"No Guts, no Glory"

You and I are on the same page girlfriend!

1635 days ago


I just don't get what it is with some women hoping that Sandra will stay with Jesse and "work it out". She is beautiful and rich and doesn't need him. There are thousands of wealthy, successful bachelors in the world that would be much better suited for her in terms of personality and matching values and mutual respect. She made a mistake - he was a big mismatch - there's no reason why should have to live with it for the rest of her life! More mistresses will come out in the following weeks, we've only seen the preliminary round.

1635 days ago


I didn't even know who Jesse James was at first. I kept reading the name on Google and wondering why that old outlaw was in the news. Sandra, you are too famous, too successful to waste your time on a low life like that. I love your acting and you can do better, much better. BTW, I am single too!

1635 days ago

White Trash    

That's Sandra Bullocks house? How ugly! You'd think she'd buy something better than that crappy square box!

1635 days ago


To my new friend: anthebeatgoeson........ You got to " Dress for Success" ? He was way out of her class( he has none). Hope they find the true meaning of love...

1635 days ago

Mickey von Dutch    

I would be out of there before this loser knew what hit him. I hope her stuff is all Sandy got out of this relationship, because with him having unprotected sex with the lowest of the lowest I sincerely hope that he didn't give her a VD.

1635 days ago


To my friend Trish,

Ahh yes, "Dress for Success" was another of my working life. I did that well,achieve my goals and was able to retire at 48 years old : )

1635 days ago


Thank you Sandy for showing young women what a self respecting, strong woman SHOULD be doing, not like Tiger Wood's doormat of a wife.

1635 days ago
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