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Serena Williams Laces Up the Beach

4/3/2010 1:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tennis great Serena Williams turned Miami Beach into a Victoria's Secret runway show by wearing a lacy green bikini on Friday.


Game. Set. Match.


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You know , im one to laugh at funny comments when they are not too harsh. You guys calling these celebrities fat , ugly etc is taking it too far. No women should be called ugly. Dont forget most of these women are mothers, sisters , daughters. You know ,if a women is not atractive just leave it at . White people are the most racist race. As soon as they see a succesful black /latina women , they are ready to start putting them down. I grew up being told i was pretty but unfortunately my best friend was not so lucky. People were always mean to her and i always felt bad. So bad that i refused to fix myself around her too much. Treat people like you would like to be treated.

1662 days ago


"As soon as they see a succesful black /latina women"

No such thing as a successful 'latina'...welfare is their forte.

1662 days ago


I would do her in a heartbeat.

1662 days ago


OMG I nearly hurled my lunch across the room. She might be incredibly athletic but she only vaguely resembles a female.

1662 days ago


I find it so interesting that when TMZ posts a bikini pic of Kim K. people are drooling over her...for the most part. Then few did criticize her, calling her fat, because she covered her hips and ass.
Now here we have Serena. Very muscular, flat stomach, huge ass. People are calling her fat, criticizing her for wearing a bikini, and calling her ugly. I would love to know why people post these things. Many say it's free speech, but I feel until you say it publicly it's not.

1662 days ago


I'm not gonna post something really vicious, I just wanna say that Serena is just really unattractive.

1662 days ago


I just threw up in my slipper.

1662 days ago


I'm white and too damned skinny, but I'm sorry, I think this lady is about as perfectly toned as it gets. I bet her actual bodyfat ratio is near perfect. And I lover her bathing suit, too. Let her be, geez, I doubt she would say one negative thing to any of us here.

1662 days ago


Wow, never realized that TMZ was a gay male website. Serena has an excellent body. Guys stop being brainwashed into thinking that women with shapes like pre-teen boys are sexy, they're not. Start to admire real women bodies.

1661 days ago



1661 days ago

don't believe it    

There we go again #63 Is so stupid they had to play that good old race card just because people don't think shes pretty ....Im a women and I think shes ugly so shut up with all the race crying ...Isnt there something better for you to do? White men cant win because of people like you ...Whites could vote a black man into the white house for the next 2 decades and some of you would still cry over something ..The beotch looks like a man ...

1661 days ago


And this is why black dudes prefer white women. If you find this attractive you might want to reassess your sexual preference. Looks like a stacked dude with tits.

1660 days ago


Hate the bathing suit. With all the money she has she could afford to get something more flattering. She is pure muscle which does make her look more manly but I know I wouldn't mess with her. It baffles me how she is able to be the best of the best in tennis with those size breasts and I'm not being mean when I say that.

1660 days ago


And I agree Sarah Jessice Parker is ugly with that long chin. Thank God she removed that mole because she was looking more and more witchy as it grew. How she got the role in Sex and the City is beyond me because she really isn't attractive.

1660 days ago


I cant understand the negativity you guys spew out about her. Why not appreciate that she is A PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE. I'm a white dude with plenty of other white dude friends who love her. She's a healthy strong woman and God gave her an amazing body. She's hot to me because she's confident and she loves herself. Screw all of you who only have bad things to say about her, go back to middle school.

1660 days ago
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