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Jesse James Mistress #2 -- Rap Groupie

4/4/2010 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before she enjoyed the company of famous married men, alleged Jesse James mistress Melissa Smith enjoyed the company of famous rappers.

Melissa Smith

A few years back, Smith hung out in the studio with rappers Ditch and Shock G (of Digital Underground fame) while they recorded a track.

Smith can be seen dancing along with the music, drinking a little champagne, and smoking ... something.


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Get over it    

DITCH REALLY??? WTF let me tell u about ditch AKA Wes Frye from COTO DE CAZA in ORANGE COUNTY. This DOUCHEBAG has tried every scene in the book. From a Granola head wannabe hippie in high school to now a wannabe rapper. He does nothing but lie and speaks in third person. HAHAHA The guy is a joke!! Oh ask him about COTOPALOOZA or him driving his dads car backwards and going thru a fence and ending up in a ditch. I guess that was how he got his name.

1664 days ago


Ditch is dope, when did the album come out with him and Shock G? Man Ditch keeps pushin! congrats on the publicity!

1664 days ago


Whats even funnier is the guitar player Ditch used to perform with Joe Signs. Picture this: The dorkiest guitar player you have ever seen, glasses and all, poor mans clothing, and couldnt play 1 riff to save his life. I saw them perform at Knuckleheads in 1999, i mean this Joe guy made the Edge look like Tommy Lee,. Joe went bald at 17 years old, what a joke! He girl left him with 3 kids, you got to be a joke for a girl to leave her kids with you! Glad to see Ditch went on to make something of himself, things only got better when he DITCHed that Douchebag Joe!! i found an old pic of these 2, google Ditch tripwire, youll see the dork on there!!! wow! this guy was like 42 years old and got out from behind a computer desk job, left the glasses on and thoughthe could be a star!!!

Ron P (G)
San Clemente, Ca

1660 days ago

Angelina Gonazlez    

Oh my God what a trip i know that gay ass guitar player your talking about Joey was his name. wow. i see him around twn why des he live in South Oc? no one wants him here, he is such an outsider. he has 3 ugly beat ass looking kids who wear rags (like the above storyee)ive never heard of Ditch before this, does he rap?

1627 days ago

Angelina Gonazlez    

wow look at Ditch!@! Smoking blunts on TMZ, I knew there was a reason I always liked that guy!@!
Stay up Playaaa!@!
B, Harrison
Corpus Christi, TX

1627 days ago

A Ghost walks among you    

Ditch is a very talented artist, ive seen him live a few times. He is alwayz smokin tha weed though that is for shure!!!


1626 days ago

Arnold Palmser    

Mellow Man Ace ????are you for real? that guy is still alive? that guy is the biggest joke in the rap game ever. what is he lik 57 years old by now? ****in kidding me? what kind of dumb**** would compare Ditch to Smellow Man Face? what a ****ing clown!

1485 days ago


Ditch as released several albums,most of which can be found on I Tunes. Ditch has a succesful career as an artist, making his own money of his music which HE owns the rights to. Mellow Man Ace? someone mentioned im above, I dont know who that is, but Ditch has a strong following. His live shows are powerful and I can see this guy making it to the top. Who would kick Ditch offstage anyways and why? I think the person above who left that comment is making all that stuff up. I have seen Ditch live in Hollywood and in Las Vegas and he rocks the house everytime!

Clearwater, FL

1463 days ago


DITCH ROCKS! Just recently caught his show with Too Short In aneheim,California ! great artist and quite a showman

1401 days ago


DITCH... wow right on,i remember seeing this guy @ soem bar back in like 1999 performing, much propz to him for gettin so far wit it!


1372 days ago

What a joke    

Ditch? A rapper? hahahaha thats the funniest **** i've ever heard. Biggest wanna be there is. Still livin at mama's crib in Coto hahah douche

184 days ago
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