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Joe Jackson


at Dr. Murray Defense

4/4/2010 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's father says he is "horrified" by the prospect Dr. Conrad Murray's legal team will argue that Michael Jackson accidentally killed himself by pumping a lethal dose of Propofol into his body.

TMZ broke the story that the defense believes Jackson woke up shortly before noon on the day he died, when Dr. Conrad Murray stepped out of the room, and injected enough Propofol in himself to almost immediately stop his heart.

Joe Jackson tells TMZ, "I don't believe it. It's not true. Why would he [Dr. Murray] hide all the bottles if such a story were true?"

Joe Jackson added, "The Coroner's report shows the story is not true," adding, "This really upsets me to hear this."

Joe Jackson plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Murray. While Joe Jackson's lawyer, Brian Oxman, says, "His [Dr. Murray's] story is medically inconsistent with the autopsy findings, he says before knowing for sure, "I would need to see the photographs of the scene in order to assess his story."


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Thunder Thighs    

I do really feel sorry for this family. ( I can't believe I actually just said that.)

Joe is a idiot, we all know that, but imagine if this was you loved one that had died in these circumstances. How frustrating must this be, to see the Doctor that murdered there son,back at work, running on a beach etc, etc.
And now a day before his next court appearance, His legal team are saying that Michael self injected. Under the circumstances, I think the Jacksons have kept calm, and civil, all the while behind the scenes they must be consumed with anger and disbelief.

I guess they are hoping that the legal system doesn't let them down and the man that murdered there son by giving him a lethal dose of medication in a home setting without proper medical care,
failed to preform CPR properly, hid medication at the scene before calling 911 and really just showed true disregard for human life, gets his 4 years in jail and then has to spend the rest of his lifetime looking over his shoulder.

1665 days ago



1665 days ago


There is NO WAY!! MJ would want to leave his children, and he was very excited about his tour.

1665 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Joe Jackson should be horrified at himself. He never gave a shit about Michael.

1665 days ago


Go crawl back under your rock JJ. You are a lousy grifting loser and your son hated your guts.

1665 days ago


Go Joe Go!!! Lots of people are with you!

1665 days ago


If this human slug lost some weight he could play the new Freddy Krueger.

1665 days ago

Sue Wong    

Joe Jackson, get a hold of one or two of those psychics featured on Psychic Detectives and go to the room where your son died. Perhaps you'll obtain a piece of information nobody knows about. Stop failing your son and do the leg work.

1665 days ago


Is That A Fish Hook In His Lip?

1665 days ago


Joe Is
"horrified" by the prospect
That He Won't Get Any Money.

Go Back To Your Pond

1665 days ago


Where was all this concern for him while he was alive? Jackass. Rot in hell.

1665 days ago


Where Is My little Debil?

1665 days ago


I can't believe joe jackson nor jermaine jackson. They need to leave Michael and his memory alone. I feel sorry for Michael's children being exposed to those two.

1665 days ago


by whatever
MJ was not a child molester,stop believing the media lies! MJs children are just fine,they own that house they are living in.

1665 days ago

My two cents    

Possible, not probable. So what if Daddy Joe is horrified by this account by the good doctor, the entire WORLD is horrified by all the accounts of what happened that day. MJ was a very very talented entertainer, no doubt, but he was disturbed and troubled his entire life and much of that blame rests on his parents shoulders. They, especially his father pushed those boys into stardom and to make them money and his family has lived well because of it. Joe Jackson was nothing more than a monster who berated not just MJ but all of those boys. Michael being the most sensitive took it the worst and because of his father, he was never a normal person, not ever. Because he was never normal, he took a path in life that was destructive. Janet confessed that the family knew MJ was in trouble but I am sorry, they did nothing but enable him because they COULD have committed him but they DIDN'T. I am sure they didn't because once MJ was out, he would have cut the lot of them off financially. So, instead they let the man die and now they all pick off his carcass and live the almighty Jackson life, still. Katherine is too old to raise those children, even tho she is a decent woman but she enables all her brood to use her and drop off THEIR brood on her and the entire Jackson compound is nothing but a friggen ZOO of Jackson offspring. There is no respect in that family. They all use each other and snipe at the other and all of them are off in their world trying to continue to live off the MJ legacy, especially that POS Jermaine and Pimp Daddy Joe. MJ would have never wanted this for his children but unfortunately he never thought anything would ever happen to him. Those kids should be wisked off by Nanny Grace and live far away from all this BS. She is the only good influence on those children and she would keep the other Jackson rats away from them. It will be interesting to see what happens when Katherine passes. Those vulchurs will be all over the three children, not because they care about their welfare but because they are big financial ticket items. Those poor kids. I really feel for them.

1665 days ago
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