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Leona Lewis -- What's My Line?

4/4/2010 2:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stealing a page from The Sarah Palin Handbook, Leona Lewis celebrated her birthday at PURE by performing a few songs ... even though she didn't quite remember all the words.

Leona Lewis
If it's good enough for the former governor of Alaska ...


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not first

1665 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

By golly Harvey you should work for the CIA! Wait NO NO you should be the guy they call when they need to investigate the CIA!! Wait NO NO you should be the guy who investigates that guy!!!

1665 days ago


I would hold a sheet of music in front of her is she asked me to, I wouldn't care. She is so hot. Better yet, she could write her music on me!!!

1665 days ago


1. Michelle McGee is beautiful... there is to many haters on here that sit in front of their computer eating potatoe chips calling her names.. Michelle is SEXY and I don't know her personally but I'd bet she would be fun to hang out with..

STOP THE SEAL HUNT.... i would like to see a person who clubs seals get clubbed himself, i wonder how he would like it... this world is always based on money. The reason they club them is because it is cheaper than using tranquilizer darts. Its always about the dollar sign.

Elin Nordegren... Your a terrible role model for people. Tiger Woods was blown his load all over different chicks all the time... and you are staying with him??? your a loser. You should have filed for divorce the minute he admitted to the stuff.

Micheal Jacksons face is friggn ugly.. ughhhh..

1665 days ago



1665 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Jon Stewart: "Cigarette Smoking Stunted My Growth" (CHICAGO) Speaking to a subgroup at the National Cancer Research Association held annual at McClurg Court Holiday Inn in Chicago

1665 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Jon Stewart: "Cigarette Smoking Stunted My Growth" (Chicago) In a

1665 days ago


She's a little bit of something in the U.K. and a whole lot of nothing here in the U.S.

1665 days ago


Who the hell is she? Never heard of her. Maybe she should write her name on her forehead so people can figure out why shes important.

1665 days ago


some of you are just a load of anti brit biggots, she is as good as anything you have, your just big heads with big mouths.

1665 days ago


Maybe because Leona Lewis' second album has songs that sound exactly the same. Two or three songs on her album sound dangerously alike and she might have forgotten some of the lyrics. Maybe she hasn't performed the new material enough with her live band yet. And you should KNOW and REMEMBER your lyrics to the songs you sing! Don't be using cue cards or notes or have words written on your hand because it makes you look FOOLISH and STUPID in public!

1665 days ago


Hey, "dug."
We're not what you hilariously call "anti brit biggots," - we just
don't appreciate the meagerly talented being touted as major talent.
You need to step up your game to play in the big leagues. Being Brit
has nothing to do with anything.

1665 days ago


Sorry, dug, but it's true. The U.K.'s idea of talented celebrity only become D-list celebrities here in the U.S. You keep saying that we don't "understand" British humor. In all actuality, we do, but grew out of it by age 12. British comics have to change their routines to a more intelligent and mature humor or we'll send them packing. the same is true of the singers you keep trying to foist off on us. I know you have far less citizens to find actual talent from, but damn, pick one or two who really DO have some talent rather than the endless supply of what can best be describes as mediocre. Over the years, I've noticed you seem to have a problem of this within your own country. Sending them over here is seriously embarrassing yourselves. Look what you do with our dregs who can't make it here, anymore, - Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and a plethera of long-forgotten has-beens or never-was, that you Brits accept as celebrities or stars. If you want them, or want to remember them, go right ahead, - just don't send them back over here and expect us to "appreciate" your sense of talent, celebritydom, or what you call "class." I grew up in your country and I know what I'm talking about.

1665 days ago

Celebs are emptyheads.....    

Who is this silly Shegro? Her 15 minutes ended a long, long time ago, so she can take her "hand-written" notes and beat it.

1665 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

You stupid liberals keep ranking out Sarah Palin. She just had reminder notes written on her hand. You mean to tell me that you haven't done that before? Shut the fuck up!!

1665 days ago
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