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Sandy's Revenge

4/4/2010 3:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock is mad as hell and she's not gonna take it anymore! Play "Sandy's Revenge" and hurl gold statuettes at Jesse James, his bevy of alleged mistresses ... and a special evil guest.


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CELEBRITY BEEHIVE launched a game just like this weeks ago! It's called "America's Sweetheart Gets Revenge!".

1661 days ago

Herb Stencil    

This game is the best. What a loser that guy is.

1661 days ago


TEAM SANDRA BULLOCK :) kick his ass Sandra! You deserve better!!

1660 days ago


Gross, these mistresses are satin's soldiers, eewhhhh. How could I guy screw up this bad and ruin a nice family, with a great wife. Have fun in hell Jesse James. Sandra he's a loser, you will do much, much better. These whores will look great at 50, saggy, saggs, wrinkles, and tatoo's on their forehead. Way to make a living.

1660 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Will you morons who are missing brain parts, please stop your "first" bullshit. If that's your claim of achievement, you are pathetic, sick and immature. I can't even imagine 9 yr old girls pulling this crap, and you are probably old losers. Sad indeed...

1655 days ago


I just dont get why these wholesome good looking girl next door types always fall for the s***bags, who even look the part like this Jesse who cant even use his own name. Pathetic. I dont understand why they are drawn to losers. I will never understand it.

1653 days ago


harvey is the man!!great game

1643 days ago


i know some more interesting games it's to exchange photos with strangers, that's really interesting and easy, if you are interested in it you may email me at

1631 days ago


you go girl; I was a single parent for three years and then i met the man i had lihghting kisses. we never argue or fight but whem we do its I'm so proud of you stand your ground and dont let him sauve you.. You wioo bwe ok there are millonjd of us that adore you.
sincerly and a fan,

1630 days ago


Jesse James is s***.

1630 days ago


Damm How many rich guys are out there. lol

1616 days ago

S. Dew    

Jesse, You are so full of BS and Sandra would be an IDIOT not to toss
you to the curb without having to give up ANY of her money. Then you
could leave your zipper down and NO ONE WOULD CARE. Everyone is concerned about Sandra and you and your obcene tatooed women can take
a flying leap at a rolling doughnut going off the Grand Canyon.
Your' the most disgusting "thing" I have ever seen on TV or mags.
I would like to send you back in time to the Hitler era and put you
in one of the death camps and see how you like it then. Your a creep
and a boil on the butt of humanity that needs to be excised.

1610 days ago
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