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Tiger Woods Has Arrived

4/4/2010 3:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods has arrived in Augusta, GA to begin the most important week of his life.

Tiger Woods Has Arrived

Woods hit the driving range at Augusta National and then played a practice round with Mark O'Meara. Woods' longtime caddy, Steve Williams, and his swing coach, Hank Haney, were with him.

Tiger is set to face the media on Monday before teeing off in his first tournament since his sex scandal made headlines.

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I wish Tiger luck. Just play golf. Quit tying to project some sort of perfect image which is totally fake and play gold. That's what you're good at.

1662 days ago



1662 days ago


Who cares about Tiger Woods he sucks and golf sucks, don't care who he slept with , besides they're all ugly anyway, just like him.

1662 days ago

Celebs are emptyheads.....    

I could care less about the coverage of this tool -- I'm still in shock about how skanky some of his "affairs" were. My guess is that the lasik surgery didn't quite take!

If you squint your eyes just a bit when looking at pics of Tiger, he has apparently morphed into a clone of Jon Gosselin. They both have the same wretched taste in women, that's for sure!!

1662 days ago


Constance #48 My my do you have bad taste when it comes to men. So to you he's a "cutie" ?? Just because he is part A-A?? I'm not into hip talk, so what does "turn him out" mean?? Just curious. He doesn't like black women, yet you still like him (his money)? What would you do if he cheat on you with scores of women, nasty disease-carrying women? It wouldn't bother you?

1662 days ago

Shirl ~~ t.g.    

Instead of yelling ````````` "FOUR" `` someone needs to yell ``` "AMBIEN" over here ````````` and yell it ``````` LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

1662 days ago

warner smith    

He is not the greatest yet, he could be when it is all said and done because everybody that tees it up today in a tournament has the talent to win it, that can't be said for players long ago. He is by far the greatest player playing today and nobody comes close to his dominance.

1662 days ago



1662 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

This is who cares:
1) Nike, who is at risk of losing mega-millions in bad stock already in warehouses, in the lost potential to rake cash out of the Tiger Woods phenomenon and who if Tiger doesn't clean up his act, Nike will have to either dump Tiger or suffer along with him. There's very little time to determine how that trend will solidify, so be watching for signs that Nike is panicking, including having their employees post pro-Tiger comments and lots of insults about the mistresses, here at TMZ
2) Tiger Woods. Oops, my error, Tiger only cares about pussy, and from what we've seen, he's incredibly cheap and mostly chases waitress skirts in lounges. Not like he's trying to court someone with already has a sense of independence, direction and accomplishment. He messed with Rachel, who is a business machine only, and Tiger got raped in reverse to the tune of $10 million. Looks good on him.
3) Every other pro golfer. The sport of golf, the PGA, the courses, all related spin-off businesses.
4) ex-Tiger Wood fans who'd like to see him run over by a 1000 golf carts
5) all parents of kids, including Elin, who know what sort of absolute HELL Tiger and Elin's kids will go through all their life because of what Tiger did. The kids will no doubt already be getting the harsh tone of the general tone of Tiger's situation. For this part of it alone, Tiger deserves to be shot. Several times. He has set them up for a horrendously difficult time and lots of psychological damage, and all along he was completely committed to the skirt chasing, multiple mistresses simultaneously, just pussy, pussy, pussy, mindlessly, no protection against diseases, an absolutely EVIL FILTHY SELFISH DESTROYER.

1662 days ago


Tiger told Rachel, Jamie Grubbs, Joslyn James, and how many others, that they were very special, and they had relationships going. Tiger wasn't out meeting these women just once. There was a long term relationship going with many of them. A great deal of effort was consistently spent on making arrangements, dealing with emotional involvement, commitment, etc.

Wake up, you Nike employed Tiger defenders, Tiger was a predatory degenerate.

Maybe Nike was involved in supporting these arrangements and that's why the pro-Tiger comments and anti-mistress comments are so harsh, but never make any sense. Is Nike terrified that Nike staff have been helping Tiger out with mistresses all along?

Maybe that's the hot button for Nike! They cooperated? Tell us?

Those reporters on Monday have a chance to ask Tiger questions. Ask if Nike paid off Rachel and ask if Nike assisted in any of the mistress meetings. We know Tiger lied about doing it all on his own, he'll lie again. It's Tiger against facts and dozens of other people. Tiger is stupid enough to dig his own grave and no doubt Nike has the talent to trick Tiger into doing it.

What a week coming up!

1662 days ago

Mr Common Sense    

The Lord Of The Swing: The Return Of The King!!!!!!!!!
*71 PGA Tour Victories
*14 Majors
*15 Mistresses
I don't think PolarBear's little signs, buttons, boycotts or whatever will amount to much. PolarBear, a person like you have to be big enough to realise how small you are!! Think about that for a moment!

1662 days ago


"tiger's changing stripes", what part of these skanks are NO TW's mistresses do you not understand? - THESE PRONO "actresses" / PROSTITUTES (by their own admition) WERE PAID IN FULL FOR THEIR SEX SERVICES RENDERED - knowing, in advance, that he is married w/childred - bragging rights / w/attention whore status - GEEZ! Do I need to break out the crayons & coloring books?

1661 days ago


Good for him. Go Tiger. I never cared much about golf but will probably tune in now because of Tiger. People need to get off their high horses and stop judging people. Until you have actually walked in someone else's shoes or are actually in a situation you do not know how you will respond/react. It just kills me when people say what they would or wouldn't do; until you are actually faced with a situation you don't know what you would do. Yes, the average, working class husband would not have 15 mistresses but then again, the average working class husband wouldn't have the opportunity to have 15 mistresses.

1661 days ago


I am glad that Tiger is getting back to golf. Too much attention has been paid to his indiscretions.


1661 days ago


So lame. I will not watch.

1661 days ago
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