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Conrad Murray to Face Trial Judge

4/5/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray got official word that L.A. County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor will control his fate during his manslaughter case in the death of Michael Jackson.

Dr. Conrad Murray Video
Members of Jackson's family, including Joe, Katherine, Janet, Randy and Jermaine sat and watched as Judge Peter Espinoza told Dr. Murray to go downstairs to Judge Pastor's court.

TMZ first reported Judge Pastor -- a smart and tough man in black -- will preside over Murray's trial.

Murray is on his way downstairs right now ... and there's a big decision on the line ... whether Judge Pastor yanks Murray's medical license as a condition to bail.

We're in Judge Pastor's court ... so stay tuned.


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Thunder Thighs    

Those of you who say shit like you have no sympathy for Michael... it just proves that you don't know how to do your own research. Did you know his FBI files are available? You can read them. There's not one shred of evidence in those files. Not ONE. The Arvizo family also tried to extort Jay Leno and George Lopez. Wow, what a HUGE ass coincidence! Please.

Anyway, Murray needs to lose his license. Yes it's true that if Michael was an addict, someone else would have given him the drugs. But as a RESPONSIBLE doctor, it is your job to protect people and to have a sense of ethics. Sure, someone will probably take your place and give your patient the drugs they're looking for. But the right thing to do is walk away and not open yourself up to the risk of having that blood on your hands.
Not to mention that drug wasn't even supposed to be outside of a hospital to being with....
This man needs to be punished severely. He killed a person.

& Michael, I love you.

1663 days ago


102. Jemain looks like a gay bitch!

Posted at 7:17PM on Apr 5th 2010 by Urall Khuntz

Probably because he IS a gay bitch

1663 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Why is it that every time I see this scumbag family in public, the Beverly Hillbillies theme starts playing in my head?

1663 days ago


When you're a doctor, you are morally and legally obligated to provide what the patient NEEDS, not what they want. If that's the case we wouldn't need doctors at all. We'd open up all the pharmacies and just self medicate ourselves to death

1663 days ago


Dr. Murray. Knew they both breaking the law by using propofol to help Michael with his sleeping problems. Had it been reversed, and Dr. Murray died from testing the propofol so Michael would be safe, and died, would Michael be responsible for Dr Murray's death? It's like some type of accident, where nobody wanted Michael to overdose on the propofol. There seems to not have been enough respect for the dangers of this drug, and how lethal it potentially is. – Dr. Murray on his cell phone when he should have been watching Michael like a hawk let Michael down at the moment he needed the doctor’s care. - If there is an afterlife, Michael is looking down on everybody, and must have an influence on the outcome. Either let Dr. Murray go, and no charges, or share some blame for his death. The sprits tell the truth on our lives, and will guide the judge's verdict for good, or bad.

1663 days ago


Is anyone else sick of seeing Jermaine's wife with him all the time? She's the only Jackson's spouse/girlfriend who's everywhere when cameras are present. Jermaine's presence is enough, but another one who loves the spotlight is just too much!!

1663 days ago


I feel bad that Katherine has to go through all this.. usually when someone dies... closure begins. but this is just dragging it out for the whole family.

1663 days ago


Why is it that Murray gets to keep his damn license..... something is not right guys...

1663 days ago


Seriously, what's the deal with Jermaine Jackson's hair? Is he storing potters clay in there or what?

1663 days ago


" TMZ first reported Judge Pastor -- a smart and tough man in black -- will preside over Murray's trial. "

So, NOW, your point being...???

1663 days ago


The Jacksons just want to blame someone else so they can keep pretending it's not their fault. Sorry Jackson family. It is partially your fault Michael is dead. You knew he was a drug addict and you did NOTHING to help him. Even if Murray is convicted, it will NOT absolve you of your part in his death.

1663 days ago


here is a family grieving and seeking justice for their dead son, brother, uncle etc.. goodness MJ has taken care of all of them his entire life now even in death...why do you hate MJ so much?? Yeah TMZ there were fans out there you just refuse to publish it...

1663 days ago


This could take a toll on KAtherine Jackson. She already looks like she lost weight. She should let her kids handle this trial because it wont bring MJ back and she and Joe need to take it easy. Stress can bring on all kinds of illness and she needs to be here for MJ kids. Im sure she already dealing with heavy grief, she really should let the trial go for others to deal with. Dr Murray will prob get probation or something crazy because its going to be hard to prove FOR SURE if he was the one or maybe MJ.or maybe someone came in his room while Murray was in the bathroom. It amazing how the security tapes are missing. THe bodyguards or someone working might of took his money etc.

1663 days ago


for those who write horrible things about him whoever you are you are being ignorant and hurtful...I bet you even listen to his music but yet you trash and bash sad for his family to know you hate him so much..

The fans dont like it back off..

1663 days ago


It is not acceptable that a physician administered propoful outside of a hospital setting without proper life saving equipment. Period. Whether Michael wanted it or not isn't the issue. His autopsy stated he was a healthy man. Conrad Murray did it for money and should have been extra careful considering the danger involved. Guess he got really sloppy and careless to say the least. Obviously MJ had a serious insomnia problem and should have been hospitalized for treatment.I think the years of media/tabloid/extortionists took it's toll on Michael.Why wouldn't it.!! Seems people are making a ton of money since he died so sad and suspicious.

1663 days ago
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