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Dr. Murray Face to Face with MJ's Family in Court

4/5/2010 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurrayThere figures to be pandemonium down at the courthouse Monday morning --we're told Dr. Conrad Murray will be in the building and come face to face with some of Michael Jackson's relatives.

Our sources say the majority of Jackson's immediate family plan on being there. We're told family members, including Joe, are very upset with the information in TMZ's story Sunday -- that Dr. Murray's defense team will argue MJ killed himself by self-medicating with too much Propofol.

As for Jackson fans, a Facebook group has organized a protest outside and so far nearly 500 people are scheduled to show.

The hearing is set to begin at 1:30 PM PT/4:30 PM ET. We'll bring it all to you live. Stay tuned ...


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Lee Lee    

@ sue
Oh yes..Murray the Hero. Nothing would surprise me anymore. The level that Murrays team are stooping to, is beyond crazy. I'm just not sure what time TMZ will live steam this. I am in Oz, so totally confused when it comes to time difference. I guess i'll just get up in the morning and hope for the best.

1670 days ago


lee lee, where are you? so as you are typing now it is night there? it is 815 am here in tampa florida where i live!!! i just think it is amazing that i have talked to people all over the world, and i never know what time it is for alot of them!!!!just another example of michael jackson always brought people together, it all for L.O.V.E!!!!sue from tampa

1670 days ago

Lee Lee    

Sue, im in Australia. Its 10.20 pm here. By the time I get up in the morning, it will probably be all over. When I;m posting , alot of you guys are probably in bed and vise versa. Yes its great that in a sad way Michael has brought us all together.

1670 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Correction, what I meant to say . is that it is sad that it is because of such sad circumstances that we have been bought together. but your right sue, it is all for L.O.V.E

1670 days ago


I think personally it is quite conceivable that Jackson did just what they are saying he did---he had a horrible addictive personality, was in need of instant gratification and had the money to make people do what he pleased.

1670 days ago


CONCEIVABLE!!!! KEY W0RD HERE!!! i just dont see that happening not in a million yrs, and not because it is mj but because it is just so ridiculas to imagine that someone would wake up long enough to inject that into there system in the first place!!! INCONCEIVABLE!!! dont get me wrong i am not a doctor but it is impossible that this would happen the way murray is stating, and how would he know anyway he wasnt even in the room at the time.sue from tampa

1670 days ago


Good news everyone! Now all you Conrad Murray haters can contribute (cash only please) directly to Joe Jackson's legal fund! Just show up at the courthouse today and wave money in Joe's direction. He'll seek you out and thank you with a gruff "What took you so long?" Feel free to post your (very) brief encounter with him at TMZ. You're welcome.

1670 days ago


my prayers go out to katherine for she has to sit and look at the man who killed her son!!!! as a mother that is the worst pain you will ever feel in your life!!!! stay strong katherine!!! rip mj- sue from tampa

1670 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

here we go..I had a feeling this would go on..Oh he killed himself...WHATEVER YOU DO IT face the consequenses what people will do to get off of a crime...What does he do at night sit up and think of this shit??? Go to jail.....

1670 days ago


I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON!! Please provide justice for Michael Jackson and ALL other Celebrities who died from enabling Dr.'s like Dr. Murray and Dr. Klein just to name a few. May Dr. Murray rot in prison! That is if one of Michael Jackson's fans don't get to him first while he's in there. JUST SAYIN'


My Angel

1670 days ago


@#37on Apr 5th 2010 by sue

I have to agree with Sue I was put to sleep with a sedative and when you wake up you feel very drowsy and weak, you can barely sit up. In fact someone had to help me walk out of the hospital. I don't believe that Michael could have injected himself because it would take a lot of time and energy to hook the sedative to the I.V. and he would barely be able to reach anything. If I needed help putting on my clothes/shoes I can only imagine how he would have had to struggle to put the propofol in the i.v and inject that into his system. His arm would have been very shaky and i doubt if he would have been able to inject it properly.

1670 days ago

Cathy Buchholz    

WOW-We put our lives in the hands of our doctors everyday. When Michael first became dependent on medication - that's when Doctors needed to intervene with testing and implementing successful life sustaining methods. Doctors are experts and have the knowledge to guide their patient's into successful recoveries. Subsidizing doctors like Murray was an irrational move for Michael Jackson- the result was short term survival. I really feel that Murray was just someone who aided in ending the life of human junkie. God Bless you Michael Jackson and please forgive all those who failed you.

1670 days ago


Conrad Murray should have approached the family at the very beginning. That would be normal protocol. However, Murray is far from the norm as far as being a respected, respectable physician. In my opinion, he is a liar, a criminal and a shoddy doctor.

My hope is that Jacksons do as they always do, show grace under pressure and remain calm and in control of their emotions. Individually they have their quirks and dysfunctions (as we all do) but united they are a force to be reckoned with.

God bless the Jacksons in the days ahead.

1670 days ago

mj haters need propofol    

good!! the michael jackson fans worldwide will fight for justice. conrad murray made michael's health even worse with that propofol, and there's no excuse for that. as a doctor, you're supposed to help and heal not profit for your own gain!! and someone died as a result and what do you do? you run!! you don't offer your condolences or speak to the police...instead, the authorities had to issue an arrest warrant and you had to turn yourself in?????

bottom line, this is not a real and ethical doctor and only thought of the money. not for mj's well being. and as a result, we lost the best entertainer in the world and 3 kids lost their father. michael would still be alive and touring today if he had gotten the right type of help.

1670 days ago

keisha williams    

i feel that dr. murray didnt kill purposely, he is a man of greed. all money is not good money, and has to pay the cost. i do understand that attorneys are to defend their clients, but this has taken things to far. mj killed hisself? i will never believe that.if you have family or kids, then you know that some things are left best unsaid, u feel me???

1669 days ago
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