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Dr. Murray: I Won't Put Them Under in Texas

4/5/2010 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray struck an agreement with the Texas Medical Board which will prohibit him from administering Propofol or other heavy sedatives.

Sources tell us the agreement mirrors the current condition to Dr. Murray's bail in his criminal case -- the doctor cannot administer or prescribe Propofol. He is also barred from administering "any other heavy sedative medications that should generally be administered by any anesthesiologist. And he's prohibited from sedating patients."

We're told Dr. Murray has signed the order and the Texas Medical Board will announce it on Friday.

Nevada has not imposed a similar prohibition to Dr. Murray's license.


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Linda Lovelest    

30. Any word on the hearing yet?

Posted at 3:34PM on Apr 5th 2010 by JB

It´s on now.

Posted at 3:41PM on Apr 5th 2010 by astabasta

No, the hearing. Not your Depends.

Posted at 4:04PM on Apr 5th 2010 by mj fans are stupid


1627 days ago

Send her to Walmart    

Michael Jackson is dead. Just like millions of other celebrities who chose to put drugs into their systems. Let's stop worshiping and idolizing people who live addictive lives. They aren't role models, they are ADDICTS.

What Dr. Murray did was wrong, I do not disagree with that. But, he's just one of hundreds of doctors who engage in unethical practices to boost their already over-inflated egos by hitching their wagons to a celebrity's star.

Let's start with Dr. Murray and work our way through all of Hollywood to remove all these doctors from practice, I find it sick that a doctor would choose notoriety over his/her own vow to "first do no harm". Sick, sick, sick.

1627 days ago


In other news, Howard K. Stern has said he will no longer position himself as the executor to any gold-diggers' estates (though he probably wouldn't do it over again anyway since his case went down in flames in the 9th Circuit last month). How people like Murray and Stern sleep at night is beyond me. I sincerely hope that they pay the appropriate price if they are found guilty of the enabling crimes with which they've been charged.

1627 days ago



[And herein, we find the promised "court drama" too,hmmm? ;)]

Can't help wondering what would be left AFTER the 'dramatics' die down (not sure if we should be especially worried/excited here...

1627 days ago


omg that's riahg

1626 days ago


This is a question for Harvey: Have you thought about putting conradMurray in a file of his own? I find it offensive and insensitive thathe is filed with Michael Jackson, he is accused of killing him! He hascaused enough despair and pain to that family? as a fan of Michaeljackson it makes me sad that i have to see him and hear the BS thatcomes with him - it makes me furious

1626 days ago


1626 days ago

London not England    

We TRIED TA TELL Y'ALL!!!!! But Naaaaaaw!!!!!

NA...NA.....We Tried ta y'all but we jus got pushed aside!!!!!

Dat Big Headed Baaaaastard did ME AN MY SISTA WRONG!!! We went inta dat storage locka and found allllll kinda SH!T......

Wait til OUR book come out!!!!!

"L&L Will TELL".....

We's ain't runnin from da PO PO NO MO...!!!!!!

We Luvs all ya'll dat supported us!


1622 days ago


What kind of message is being sent when a cardiac doctor fails to call 911 that was a few minutes away, doesn't place a person in cardiac arrest until he's told to do it, fails to have medical equipment available to restart a heart after he gives the patient a heart stopping drug, spends over 30 minutes on a phone, leaves the room and blames his concious acts of neglect on the cardiac arrest patient, body on a hard surface until he is told to do. This mans autopsy report said he didn't do it to himself.
Now they're allowing this creep to retain his license.
He is rewarded by charging him with a minor offense and allowing him to continue practicing on the public. Too weird to believe.

1621 days ago


In my opinion, allowing Murray to retain the right to practice medicine is a gross injustice to the public, and the man shouldn't be allowed to put an dying animal to sleep.

1612 days ago



1600 days ago


murrays valuesystem is incompatible with the practice of medicine.
All his licenses need to be revoked for good. Please see for a somewhat different but emphatic view on
Michael Jackson.

1600 days ago
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