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Elin -- The Double Date with Roger Federer

4/5/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren hasn't been scared off from all world-class athletes -- in fact, the woman currently married to Tiger Woods brought her son Charlie to a nice double date with Roger Federer and his wife on Friday.


Whatcha think they talked about?

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Kids,tennis,Easter,and fashion. I bet Tiger was not even mentioned

1662 days ago

All your base are belong to us    

This is so funny:
5. tiger i'll say it once again u should hav edated a sista ....but you have a self esteem problem so like the many other black men who do........... what the hell is a Caublasian anyways
Posted at 10:30AM on Apr 5th 2010 by oh yeah

Ahem... where to start. Hmm... OK...

1. It's been said that Tiger and Tyra Banks dated in the past.

2. If he has a personal preference in women can't you just leave it at that? Everyone has preferences. Do you like the same flavor of ice cream as your cousin? Robert de Niro has a black wife. Does he have self-esteem issues? Ted Danson was with Whoopi Goldberg for a long time. Does he have self-esteem issues? OK, you'll probably come back with numerics (de Niro only has one black. Actually he dated Naomi Campbell for a while as well). Also, if Robert de Niro receives comments like yours from the white community, I am sure people would think those comments are misplaced, ignorant, or worse (rac...)

And here is some spice for you: If Tiger was married to an Asian woman... would you still say he has self-esteem issues? Your reflex answer to that question would reveal issues *you* yourself may have.

3. Who says Tiger didn't sleep with any black women? Given the manner in which many black women are raised in North America and the ensuing shame and ridicule that would he heaped upon them (and their families)... it would not be surprising for a black woman to keep quiet (because it is a private matter, and also to avoid community shame and ridicule).

4. And here is the kicker: Your comment actually demonstrates some of the drama that some black men avoid. If the guy has a preference, leave it at that. Why lecture (or smear him) that he has self-esteem issues?

You live your life, and let other people live theirs.


1662 days ago


Federer is the hottest guy on the freaking planet. Look at that body!

1662 days ago


I hope she does leave him...he cheated the nite before they were married, and then again 8 months later (according to these women), how nasty and disrespectful is that!! One of these women is a porn star and Tiger didnt like to use comdons..NO SIR IF I WAS ELIN...I WOULD LEAVE HIM WITH HIS WHORES!!

1662 days ago


@ ach #21: Elin is from Sweden. I wasn't talking about Federer. I'm sure they did not talk about it either but we are all talking about on here.

1662 days ago


Fedrer is better looking than Tiger.

Tiger looks like ERKEL.

Federer is a MAN, Tiger looks like a GEEK.

1661 days ago


I'd have sex with Federer any time and anywhere...Tiger...YUCK.

Just give me dah money Erekel...oh I mean Tiger.

1661 days ago


I hear Rodger is the father of the 2nd child-Charlie. He looks nothing like Tiger. Blonde hair/blues eyes................ hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

1635 days ago


Love the Federer link - Tiger followed Tiger and wise versa - Elin is being quiet and dealing with her life - Tiger is dealing with his business. Which one is correct to do - family and friends come first - with Tiger - business and passion to golf comes first - his business is his hobby and his passion - this is where the problem might lie.

1635 days ago

Bianca Rose Vandenbos    

I am so glad Elin is leaving this concieted jerk Tiger!!! She deserves a man that is going to be good to her and the children and not cheat on her. A man who cheats on a woman doesn't change and doesn't respect you. What I want to ask Elin is, What the Hell did she see in Tiger Woods? I'm not saying she's stupid but seriously what did she see in him? I also want to say Elin hang in there soon the divorce is going to be over with and you'll be free to find a man who will love you.

1624 days ago
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