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Mischa Barton -- High & Waisted

4/5/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former actress Mischa Barton proved how hip she is by pouring herself into stretchy banana yellow high-waisted pant bottoms, a belly baring floral top and a pair of "Wizard of Oz" red pumps in L.A. this weekend.


Not matching is the new black.


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maria tortilla    

those pants dont do anything for her figure

1639 days ago


Leave her alone. She has a mental illness. Not something to make fun of.

1639 days ago

helena handbasket    

Gahh! With that horrible hair, pallid complexion, over-ripe figure and hideous wardrobe-- it's hard to fathom that's the same girl that was so gorgeous and captivating back in '03 on the OC.

1639 days ago


Every comment I just read reminds me of bully's on the playground. Grow up. She looks fine.

1639 days ago


Terrible and it's been getting worse. It's as is she is unaware what she is putting on herself. She will never act again if all of this keeps up. The clothes the drugs, it's all very career limiting.

1639 days ago

Becky Boo    

I agree. This is one starlet who should be given some slack. She is self-medicating because she has a mental illness. She is no doubt taking anti-depressants which are notorious for packing on the pounds. Please be kind.

1639 days ago


To poster #18:
Red shoes and yellow pants this tight is just fine, Paula? You must be in the Midwest or at least the middle of the country. This would be normal there. Scary.

1639 days ago

helena handbasket    

She does NOT "look fine". Perhaps if she weren't a celebrity, yeah.... but she IS.. or at least, "was". Besides, celebrities who burst on the scene hotter than fire and tumble fast and furious off the radar clearly are dealing with either substance abuse or mental illness. In Mischa's case, the jury's still out.

1639 days ago


Holy crap...she used to weigh the same as a two year happened? She must've traded cocaine for weed.

1639 days ago


#18 Paula I agree 100% with you.

She does NOT have a "horrible" figure. It's her clothing that makes her look horrible in pics. So what if she has hips and thick legs!! She is still a pretty stunning young woman, she just needs to get her life in order. Lay off mean people!

Mischa you are still the best! :)

1639 days ago


She must be audtioning for "The Kirsty Ally Story".

1639 days ago

G2K (Good To Know)    

Let me be really honest here. She'd get her fair share of attention in any small town bar in America. This is an obese nation and while very hippy and tall, compared to an obese chick, she'll do just fine. That being said, in LA, she may as well be invisible. It probably actually hurts her somewhat that she was famous once. In her heyday she was rail thin, paid and part of "young Hollywood." She appears washed up (drugs?) and sort of meandering through life at this point. Her choices in style and career direction seem rudderless. I hope she finds her way.

1639 days ago


I don't think she is heavy...I think it is just the clothes...You can be a size 2 and high waisted pants will make you look heavy! Please don't bring back the Mom kids are still laughing

1639 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

A Glamour Don't for sure. I can almost forgive the outfit. The hair I can't forgive. She'd be cute with a bob or something! Make it work!

1639 days ago


Too bad they didnt get a pic from behind...OMG!!!

1639 days ago
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