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Mischa Barton -- High & Waisted

4/5/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former actress Mischa Barton proved how hip she is by pouring herself into stretchy banana yellow high-waisted pant bottoms, a belly baring floral top and a pair of "Wizard of Oz" red pumps in L.A. this weekend.


Not matching is the new black.


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Dirt Burger    

If she doesn't lose weight, she is only going to end up dating black guys

1473 days ago


she has the weirdest body!! look at her tiny waist! her lower half belongs on another woman

1473 days ago


She is cool! She just needs a new stylist. I'm glad she is not starving anymore & she seems happier! Love you Mischa.

1473 days ago


It's hard to be so skinny without your chemical friends.

1473 days ago


Okay...YES, she looks like a pathetic has-been moo-cow stuffed into one of her outfits from her golden days on The O.C....HOWEVER, it's not that she's FAT, she's just not model-anorexic anymore, and she's desperately hanging onto the wardrobe from her glory days! Buy your size, Mischa! Oh, and WOULD IT KILL YOU TO WEAR SOME MAKE-UP?!? We men remember how do-able you used to look, but now you just look like a disgruntled babysitter. Everything about you just withers an erection.

1473 days ago


Get ride of the red kitty heels and this outfit would be kinda 70s cute I guess. The second pic is just a horrible pic.. but my 3 year old daughter can pick out better outfits then that.

1473 days ago


rock on, mischa!

1472 days ago


Hey Mischa, when your cellulite shows up through your pants your pants are too tight.

I've never seen an actress crash and burn as fast as Mischa Barton did. TMZ addressing her as "Former actress" is dead-on accurate. Oh well, there's always Celebrity Rehab to look forward to, Mischa.

1472 days ago


The pants look like they have been sprayed on, lack of VPL (maybe she couldn't get them on over underwear?), not really all that bad a combination. She has my attention...

1472 days ago


That girl has never learned how to dress! Look at any of her past photos, she's a mess. Someone needs to help show her how to put herself together. Maybe she dresses ugly and not put together, because she has low self esteem. Who knows, people and their money,and lack of common sense!

1472 days ago


To Poster 28 Judy,

Don't knock the fashion sense of people in midwestern states. It is alot more tasteful then anything I have seen in NYC. I see more women on the streets of New York pushing 170 pounds squeezing themselves into leggings with high heels looking like over ripe hookers. I don't know what this girl's look represents but it isn't the midwest.

1472 days ago


Unfortunately, Mischa is fighting a losing genetic battle. If you have ever seen a photograph of her mother, she has TREMENDOUSLY huge saddlebags. It's no great surprise that Mischa is going to end up with the same figure. To avoid it, she'd have to be vigilant about diet and exercise and she clearly is not.

1472 days ago


Beyonce, J Lo, Kim Kardasho... they all have the same shape and everyone thinks they are gorgeous. Why do white women have to be super skinny to be considered beautiful?

1472 days ago

My Gosh ! ! !    

I bet all you people making fun of her look "way worse" than she does. It makes people feel "good about themselves" I guess to down someone else.
She looks no worse than a lot of stars that "look different" in real life than on the screen.
The thing is, its not her body or clothes that look bad, its the HAIR, why do all the stars go around with the messiest hair I ever seen. None of them must know how to do their own hair. They all have the "just got out of bed and did nothing to my hair" look !
If your hair looks nice, everything looks better !

1472 days ago

My Gosh ! ! !    

There is absolutely nothing wrong with her figure or pants. I think the higher waisted pants look better than the ones so low they should only be on teenagers or little girls, not WOMEN !
And I don't think the opinions on here are all from skinny minnies either. Your just jelous I bet. LTMFOP I BET !

1472 days ago
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