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Happy 12th Birthday

Paris Jackson

4/5/2010 6:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson (right), celebrated her 12th birthday at the Moonlight Rollerway Skating Rink in Glendale this weekend with her brother Prince (left) and her cousin Jaafar (middle).


It's stunning how fast they grow up.


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MsDenalli,hopefully the executors follow his wishees and DON'T STEAL from the Estate and repeatedly make deals with MJ's enemies. How many more deals will they cut with Sony?

1658 days ago


Prince Michael INHERITED Michael's skin disorder Vitiligo. This is
the DNA proof. If you look on the inside of his right armpit, you can see the discoloration.

1658 days ago


Honestly, it doesn't matter if they are his kids biologically or not. He adopted them, they are his children and part of his family. It would be unfair if adopted children couldn't get their parents' inheritances just because of genes, especially since their biological parents had nothing to do with them and gave them up when they were born (or before if the bio dad was a sperm donor).

Why should the Jacksons hate Michael's children? They are part of their family, and the Jacksons have their own money. The kids seem to get along well and are close friends with their cousins.

As for the stun gun incident, Jaafar is a child and lots of children play with guns. However, the law won't sell guns to children so it is the responsibility of the PARENTS to keep the guns locked up where the kids can't get to them. It looks like the parents took care of it right away.

1658 days ago


by Stephanie
They are not adopted,they are MJs biological children!

1658 days ago


wow... check out that white spot on prince's upper arm. beginning of vitiligo? looks like it

1657 days ago


She will marry Jafaar probably. I think the whole point of not allowing her to have friends is to keep her, and siblings under control. A despicable family.

1657 days ago


I agree, I'm sure the family has in mind to marry them with one of them so that they have access to the money.

1657 days ago


I agree, I'm sure the family has in mind to marry at least one of the three kids with a jackson. the best way to have access to the money.

1657 days ago


They can't marry they are blood related! Think before you speak. The other Jackson's do have money,not as much as MJ but they are not broke!

1657 days ago


Where do I start? Tellit & Robym need to shut up!!! Sue don't know you, but thanks for all of your nice comments. Thanks to Ciara Jackson as well. Now being that alot has beem made about if MJ is the bio father if you would look up the meaning in a dictionary. I know some of you are lazy to do this i'll post it: Father-a male parent, a man who acts or is thought of as a male parent, guardian or provider. To act as a father towards to be the father of. Nowhere does it say that it has to be biologic. So you need to stop with it. It doesn't matter how they were brought into this crazy world they are no different from you or I.

Debbie has stated that if you would do your research that she was never meant to be a mother and that she had them because he needed to be a father and wanted to do this for him. She's kind of like an surrogate. I don't see antbody trashing anyone else who does something close to this, but since it's MJ they make a big deal out of it. He paid her for having them and to make sure that they would never be taken from him. That's how much he loved them. He loved them dearly and that's what matters. He gave them the best life he could considering what he had to go through. You have bio parents that don't want anything to do with their own kids and you want to bash MJ? Please, like Paris has stated "The best father you could ever imagine" I'm sure that Paris does have a female with her don't think she's left with a male,plus theirs Grace. They probrably have a small circle of friends. So in conclusion some of you have some nerve to talk about an 12 yr old. What are you jealous? And stop being so gullible and believing everything that the media puts out. Their is nothing wrong with the Jackson Family, remember no family is perfect.

Happy late B-day Paris!! May you're dads love keep you going. May all your dreams come true.

1657 days ago


Happy Birthday Paris!!! We share the same birthday!!! But I turned 18!!! I hope you had a wonderful day with many more to come!!!!

And too all of the people who are saying bad things. Why would you say such horrible things about children??? These are 3 innocent children!!! And Michael was an incredible man who did alot of great things for this world! All of you who are saying negative things are just jealous of him because he is twice the man you will ever be!!!

1655 days ago


44. They are not Jackson kids by blood. He lied about his skin
disease and he lied about these being his kids. How many light
skinned Jacksons are there? NONE! They are all very dark. These kids
have a different daddy. Anyone who can't see that is a doink. That
being said I hope these kids get away from the Jacksons so they can
have a halfway normal life.

Posted at 12:39PM on Apr 5th 2010 by Robyn
Down with the OLD media and UP WITH THE NEW.


I love educating the IGNORANT and UNEDUCATED. I know TMZ will not
educate you as some of their writers are just as ignorant but that
comes from living in a cave. lol

Michael DID have Vitiligo and Lupus. I guess you missed the Autopsy.


Blanket is Michael's TWIN as a child just with a light complexion.

Prince Michael INHERITED Michael's skin disorder Vitiligo. This is
the DNA proof.

Paris looks more like Debbie but she also has some Jackson in her.

1655 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

These children are not ugly, but they ARE overfed and underexercised. Katherine, please reduce their portion sizes dramatically and make them get a couple of hours of physical exercise every day! Don't start them off in life with a weight problem!

1655 days ago

I hope paris had a lovely day, she is a beautiful and bright young girl.

1655 days ago


by MJMedia09
Nice post! They are MJs biological children!

@Thunder Thighs
I don't think they are overfed,they look beautiful,and they are still growing.

1655 days ago
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