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Prez Obama

A Little Too High

on Opening Day

4/5/2010 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama took the mound to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Washington Nationals game today ... and saying it was bad does no justice to the word "bad."

President Barack Obama: Click to View!
The President was really off base on this one.

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Thunder Thighs    

Duh - Bill Clinton doesn't have a small child with special needs to look after and take to countless therapies - or 2 other children under 18 to care for. I doubt Sarah participates much in caring for Trig, nor does she care. We all saw what happened to the older two. One sent in the military to stop him from slashing bus tires and doing drugs, and the other one a pregnant teenage mom whose baby daddy is a loser.
Chelsea Clinton is 30 years old, has a great education, great job and and nice, well educated fiance.

Whose the better parent?

Speaking at a booze convention - how classy. Anything for a buck Palin.

Sarah's followers carry guns, wear teabags on their heads, and shout racial and homophobic names. Seems real educated and informed - or maybe just ignorant and stupid.

Bill Clinton - Oxford Scholar
Barack Obama - Ivy League educated
Sarah Palin - 4 schools in 5 years to earn a BA in Jounalism from a rinky dink school in Idaho. Pregnant before marriage. Member of a secessionist party, the AIP. Does she love America?? Another classy lady - if you're an idiot.

1669 days ago


Americans are out of work, etc... & he is out watching baseball, going on trips to his home country, etc...living the life of a King. Maybe we can al move into his house or get some of his wealth. He already had 10 million & once he gets out of office (If we cvan get him off the throne by then) he will make even more giving his speeches. Bet he won't be living beside any of your average blacks or whites, but he will have hispanics he will give amnesty to doing his lawn.

1669 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Bill Clinton doesn't have a 2-yr old child with Down Syndrome to care for. He can be out there making money. His child is grown, successful, and well educated, which is more than can be said for Palin's kids, or even Palin herself. Track sent into the military for doing drugs and slashing bus tires, and Bristol a knocked up teen with a loser baby daddy. She leaves the raising of her kids(and Trig's therapy, if he even gets any)) to others - I don't trust her one bit - money before family. And she sells pics of her kids to any magazine that will pay her.
Palin's followers carry guns and wear teabags on their heads- sounds real intelligent to me.
Bill Clinton - Oxford Scholar
Barack Obama - Ivy League law school grad
Sarah Palin - 4 colleges in five years - BA from a rinky dink school in Idaho.

Just who has the smartest followers??

1669 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

As usual alot of complaining from the loud mouthed republicans but nothing substantive. And when they try to be funny they fall far short.

1669 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

hood rat - you state that Palin's fans are intelligent and informed?? And why can't she do it if Clinton does it??
My, you just don't get her incredible hypocrisy, do you??
Sarah belongs to the Wasilla Bible Church - it is Pentecostal and one of their main tenants is an ABSOLUTE abstinance to any kind of alcohol (and gambling). And there is Sarah taking money to speak at a booze convention in Las Vegas. So now, it seems, she's not only a sell out to her kids, but to Jesus too. I am not Pentecostal, it's not my beliefs to abstain - BUT IT IS HERS!!!!!
Then why IS she speaking at the booze convention in Vegas?? MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!! It is her only focus - not her kids, not Trigs therapy, not her "idiot fans", it all about the almighty dollar -
God is so proud of her - you betcha!!

I bet Jim Duggar wouldn't speak at a booze convention is Vegas - then why is Sarah Palin - they are of the same religion...

1669 days ago


89. As usual alot of complaining from the loud mouthed republicans but nothing substantive. And when they try to be funny they fall far short.

Posted at 7:01PM on Apr 6th 2010 by Registered Independant


Pot, meet kettle. You are as "Independent" as Bill Maher, you lying douche.

1668 days ago


wowwy --

You are completely, and totally, pathetic. You have absolutely nothing on Sarah and you reach for something as ridiculous as this? Mormons and Baptists are the only Christian faiths that avoid alcohol. So you are lying. Secondly and more importantly, you have absolutely no idea what she's going to say. It could be to support safe drinking, moderation, etc. Plus, the spirit and wine industry is one of the most lucrative and successful industries still going in this country. And with as much damage as the retarded boy Kenyan has done to the economy, we need them now more than ever.

The fact you refuse to brag about YOUR President says all I need to know. You realize he is a complete and utter failure and will be a one-termer and will go down in history as the worst President of all-time. Even worse than that headcase Jimmy Carter. You cannot say one positive thing about him, so what do you do? You attack a PRIVATE CITIZEN.

More gutless hypocrisy from the Neo-Comm leftists!!! Love it!!!

1668 days ago


to simply say he throws like a girl would be insulting to girls

1668 days ago


The first skank admitted the other day that Kenya is Obama's "home country." Nuff said, the idiot isn't even american as we have known all along.

1668 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

#94 "hood rat" is an anti-American communist.

1668 days ago

Larry D. Crumbley    

Just like all of his people in his administration, and "ALL" of his polices he is way FAR LEFT of the center of the plate. Hoe embarrassing that is.

Larry D. Crumbley

1668 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Anyone going to go pay $10,000 to have their picture taken with Sarah Palin today? Or are you republicans so poor you have to spend all day on TMZ.com all day again?

1668 days ago


97. #94 "hood rat" is an anti-American communist.

Posted at 10:49AM on Apr 7th 2010 by McCarthy


Nothing like an anti-American calling someone else an anti-American. Great posts hoodrat. You are 199% correct on everything.

1668 days ago


I'd love to pay $10,000 for a picture with Mrs. Palin. But only if she gets to keep every cent. I want her to get as wealthy as possible while Socialist loving inbred liberals continues to lose their jobs, homes, cars and families, thanks to the Messiah's Nazi policies.

1668 days ago


Why are you bashing the wine and spirits industry? Odumba seems to love them, since he's the only sitting President to be told to back off on the booze and cigs by his doctors while in office. What an idiotic lush of a man-child he is.

1668 days ago
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