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Tiger's Alleged Mistress Still Likes to Watch

4/5/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They're baaaaaaaack!

Alleged mistress/porn star Joslyn James and her attorney, victims' rights advocate Gloria Allred, will watch Tiger Woods address the media in Augusta today at 2:00 PM ET, and then say what's on their mind at their own presser at the Friar's Club in NYC.

Allred tells TMZ that James -- who says she had a three-year relationship with Tiger, never knowing she was not the only mistress -- has still not received an apology from Mr. Woods.

Gloria will announce James' next move and -- this is the best part -- announce whether they'll go South to watch Tiger play the Masters.

Of course ... we'll be there for watching Joslyn and Gloria watch Tiger, followed by their news conference.


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Pathetic extortionists! Plain to see she's trying to get her millions. Hate what TW did...but there has to be an end somewhere. He doesn't need to contribute any more money to the Gloria Allred retirement account.

1633 days ago


This woman feels bad and cheated on because Tiger didn't let her know she wasn't the only misstress he had? Puh-lease! She's nobody, she's not the wife, she has no rights in anything. What does she want?!

1633 days ago


hcome no news show picked up on the fact that tiger lied about what happened in kindergarden,,obviously he is a serial liar.....I want tmz to get to the bottem of this...if he is lying he needs to be kicked out of the PGA and banned from all golfing events....and I ned people to donate money and nice cars to my foundation...KWAAOM(kids who are afraid of manniquins)

1633 days ago


She is whineing because she didn't know she wasn't the ONLY mistress! Hello! She should be in hiding and embarrassed because she was A mistress!! I believe her and her "attorney" are both a thread shy of being full nuts. Everytime there is is stinky publicity suckin episode why is Gloria always chasing the ambulance? I don't understand why they are waiting for an apology after all when you pay for something at the store you don't apologize and she has been already been paid for her wares. NO apology need for a purchase! So take your earnings and buy a wedge of cheese to go along with that nasty whine. Learn to live with the idea that your self reapect went pretty cheap!

1633 days ago


OMG~ I wish all those skanks would STFU!!! Tiger does not owe that skank an apology. The skank owe Elin an apology!!! I would like to see THAT. These women just want money & fame any way they can get it. I think Gloria probably fans the flames to keep her fees coming in. Walk away Gloria! So many women need real lawyers not skank representation. Tiger didn't rape her. She willing commited adultry!!! Hoping for a free ride that didn't pan out so now she is mad her gravy train left the station.

1633 days ago


GA and JJ need to be arrested for extortion. Wish Elin could sue this shameless bitch!

1633 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

scum and scummier

1633 days ago


I really hope Tiger can get a restraining order against this whore. There's no excusing Tiger's infidelities, but this tramp is just ridiculous, and apparently so is her lawyer.

1633 days ago


The Friar's Club ? Better have a jacket or they'll never get in.

1633 days ago


Aw, poor slut didn't know she was the only slut and her feelings got hurt. Boo hoo.

1633 days ago


She was on Howard this morning. She said she got pregnant twice from Tiger. 1st one she miscarried after two months. 2nd one she aborted. This is the 4th mistress Howard has interviewed and all 4 of them said Tiger never used a condom. Tiger must be the biggest fool in the world to not use them with the amount of women involved in this.

1633 days ago


This bimbo needs to f*king move on. She is pathetic.

1633 days ago


I don't believe for one second that Tiger knocked this loser up. Please, this loser wouldn't get an abortion if Gloria paid for it. She would have used that baby to line her pockets for the next eighteen years. What a freaking liar. It's about time that these "women" just went away, the story has been told, the story is old and the players including Tiger are disgusting. Thankfully nobody pays this any mind that doesn't happen to read TMZ and to be honest at this point TMZ only has stories like this to offer you. They don't go out and actually report on stars, they just sit on the fringes and try and make stories out of nothing. Sorry Harvey but it's about time you actually went back to being paps following stars around for pictures.

1633 days ago

oh yeah    

tiger!!!!!!!!!!!! apolagize this instant!!!!!!!!

u got the poor girl pregnant, i bet u forced her into having an abouriton. she kiled a life to save your marriage.

1633 days ago

Mike Hunterts    

The most important question in all this is: who is the bigger sc*mbag

The porn star
Gloria Allred

And the winner is....Gloria Allred. The Queen of Extortion

1633 days ago
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