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Tiger's Alleged Mistress Still Likes to Watch

4/5/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They're baaaaaaaack!

Alleged mistress/porn star Joslyn James and her attorney, victims' rights advocate Gloria Allred, will watch Tiger Woods address the media in Augusta today at 2:00 PM ET, and then say what's on their mind at their own presser at the Friar's Club in NYC.

Allred tells TMZ that James -- who says she had a three-year relationship with Tiger, never knowing she was not the only mistress -- has still not received an apology from Mr. Woods.

Gloria will announce James' next move and -- this is the best part -- announce whether they'll go South to watch Tiger play the Masters.

Of course ... we'll be there for watching Joslyn and Gloria watch Tiger, followed by their news conference.


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Maybe Mr. Woods wife and children should receive an apology from Ms. James after all Ms James is a Skank who sleeps with married men, your an adult you knew what you were getting yourself into if they didn't find out about the others would you still be expecting an apology from him I don't think soooooooo your looking for money and your got that freak Allred helping you with this. Losers

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1624 days ago


"lost mike" - Joslyn James a.k.a. prono queen / prostitutes gets apology from from TW upon refund for $$$$$s paid for her services? Let's negotiate. Appears Gloria Allred hasn't been able to "Shake-Down" TW for additional cash - needs more lessons from JESSE JACKSON on techniques

1624 days ago


Will some body please tell that tired tramp of a prostitute to go sit down, shut up and take old prune faced Gloria with her?

1624 days ago


This lawyer needs her license revoked, she is creating victims, not helping them. If your a victim rights advocate why are you encouraging them to go to media, where they are going to be hounded. This lawyer is profiting big time. She is creating victims, creating hate for this women and creating trouble for everyone.

1624 days ago


There is an old saying... mistresses should never wear mascara because they'll spend their whole time crying… If anything she should be the one apologizing to Tiger's wife. I can't stand that lawyer either

1624 days ago


Absolutely amazing! A mistress that believes she is the victim.

1624 days ago


"lost mike" - sorry, I miss spoke - the "Rev" Jesse Jackson is paying child support for his "lov-child" out of wedlock - ironic "shake down"

1624 days ago


God when will this skanky ho go away. I am so sick of her she has actually made me feel sympathy for Tiger. I hope her actions cause all men to re think ever touching this broad. She is a psycho stalker who is totally obsessed with ruining Tiger's life. Go away NO ONE cares what you have to say you look ridiculous you low class trashy ho go away your 15 minutes was up long long ago. Get psychiatric help you seriously need it

1624 days ago


This woman is the STD tiger can't shake - if someone like her doesn't stop men from's like Fatal Attraction 2010. GO AWAY. nasty...

1624 days ago


media WHORES! Porno ho looking for $$$ from Woods and Gloria, my God what a ficacta - looking for $$ anyway she can get it.

1624 days ago


She's crying because she did not get the payout Rachel got. She already BEAT HER GUMS. She gave Tiger no reason to pay her - She spilled her guts. Her story is out, and its OLD. Rachel played it smart, and did not kiss and tell. This slut knew he was married with babies. SHE should apologize to Elin.

1624 days ago


TMZ Since you take the time to post b.s. about Joslyn the Porn Star and Gloria Allred the Vile attorney. Why don't you dig into Gloria's Allred past. I am sure she has a lot of skeletons in her closet. All Gloria does is represent hookers, porn stars, garbage... None of the Prominient attorneys in California take any of these trashy cases..............Only Gloria.......I think Tigers attorneys need to stop these 2 idiots.....(Soon). I hope Gloria gets disbarred for her unethical practices.

1624 days ago


Has she appologized to Elin and Tigers two kids. She is a pig and expects to be treated cordially. She deserves no respect or dignity from anyone.

1624 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Please god, kill gloria allred. Rid this earth of this scum sucking bitch.

1624 days ago


This is making me sick... she is a stupid whore and she's not going to get anything... Gloria Allred is just as stupid, a media whore...Anything for money and attention... get a life... or ....find some one else to give blow jobs too... she's given Tiger his last, and I am sure his tank is locked to this whore.

1624 days ago
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