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Tiger's Alleged Mistress Still Likes to Watch

4/5/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They're baaaaaaaack!

Alleged mistress/porn star Joslyn James and her attorney, victims' rights advocate Gloria Allred, will watch Tiger Woods address the media in Augusta today at 2:00 PM ET, and then say what's on their mind at their own presser at the Friar's Club in NYC.

Allred tells TMZ that James -- who says she had a three-year relationship with Tiger, never knowing she was not the only mistress -- has still not received an apology from Mr. Woods.

Gloria will announce James' next move and -- this is the best part -- announce whether they'll go South to watch Tiger play the Masters.

Of course ... we'll be there for watching Joslyn and Gloria watch Tiger, followed by their news conference.


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Oh Gloria, from a champion of womens/victims' rights to a parody of herself. A hush money pimp for porn whores and degenerates who play the "victim" card. Shame on you GA, shame.

1629 days ago


Here's an apology: I'm sorry you're a skanky, skeezy slut who likes to sleep with married men (and I'm sorry you're a complete moron if you actually believed he was only having an affair with someone as ugly as you). When will these whores go away?

1629 days ago


Gloria Allred is a pathetic media whore....saw her on TV with Tiger's Kindergarten teacher this morning..The teacher is devastated that Tiger said he endured racial attacks in pre-school..WTF !!!!!!!
Enough !!!!!

1629 days ago


Wow Gloria IS a good lawyer. She is trying to sell this ho as the victim. Let's try this Joslyn... "DON'T SCREW OTHER PEOPLE'S HUSBANDS".

1629 days ago


TMZ - Gloria thinks its ok to act this way because you're so willing to promote it. This news is so is Gloria.

1629 days ago


If he pays this low life one cent, I will kick him in the butt myself. Why isn't his lawyer filing stalking charges against this low life and Gloria. Her conduct is disgraceful. She is not owed an apology or one single penny.

1629 days ago


Gloria Allred...get some real clients...enough of this crap.

1629 days ago


This girl id dangerous. I wonder if there could be a problem for Gloria Allred as she just keep enabling her. Does she not have enough money? If I were Tiger I would up the security for myself and my family.

1629 days ago


Gross shes a stalker. She is just creepy.

1629 days ago


Gloria Allred is evil. And what about the justice systems that allows her to flourish ?
Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

1629 days ago


By press conference do they mean the 2 of them talking to 1 person from TMZ? Because thats about the extent of who cares about this chick. Nobody else cares about this wack job and her fame whore lawyer.

I dont care if he led her on to believe she was the only one or whatever, fact is he owes her nothing and she's going to get nothing. Rachel was smart and kept quiet about things and handle stuff behind the scenes and got paid. This chick is looking for any attention she can get and a payday as well but she isn't getting that.

And good luck going to the Masters. Save yourself the trip because there is 0 chance of you getting in there. Augusta is a private club and getting tickets to this event is hard as hell, there is a waiting list for this event. And even if she were there and tried to say or do anything she'd be gone in the blink of an eye.

When was the last time TMZ actually reported on a celebrity, other than Michael Jackson? All of their stories are about mistresses, guys that get beat up from people on reality shows and D list celebs like Heidi and Spencer.

1629 days ago


An apology? She knew that Tiger was married. this announcement is just a ploy to get a pay off from Tiger to be quiet. It worked for Uchitel. You know your time has passed when people are feeling sorry for a a serial cheater, sad all round.

1629 days ago


It is obvious that Gloria Allred is trying to shake Tiger down/extort a payoff for poor pitiful little Joslyn who can't even make enough money now to pay her overdue child support payments. What man is going to hook up now with a ho who uses her mouth to blab to the world?

Gloria Assred knows how much Tiger paid for ho #1 to keep quiet, so she is trying to milk the Tiger for the rest of the hos. Maybe Gloria's daughter Lisa Bloom can help her work up some sympathy for these poor victims. Shame on Gloria and Lisa! Your credibility to represent real victims is destroyed. STFU!!! You are hurting women as you line your own pockets.

1629 days ago

oh yeah    

tiger tiger tiger you should have gotten marrid to that black girl u dated in college. there's a 90% cahance that u would not have been in this mess right now. then again she was the one who dumped you...oh well.....hope u win the masteres

1629 days ago


he should get a freakin' restraining order. this chick is crazy and i wish elin could/would sue her.

1629 days ago
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