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Cops In Big Ben Case -- He Ain't Talkin'

4/6/2010 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops In Big Ben Case -- He Ain't Talkin'The Ben Roethlisberger sexual assault investigation is complete ... except for one Big thing.

Milledgeville Police Chief Woodrow Blue tells TMZ they've completed their investigation -- including a follow-up interview with the alleged victim -- but they'd still like to button it up with a follow-up interview with Big Ben. Problem is -- Ben's not talking.

So assuming Ben exercises his right to remain silent, the Chief is still kosher with the case -- kinda sorta. We asked Chief Blue if he's satisfied, and he said, "Yeah, I guess."

Ben's lawyer isn't talking about why Ben isn't talking.

As for when a decision will be made on whether to prosecute the Pittsburgh Steelers QB, we're told the Georgia Bureau of Investigation will make that call ... "soon."

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Thunder Thighs    

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1624 days ago

Mr Common Sense    

Why so few comments? I guess he's not dark enough for you people to get that concerned. If this were someone with darker skin there would be at least 80 comments by now! Tiger Woods committed adultery and gets more hateful comments than a guy accused of two SEXUAL ASSAULTS!! I see why people play the race card now. There's a disproportionate amount of hate towards the people who don't look like the majority! If George Lopez did the exact same thing as David Letterman, the story would still be alive. Crackers suck balls!!!!!!!!!!!!

1624 days ago


This guy is a shady shaderton. I truly believe if he didn't have anything to hide he would be singing like a bird. I hope the cops nail him to the wall with the NFL right behind them.

1624 days ago


There is zero reason why he should talk about this. Even if you are innocent, the police will manipulate your words, put words in your mouth, and see how you react. It would go on for hours on end. Any decent attorney will tell you, don't say a word, guilty or innocent.

TMZ, especially Harvey, should be ashamed. Harvey should know, that his lawyer is telling him the same thing.

1624 days ago

Uli Van DerSmut    

this guy dont need to rape women- all he has to do is pull out his wad of cash and pay them. bitches need to learn, big football player can hire a hooker instead of deal with some headache bs.

1624 days ago

Uli Van DerSmut    

mmk- tell me how this guy can assault 2 different people without keeling over from a heart attack?

its just not plausible unless they were eating his mcdonalds- this bitch can just lay back like jabba and wait for some hookers to munch on his trunk instead of trying to hold down some women to rape them- for a fat guy, that sounds like WAY too much effort.

1624 days ago


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1624 days ago


They'll release the verdict, no charges being brought, on Friday at 5:00 PM, this week, Masters week.
Wanna bet?

1623 days ago


Does anyone think he looks a little like Will Ferrell in this picture????

1623 days ago


Just leave Ben alone. He did nothing wrong what so ever. It's all about money. The little bimbo in Georgia does not know what she is saying. She was drunk. And why was she beig served anyways. She is only 20 yrs. old. She is nothing but a big liar. I am a big steelers fan, and I really love Big Ben. So for all you that have terrible things to say about Ben, Get over it. He will play football for the Steelers this year. So there!!!!!! Go Steelers and Big Ben for No. 7 You can do it. We all love you here in Pa. Go Big Ben. All the way to the Superbowl!!!!!

1623 days ago


Its funny how Americans are all for waving the flag, touting the Constitution, and bragging about how our justice system is the best ... until someone actually uses it as it was intended i.e. innocent until PROVEN guilty and that we all have the right to remain silent. Hes already told the cops what happened, the little bimbo followed him around all night, getting drunk off her ass and flirting with him, when he decided to take her up on it like any red-blooded American male would have she freaked out so he backed off aka NO DNA. There is no reason for him to repeat it or let them have a chance at messin' with what he says, like all cops do. Smart move, Ben, listen to your lawyer and you'll have #7 soon!

1623 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

I think people are forgetting that he wasn't even charged in the first assult case. The woman had sex with him, went around bragging about it, then a year later (after he never called her) she decides that she was assulted. The only thing she's been able to slap him with is a civil suit. Basically her (crazy) word against his. I've seen the documents in that first case, the woman is a nuts! Google her (Andrea McNulty) and see for yourselves.

1623 days ago
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