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Conrad Murray -- I Will Never Cop a Plea

4/6/2010 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray has made it clear -- he will not take a plea bargain in the death of Michael Jackson.

Sources say Dr. Murray is adamant ... he did nothing wrong and will not plead to manslaughter or any lesser offense.

TMZ first broke the story of Dr. Murray's defense ... that Michael Jackson accidentally killed himself by self-injecting a fatal dose of Propofol into his bloodstream.

Dr. Murray, we're told, is "completely confident" that he will be found not guilty. He is less confident that the medical boards in Texas, Nevada and California will reach a similar result.

Dr. Murray is extremely relieved Judge Michael Pastor did not yank his California medical license yesterday. Nevertheless, he realizes it's all but inevitable all three medical boards will go after his license.


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Did you defend MJ before the trial for molestation? Why does Dr Murray not deserve the same benefit? Innocent until proven guilty, remember that?

Posted at 11:17AM on Apr 5th 2010 by ric

Can you tell me, please, how many times Michael Jackson was found innocent?
to Mr or Mrs ric:

Can you tell me, please, if Michael Jackson has the profile of a pedophile?

Can you tell me, please, why not pursue at the same way to those who really have that profile and that in these moments (same hour) are acting on that crime?

Please, can you tell me you and if you are a doctor, the problems that is causing the doctor Murray to other professionals doctors?

A serious medical negligence, is a reason for withdrawing from medicine.

I wish you a nice day ric, and that never you need a doctor, a doctor like Murray, of course!

ILYM :`(

1659 days ago

MJ's PYT Superfly Sista    

No problem Chico. Its done with LOVE. banner looked great flying over. Yes Ms. Jackson is taking this hard, he** were taking
this hard right.Met a few people today. Aphrodite Jones, Spoke to
Tom Mesareau and Chris Darden(OJ case, lawyer that cried).Sexy
MJ lookalike was groovy, Michael Kiss is is name. Look him up.
He won ticket into courtroom also. Well long day talk to you later.I'm beddy bye.

1658 days ago


this man will get away with murder.!!!.literally, am no micheal jackson crazy nutjob fan..far from it..i appreciate the music because i remember him as a kid and grew up with the music from back in the day. however, what this man has done is unbelievable.. no matter what the patient wants, you as the so called responsible pratictioner should never cross the line.. afterall jackson was trying to pimp these dangerous drugs off others who turned him down .. its all about the hypocratic oath and responsibility to pawn it off to someone who cannot speak for themselves now is beyond redemption..1 dr conrad murray is disgusting for that.

1658 days ago


Not even leaving a 7/8 full propofol bottle in the vicinity of a patient drowsy from three or for drugs, instead of locking it up or throwing it away, was wrong?

Not even leaving the room, making it possible for the patient to self-inject, or to simply die from what he had already got because no one was there to watch him, was wrong?

I suppose this kind of reasoning, or rather complete lack thereof, was what made Murray take the "job" in the first place, as well as father children he could not support.

But being stupid and lacking judgement is no excuse. He was still reckless and negligent and put his patient's life in danger, and his patient died. Even if his poor judgement told him it was OK to go to the bathroom or be on the phone, he shouldn't have, because you have to follow basic rules to create safety.

This is why he should get a guilty verdict and this is why he should lose his license. This man is simply not safe - and it doesn't help that he is soft-spoken.

1658 days ago

wish mj was here    

omg ahhh come on people.think about it if you killed michael jackson where would your a$$ be going? no-one and i mean no-one kills mj and then walks away free.i dont care who you are.i really thought our mj was gone but now im beginning to wonder if this is the truth.if he walks then mj is alive .call me whatever and say im not a real mj fan if you want but this hasnt made any sense from day 1.iam a real mj fan michael i love you most .i hope your alive healthy and happy.always smile dear .miss you angel.

1658 days ago


I am happy to hear that his license hasn't been suspended or revoked. He may be sanctioned down the road but he can still practice medicine. And did I read one of the comments here threating Dr. Murray ? Are all you fans that sick in the mind that you will seek your own justice for Dr. Murray ? What is it that Michael Jackson did for all you fans that you feel justified in threatening this doctor or wanting to hang him dry, tarred and feathered ? Michael Jackson was all about Michael Jackson, and you dumb fans think he loved all his fans. The only thing Michael Jackson loved was the money you made for him so he could live the lifestyle of a pedophile with impunity. Oh and the other thing he loved about his fans was that they paid for him to lavish himself with all the drugs known to man, so he could be high as a kite. He laughed all the way to the bank while you poor people spent your hard earned money keeping him living in the lifestyle of which he became thought he deserved. He did nothing for all you people who say how much you love him, how much you miss him, blah, blah, blah. I personally think justice was served here. He died as a direct result of his drug abuse and the reason for being a drug addict to kill the pain of knowing what he did to little boys. Oh yea right, he was found not guilty in the court of law, but that never meant he was innocent. He just paid alot of money to have his attornies create reasonable doubt. I think Dr. Murray will walk too, his legal team is hard at work creating reasonable doubt and I happen to believe he did nothing to cause Michael Jackson's death, I believe Michael Jackson got greedy, found a moment to administer his lethal dose. Justice has been served, all the little boys of the world can feel safe now, knowing he can't harm another child.

1658 days ago


This vile creep is sooooo full of BS. What a brass neck he's got. His negligence , recklessness , lies and incompetence killed his patient. Only a really stupid and gullible person would believe ANYTHING he says.

1658 days ago


Michael Jackson the most solidary

AIDS Project L.A.
American Cancer Society
Angel Food
Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles
BMI Foundation, Inc.
Brotherhood Crusade
Brothman Burn Center
Camp Ronald McDonald
Childhelp U.S.A.
Children's Institute International
Cities and Schools Scholarship Fund
Community Youth Sports & Arts Foundation
Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)
Dakar Foundation
Dreamstreet Kids
Dreams Come True Charity
Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
Love Match
Make-A-Wish Foundation
Minority Aids Project
Motown Museum
National Rainbow Coalition
Rotary Club of Australia
Society of Singers
Starlight Foundation
The Carter Center's Atlanta Project
The Sickle Cell Research Foundation
United Negro College Fund (UNCF)
United Negro College Fund Ladder's of Hope
Volunteers of America
Watts Summer Festival
Wish Granting
YMCA - 28th Street/Crenshaw

(when any of us overcome this guinnes, in the same way, with the same heart, with more money and actions for the children, we can talk about Michael)

1658 days ago


barbie -

you are all mixed up. What you think about Michael Jackson (whom you undoubtedly knew very well, and obviously you were there at the time he died too since you know exactly how it happened), has nothing to do with Dr Murray's guilt.

No one should threaten anyone else. But the fact that dr Murray is still walking around unharmed, in spite of the immense grief Michael's death caused and still causes millions of people, is a witness to how reasonable and peaceful most of Michael Jackson's fans are.

What he gave us? Fantastic music, marvelous performances, money to charities, and a message of peace and understanding. Yes, we know he couldn't follow that message any more than any of us can, but at least he tried, and we try.

You just go on disliking him since you seem to be a bitter person. (May I ask what Michael Jackson ever did to you?) But you'd feel better if you let some light in.

1658 days ago


Some have asked to see the plane flying the banner above the courthouse.

In this news clip, it is shown near the end:

1658 days ago



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1658 days ago


Well, if he doesn't go to jail, I'm certain that it is because the people who always wanted MJ out of the way is 100% behind dr Murray now.
It's so sad. But I hope eventually the truth will prevail in all matters concerning Michael.

1658 days ago


Would you bring your kids to MJ's home when he's injecting Propofol? MJ was told to stop using meds, but he refused to listen to several people.
Ever thought that MJ hired him because they insanely ignored the consequences? Ever thought about MJ learning how to pour Propofol into the tube from Murray? MJ didn't mind the painful needle & drug in his vein.

MJ's in the grave, after he dove into delusions of grandeur.
He got major depression & money trouble with his stupid, stubborn Jesus self-promotion at Neverland. He went to plastic surgeons again until he became insane & Propofol-obsessed. He denied that his nose was torn to shreds, in the Bashir interview.
If a decent human had judged him & hospitalized him, he'd be breathing. An ill man needs mental care, not fake comfort from greedy concert people.

The dozens of religious cult members in the family let this embarrassment happen. They still pretend they're incredibly talented, caring, typical, happy, colorful, popular stars.

1658 days ago

Lee Lee    

12. Hey PYT,

SO PROUD to know one of my TMZ friends was at the courthouse today. I watched Taaj's video of the banner flying and damn near cried. Read that Katherine was playing games with her grandchildren tonight.

Fans like you and FB groups are making all the difference for those who cannot be there in person. I'm sure you are helping to ease the enormous strain on Katherine Jackson at this time, and this in turn, helps the children (MJ3). After I saw a picture of Mrs. Jackson today, she looks thinner.

Please keep us posted here PYT. So proud of you!!

Posted at 3:39AM on Apr 6th 2010 by Chico


I second that. I wish that I could be there to show as much support as you do. You represent every person that posts on this site who just wants to see Justice for Micheal. I (from the other sode of the world ) appreciate your efforts. Thank you so , so much. x

1658 days ago

Lee Lee    

Correction ..that would be Michael ...and side of the world...DOH !!

1658 days ago
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