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Conrad Murray -- I Will Never Cop a Plea

4/6/2010 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray has made it clear -- he will not take a plea bargain in the death of Michael Jackson.

Sources say Dr. Murray is adamant ... he did nothing wrong and will not plead to manslaughter or any lesser offense.

TMZ first broke the story of Dr. Murray's defense ... that Michael Jackson accidentally killed himself by self-injecting a fatal dose of Propofol into his bloodstream.

Dr. Murray, we're told, is "completely confident" that he will be found not guilty. He is less confident that the medical boards in Texas, Nevada and California will reach a similar result.

Dr. Murray is extremely relieved Judge Michael Pastor did not yank his California medical license yesterday. Nevertheless, he realizes it's all but inevitable all three medical boards will go after his license.


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Hmmmmmmmmmm...I was under the impression that the judge who has now been assigned the case, Judge Pastor, is the judge who years ago by the then Govenor Jerry Brown appointed him, Pastor to a judge and it is Jerry Brown who now wants Murray's medical license yanked and that this judge, Pastor wrote a letter of recommendation for the prosecutor in Murray's case who wants to become a judge. Judge Pastor stated that he will be non-biased to this case regardless of his connections to these issues. In this matter, I read that Murray's lawyers could cite "conflict of interest" and ask for a different judge. Please correct me if I am wrong!
I am starting to think with all this BS, Murray will eventually walk which would be a dirty rotten shame!! I want justice for Michael because he truly deserves it. Murray will always be considered a murderer by his family and the masses of his fans and he does deserve to rot in hell!!! Always, much love for Michael!
I am happy to say that I was a contributor to that banner that flew overhead!!!

1662 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

Posted at 9:16AM on Apr 6th 2010 by ric

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All I can say is I am not a rabid fan as you so call them and it's a shame you do this out of spite to bother others, more than likely then you either were bullied, taunted or for that matter molested not unless you are certain for sure that Micheal molested those kids ( I am sure you are no fool to think Arvizo's are truthful?)and know them personally then again going back to you, he had his day in court and found not guilty, so if Murray is not found guilty shall we than say because he was paid by Michael's promoters and was worth more dead than alive can we say they are responsible for paying off the jury,the judge, and of course his defense team as you would blame MJ for getting off the hook for being rich and paying others off? well I don't think this argument will come to an end, so I will let you have your opinion but forget the fans and MJ and his trial and put yourself in his spot, his family has nothing to do with any of this, we all have bad seeds in our families not unless you have a great hunky dory family or none at all and because I am sure you will remember these days you have judged and will be in a predicament as this, mind you don't wish it on you either, you will know what his family is going through.

Wish you well.

1662 days ago


lawrence post 56- i read your comment over and over again and wanted to respond to a few of your opinions!!! 1st i am sure there is some way to find out if you really want to donate money for murray- so the research its there!!!2nd it is very clear that you dont like or you even hate michael jackson and that is your business.3rd about the trial on molestation and the pay offs, have to disagree with you, any parent who loves there children would never take money from michael or anyone else if they truly believed the child was harmed in any way!!! i am a mother and i can tell you that if i had reason to think that was going on with one of mine i would have stopped at nothing to see him pay for what he did and that he was convicted and jailed until the day i died!! those families only wanted the money and did not care what the kids were dealing with at all.michael was found not guilty on all accounts and it had nothing to do with the money, those families went after what they had wanted from the very beginning and nothing was going to change there minds, and because of there greediness they did harm to the kids and everyone concerned. 4th michaels kids will be just fine, because he taught them respect and love of another human being so i do not think that your statement that they will fall not far from the tree applies at all to mjs3. michael was a human being and you and others seem forget that when it comes to things that maybe people didnt like about him!!! so he was different but he was kind and he loved the whole world not just some, he lived his life the way he wanted to and not the way we think he should have!!! they were his choices and we have to respect them!!! AFTER ALL HE WAS A HUMAN BEING WITH FEELINGS JUST AS YOU AND ME!!!! RIP MJ- sue from tampa

1662 days ago


Well therein lies the problem because he is not being charged with violation of medical ethics is he? He is charged with manslaughter. Big difference.

Posted at 9:16AM on Apr 6th 2010 by ric

Well ric in America do you know what the definition of manslaughter is... you're on the computer so look it up. In fact the violation of his medical ethics is exactly what led to Michaels death as determined by the coroner who was certified in America. The coroner concluded an overdose of propofol killed Michael and that it was not self-administered. So yes we will have to wait for Murray's day in court but make no mistake that a guilty verdict will be rendered in a court of our peers in America.

1662 days ago


Ms. Jackson shes truly hurting, cried in courtroom while
Janet stroked her mother back

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hahaha I would have loved to have been in that courtroom and just laughed in the Jacksons face. I would have said " THE FREAK, WACKO JACKO IS DEAD!" Hahahahahahaaaaaa, maybe now you'll realize Molester gets what's coming to the."

1662 days ago

Best Mom    

What the heck is going on here?? I am totally convinced that the LAPD and all those others who never liked Michael and were out to get him are intentionally screwing this up! How obvious does it have to be? I am so sick over this inaction to get justice for Michael! Michael's watching............Justice for Michael, NOW!

1662 days ago


Actually if you look in the guinness book of world records Michael Jackson is listed as the person who donated the most money to charity EVER. So in fact misinformed one, he did plenty of things with his money other than lavish spending. I'll give you 2 guesses of the amount (clue... it's in the tens of millions)

Posted at 9:21AM on Apr 6th 2010 by JIZZL

Many posters have said Michael Jackson was the most to charity. It was William Buffet who gave the largest charitable donation in history for 30 Billion in June of 2006.

1662 days ago


Old news, old record. Bill Gates just recently pledged 10 BILLION dollars to charity.

Posted at 9:26AM on Apr 6th 2010 by ric

You were very quick to look up the stats on that ric, I hope you also looked up the meaning of the word manslaughter while you were at it. By the way while you are at the dictionary site feel free to look up the word pledge as well. I am dealing with stone cold facts of things that have already taken place not what will, could, should, or might happen in the future. (Clue #2, add a zero to the tens of millions)

1662 days ago


Well, if he doesn't go to jail, I'm certain that it is because the people who always wanted MJ out of the way is 100% behind dr Murray now.

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THAT'S ME. I've given $25,000 for Dr. Murray's legal defense fund. Thankkfully he'll get off and be fine. The court system thinks all Wacko jacko fans are nuts so the banners are doing more harm than good.

1662 days ago


There are people who actually abuse prescription drugs. They know what to tell doctors in order to get vicodin and other addictive pain medication. I had a friend who would take Oxicodin,Val um, and Oxicodin to get high. She went to rehab because she tried to kill herself by overdosing. Her husband filed for divorce and took custody of her twin girls. We were friends in the military but became long distance friends after we got out of the military. I would try to talk to her so that she would quit. She suddenly stopped answering my calls and went downhill really fast. She is now doing better because of rehab.I really don't think this is Dr. Murray's fault. Prescription drugs are abused now very often.

1662 days ago


THIS US WY DR. MURRAY Murdered Michael, explain wy did Dr. Murray after murdering Michael Jackson cleaned the murder scene sanitized the floor of the mansion tampered with evidence then destroyed all the security camera’s in the mansion that recorded the murder, THIS IS TRUE do your research July on the details, Dr. Murray then went into hiding for a few days. THIS IS MURDER AND A COVER UP DAMIT! THERE IS MORE THAN ONE PERSON INVOLVED! Murray and Michael’s former manager Deleo.

1662 days ago


it makes me so glad to know tom mesereau was there.i have such respect for him .thank God mj had him for his defense.
he is one of the people who initially thought that murray was charged with was the best way to go becasue he was not sure if they could get a guilty verdict woth the other charge
any hting you can share would be greatly appreciated
it was so heartening to see the fans out there showing their support for mj and family
thank you for representing all of us too far away to be there

1662 days ago


Why should he cop a plea bargain? HE DID N O T H I N G WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

1662 days ago



1662 days ago

Gone too soon    

Murray is a fall guy.
He knows for sure that the guys behind it all will get him free.
That´s why he is really not that worried.

If he is so totally innocent, why does he not talk to the Jackson family? Surely he would have had something nice to say to them?

Still thinks this is a murder and a cover-up.

1662 days ago
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