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Cuba Libre!

4/6/2010 1:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The handsome 16-year-old resurfaced at some communist event in Havana on Easter Sunday, looking indoctrinated.

Elian Gonzalez
On April 22, 2000, Elian was taken from the home of his Miami relatives by U.S. federal agents and eventually returned to Cuba.

In 2008, Elian became a member of the Young Communist Union of Cuba.


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@Samper . . . ok then the equivalent of 25CUC slice it or dice it however you want . . it's freaking peanuts . .. I am in Havana for 2-3 weeks at a time each quarter on business and have family there. I often ask what can I bring to help out, Toothpaste, brushes, medicines (Tylenol, aspirin type), razors, are ALWAYS asked for. ALWAYS. Yes the ration booklet will cover this but the quality is low to poor and most times supplies are not there. They are given enough to survive. They are given no opportunity to "have more" by the their own hard work. That is not a life, that is another type of prison.

Thanks for coming out though. I'll be back in Havana in 36 days for another month, I see it first hand, I hear the horror stories from the mouths of the Cubans in Cuba ... how about you?

1660 days ago


hes kinda cute!

1660 days ago


I don't understand. First, if his mother and him would have made it, they would be illegals and you would complain. His mom died and they sent him back and you complain. Now, because he didn't turn out "acceptable" to you, you still complain! Poor kid can't win for losing can he!

1660 days ago


I’m just speculating, but if his father has a good position among Cuban politics, the child would have benefits that most Cubans don’t have. That happens in kind of totalitarianism and the parties always have special treatment for those who are “special”... "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

Second, lots of post talk about totalitarianism and how it it’s a terrible form of government, but they don’t see that politics in the US are very similar to that. If someone talks bad about United States, it’s called a communist or a terrorist… It’s seems that freedom only works if you don’t think different. US also “brainwash” their citizens, but in a more silent way.

I’m not saying in any way that life in Cuba is good, but lots of young immigrants hate living in the US because they don’t feel “at home”. The “illegal aliens”, as some you call immigrants, don’t want to take over your homes or work. Many of them had to leave their families and friends for the promise of a better future that may not happen. I really hope that none of you have to be in a position that you have to leave your country for a chance of a better life. And FYI, the so-called “American dream” turns into “the American nightmare” for lots of immigrants.

I don’t know if Elian would be happier in Miami, but I’ve doubt it. I think that a communist government is horrible in many ways, but at least he is alive.

1660 days ago


J.W. wrote:

"a Canadian I am free to travel to Cuba, and have many times. I can tell you that there are not boats lined up along the shore to get to Miami. The people are proud, friendly, welcoming people. One of the most beautiful islands in the Carribean. Sure some flee what they see as oppression, but most of the hundreds of Cubans I have come across wouldn't leave if they could. Sure communism is not ideal, but from what I have seen most of the people of Cuba are doing just fine."

I agree! I have been to Cuba several times myself and, although most people live simple lives, they are friendly, happy people. I have seen much worse living conditions in South-East Asia or even in many inner-city communities in the U.S., for that matter.

1660 days ago


On MSN it said that the boy and his father are monitored very closely and are not allowed to speak to international press. Sounds like a great place to me! Sign me up. His father DID go from being a lowly restaurant worker to a position in Parliament magically when all the craziness ensued. Though it was just to court favorable opinion, at least they are better off financially than most of their countrymen/women.

1659 days ago


The Goverment did the right thing. The boy belong with his father. Some day when he is older he will be able to come to America.

1659 days ago


are you people effing kidding me?!! This boy was taken by his mother to a foreign country, KIDNAPPED, effectively, from his father. How on god's green earth can anybody justify separating a child from his parent because of the country he lives in? No one would defend a mother fleeing this country with a child to another and separating him from his father. Had she lived she should have been prosecuted.

1659 days ago


Many Cubans have made that deadly trip bc its THAT bad in Cuba; you don't know til you've lived there. Some have it better than others but still.
I don't think the mother should have taken him w.out saying anything to the father or whatever but perhaps they were going to try to get the father to the US later on legally? You never know unless you were going through the whole ordeal.
& I doubt anyone who has to deal w. the Castros & the rest of those commies lives a happy life, unless thats the way they personally have always thought. He was forced to think like that. Maybe it finally grew on him?
Life goes on.

1659 days ago


"He was a LEGAL immigrant, all Cubans who step foot on US soil are automatically citizens."

This is so wrong, it's not even funny that someone believes it. Just... no.

1659 days ago


Cuba is not all happy cubans living life like its all good. You have to experience the life en los campos, con los apagones (electrical outages to save electricity & money), ahorando la comida (saving your rations so they last). Yeah, you get by w. the rations they give you but you speak your mind & boom, jail or you get hit like las Damas de Blanco. Of course, eventually you're used to living in those conditions but once you get to 'la Yuma' & you're reunited w. the rest of your family (in some cases such as my family & myself) you're so happy at all the new options & you can finally BREATHE. You have a chance at living a better life here than over in Cuba.

1658 days ago


Good for him!!! Cute little commie...

1658 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

wtf people we're all illegal aliens....

1656 days ago


Its hard to believe that so much time. The saddest part of this saga was Elian losing his mother.

1656 days ago


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1656 days ago
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