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Dan Patrick -- No Foot-Dragging In Erin's Case

4/6/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dan Patrick and DirecTV have responded to Erin Andrews' rage over not being informed immediately that she was the target of sexual and violent emails.

Dan Patrick: Click to watch
This Monday, Patrick said on his radio show during a commercial break that late last month they opened an email from a fan, containing alarming threats against Erin. Patrick says his staffer then searched for other emails relating to the ESPN star and found a number of them, dating back to mid-September.

DirecTV, which carries "The Dan Patrick Show," tells TMZ the show receives 7,000 emails a day and many of them go unopened. Both DirecTV and Patrick say when they became aware of the threat, they immediately contacted Erin's reps.


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Oh, BS. They sat on it because it wasn't a threat against one of them. Who cared? Nobody-after all poor Erin wasn't on the show but a few times. This is how deaths happen. Nobody paying good enough attention and they think it just can't happen. It does.

1659 days ago


Yeah right!!! 7,000 e-mails a day my a$$. He doesn't even have 7,000 listeners, let alone the same amount that are going to all the trouble to e-mail him. Patrick blows.

1659 days ago


Some of you are idiots. Are they supposed to send every email they get about how hot Erin is to the FBI? No. Once they got an email that was a direct threat, they turned it over to their security people.

1659 days ago

Triple Play    

Dan patrick is a Douche.He left a good gig to become a star now he is a second rate radio jerk. I would say that he is a has been but in fact he is a Never Was

1659 days ago


It is a misconduct charge NOT a murder trial so doubt isn`t a issue niether is intent.he was`ng doing his job GUILT tmz TIZ knows that is hyping the trial for more MJ free give aways same SOP that shoulr tell you who is behind MJ`s death follow the money trail right back to VIACOM Sony fox AOL CBS mofia MOMs that flash crewed MJ with give a dam about my kid`s bait for millions for CBS take down take away still in progress.Doctor gets slapped and abck to his kilroy SS island voodo he was never e real doctor anyway right hammer legs?.soundscan? wall crew

1659 days ago


You guys haven't a clue. Dan Patrick is far more popular now on his own than he was with ESPN. He has his own radio show and TV show and covers major sporting events on NBC.

why would they knowingly sit on a death threat e-mail?

1659 days ago


How can you not believe the show gets more than 7000 emails a day? His popularity is beyond your belief and his show is way more entertaining than any other sports talk show on the radio and tv. He brings on mostly sports figures but doesn't ask the typical questions that you see/hear on all the other shows. I'm pretty sure Dan or the Danettes wouldn't have sat on these threatening emails.

Long live DPS!

PS - My passion bucket overfloweth

1659 days ago


Dan Patrick is full of sht

1659 days ago


Judy and Nooges,

Congratulations, you are the idiots of the day! You can collect your prize, G.E.D. classes, at your local adult school/education center.

1659 days ago


Uhhh, it was an email. Ever read some of the stuff posted online or even here on TMZ? Hell if people could get arrested for email threats TMZ would be soooo quiet!

Don't know the guy but can understand a show getting so many emails (hate or love) that they simply don't get to most of them in any kind of timely manner, if at all. Isn't she the chick who was being 'peep' by some dude? Buy some security lady, or get out of the public life because obviously you bring out the weirdo in guys.

1659 days ago


So Erin Andrews is obviously a b****. And Dan Patrick is the man so go to hell Gary

1659 days ago

Just sayin'    

Enough about this dumb blonde NOBODY!! NO ONE CARES!!!!!!

1658 days ago

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