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Jon Gosselin Goes After Kate in Court

4/6/2010 3:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin thinks "Dancing with the Stars" is damaging his kids, thanks to Kate Gosselin, and Jon now wants primary custody as well as spousal support from his ex ... TMZ has learned.

Jon's new lawyer, former assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony F. List, tells TMZ he's going to court to ask for primary physical custody. List calls Kate, "an absentee mom," which he says is no surprise to anyone.

List expects to use "DWTS" as evidence that Kate does not spend "quality time with the 8 kids."

List also thinks Jon is getting screwed in the child support department, claiming "$20,000 a month is ridiculous."

In addition to primary custody, List says he's considering asking the judge to reverse the support obligation and make Kate pay Jon. He did not specify the amount.

Kate tells TMZ, "I am and always will be a mother first, but as a single working mom I will do everything necessary to provide for my kids despite the opinions of others."


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They are both worthless losers. Can't imagine why anyone even cares about them. They should disappear into oblivion.

1663 days ago


Who are these 30%-ers who think Kate is a worse parent than Jon? Kate's no picnic but she's humiliating herself on national television so that she can SUPPORT HER CHILDREN - something that fat oaf Jon doesn't bother to do.

1663 days ago


hey number 162 - I take it you dont like Jon much. Me either and I think you covered it all. GOOD JOB. Made me laugh.

1663 days ago


What a douch....He needs to get a life

1663 days ago


Soooo, DWTS is damaging his kids, BUT whoring around with Hailey Glassman and creating one drama after another that his children will one day Google and talk about on a therapist's couch ISN'T damaging. Ok.

1663 days ago

Lisa Dietz    

John, Good luck. Bring the tup baby with the bruises and bite marks all over her arm and neck into the hospital immediately.
Go to you tube and check out Kates abuses and worst moments for proof...and what did the Enquirer have about her beating the boys and drinking a bottle of wine a day...And her shacking up with steve since oct. o9.
Get a financial accounting of all the money she spent of the tups : Plastic surgury, million dollar house, flying all over america with steve first class, 60,ooo car, maids, cooks,nannies and so on.
Add in that she confines them to their home and limits their mental and social books or friends...and no Christian upbringing.

1663 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Anyone who calls a man paying $20,000 a month a deadbeat dad needs to have their face slapped just like in the pic of Kate slapping her 5 year old in the face in public. As far as "Kate's doing DWTS for the kids" I believe the rumor that she spent $35,000 on plastic surgery because you don't just suddenly look 10 years younger naturally. Getting $25,000 an episode she would be out $10,000 if she got eliminated the first round. Kate gets royalties from books and has a book coming out. She could easily raise those kids on those royalties and the $20,000 a month she gets from Jon but NO, she's got to run off, just like she did when they were married, to be in the spotlight. Just like society seems to think that only married MEN have affairs they don't want to imagine that there are "deadbeat moms". My ex took me to the cleaners then bought $350 puppies, sent them to puppy school bought them puppy sweaters, bought herself expensive jewelery, etc., while one of my daughters showed up with all 5 toes sticking out of the only pair of shoes she had. I know what kind of woman Kate is and that makes me concerned for the children. If I were Jon I would have installed some spy-cams in that house while he was there for the week when Kate was in LA promoting DWTS. I bet a lot of you wouldn't think Kate was a great mom if you saw what went on in that house when it was just her and the kids. Sure Jon's a mess but I think he cares about those kids and wants them to grow up like normal kids and not be tools to make mommy famous. Judge should give him the boys, her the girls and wipe out the child support. Sad thing is that, 5 years from now, long after Kate's been forgotten about, those poor kids are going to be a mess. I'm surprised Kate hasn't disappeared already. I thought everyone would be on to her by now. "Poor Me, Me, Me, Me, Me" as she cashs check after check. "Thanks, sheep." BAAAAAAA

1663 days ago


kate's a phony; a fame ho; major witch; better to give kids (and support) to jon

1663 days ago


158. I just had a great thought. You know what's going to be GREAT???! And Kate I hope you are READING!!! Once this DWTS is over the truth will come out about what a TRULY ROTTEN, PHONEY human being you ARE! You are a mother selling out your children. Everyone is keeping HUSH HUSH right now for ratings because the masses watching are, like YOU angry, bitter, evil housewives which are keeping the ratings up. BUT once is the show is over...SO ARE YOU and it's about time!!!!! They cast will spill the beans on you and your crappy self.

GO PAM and I am so sorry you are taking the RAP for these evil green eyed bitter monsters!

Posted at 3:10PM on Apr 6th 2010 by loloagogo

Some of you people REALLY need to get a life!!

1663 days ago

Zach's grandma    

Back off Jon.You've already proven yourself to be totally nuts. Kate obviously needs more than $20,000 a month because YOUR children are living in a million dollar home. My god you pig! A man would be viewed differently and you know it. What she is doing is tasteful and requires courage. Go crawl back under the rock where all of the whores still are.
I believe Kate's got control and makes sure she sees the kids and they are taken care of.

1663 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

# 24-Kate didn't have to make Jon look bad. He did that all on his own. He didn't have to start sneaking around and turn his family into tabloid fodder, then move first to NYC and then Utah with his latest 20something soulmate and his paparazzi bodyguard. Most divorced/separated parents try to live as close as they can to where their kids live/go to school so they can attend school events & be there in an emergency. In addition, Kate hasn't given interviews in which she lamented losing her twenties to first twins and then sextuplets or in which she announced that she "despised" her spouse. Jon did that.

Jon's developed a nasty tendency to pull some stunt like this when Kate is doing something in the public eye (like when she first guest-hosted on the View), apparently to mess with her head. IMHO, he's run out of rich, gullible 20something girls to support him and wants to use the threat of a custody fight to get Kate to support him and relieve him of his duty to support the children. It won't be easy. He didn't appeal the initial custody determination. He'd have to show a very substantive change of circumstances that would make the change of custody in the best interests of the children. Jon doesn't have much of a success record in court.

1663 days ago


Why would this attorney even take this losing case on? Maybe the attorney is part of from some men who hate women's group who knows he doesn't have a case but wants to blackmail Kate to get some of her money and reduce the child support.

I hope the judge throws this case out of court.

1663 days ago


Jon Gosslin is probably the most pathetic single father out their... No judge in their right mind would award him custody of any kids.. Why doesn't he just go get a job like most normal people...

1663 days ago


Just when you think Jon just MIGHT be calming down and trying to
do the right thing, he proves what a douche he is again.........
could he really get spousal support after the divorce? Geez I
hope not!! Kate keep up the good work SUPPORTING your kids, unlike
your ex!

1663 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

This is sooooooooo typical for men when they don't want to pay child support!

I am NO fan of Kate Gosselin, but when a DAD with primary physical custody is away working, you don't hear this sort of talk. She took special pains to build a dance floor in her home. She flies in and out of LA for tapings, etc. Yet, Jon's attorney expects to use "DWTS" as evidence that Kate does not spend "quality time with the 8 kids."

What pure, nasty, unadulterated bullshit. Classic example of The Double Standard being employed.

And Jon Gosselin with primary custody? I shudder to think of it. He's looking to get money from Kate, the (used to be...) more marketable (in Hollyweird anyway...) of the two parents.

Looks like Jon will have to go back to work in the I.T. sector, where he used to work prior to the "Jon & Kate + Eight" show, and Kate may have to get another nursing job, like she did prior to the show.

1663 days ago
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