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Jon Gosselin Goes After Kate in Court

4/6/2010 3:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin thinks "Dancing with the Stars" is damaging his kids, thanks to Kate Gosselin, and Jon now wants primary custody as well as spousal support from his ex ... TMZ has learned.

Jon's new lawyer, former assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony F. List, tells TMZ he's going to court to ask for primary physical custody. List calls Kate, "an absentee mom," which he says is no surprise to anyone.

List expects to use "DWTS" as evidence that Kate does not spend "quality time with the 8 kids."

List also thinks Jon is getting screwed in the child support department, claiming "$20,000 a month is ridiculous."

In addition to primary custody, List says he's considering asking the judge to reverse the support obligation and make Kate pay Jon. He did not specify the amount.

Kate tells TMZ, "I am and always will be a mother first, but as a single working mom I will do everything necessary to provide for my kids despite the opinions of others."


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Has he seen Kate "dance?" She's no Ginger Rogers. I think this issue might resolve itself before he has time to go back to court!!

1660 days ago

mom in georgia    

gosh this guy is a bottom feeding prick. really? she's out earning a living...............jealous much?

1660 days ago


Kate is the laziest mother ever, give them back to Jon

1660 days ago

My Two Cents    

Douche times 8. Jon is quite the jerk!

1660 days ago


How can he go to court when he doesn't have a job and hasn't had one since there show stop..I hope the Judge gives him a verbal lashes.DEAD BEAT DAD!!!What about all the months he was a Absentee Father Whoring around with all those ugly young sluts...John just wants to take Kate's Dancing with the Stars money away from the kids!!!

1660 days ago


I would like to see things from Jon Gosslin's point of view but I can't get my head that far up my own ass. Time to grow up Jon. You screwed up and lost out so its time to pound the pavement just like the rest of us regular joes and get a couple of REAL JOBS

1660 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Its well documented that he does spend time with his kids hell its all over the internet about him being with the kids while she is away. Look it up instead of assuming he isnt around. I can clearly tell who just assume because he is the father he is the piece of typical.

Its also well known she is never with her kids that she is flying here and there to promote herself. So if he got custody then he would do the same thing she does now for a job which is take care of the kids. She doesnt have an actual job other than being a mother to her children..but Jon is a piece of trash for not working ?? So its ok for her to be the caregiver but not him ?

1660 days ago

Go Away Forever    

What a STINKIN' douchebag! As long as he was with his rich jailbait, er, um, uh, girlfriend (whose was supporting his lazy ass), everything was cool. But now that she's thrown him out on the street, suddenly he's focused on his kids. He's just trying to simultaneously weasel his way out of paying child support and get another woman to support him. What judge in his or her right mind would hand over primary custody of those kids to this moron? Even though I don't really care for Kate either, I have to admit that everything she's done has been done to provide for her brood.

It's a well-know fact that she practices at home in the basement of her house and only flies out to Cali for 24 hours for the show taping. And when she does fly out, the kids are left with well-appointed, accredited, and capable au pairs.

No one in Hollywood wants to touch him. Period. Kate is getting big money for every episode that she's on TV, and he knows that the only way he can get a piece of it is to try to sue her in family court. This is the second time (that we know of) that he's used those precious, innocent babies as bargaining chips. He doesn't deserve them!

I seriously hate this idiot "man". I hope he's laughed and humiliated of court and barred from re-filing.


1660 days ago


My, My isn't this the same dance, different song though....first when Jon was mad their TV show was hard on the kids when she got too much attnetion and the show was going to be called "Kate plus eight". Now again she is in the spotlight...and her show "hard on the kids" mmmm doesn't this sound familiar. He is just mad because he lost to TLC and he has had a muzzle put on him.

1660 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

every time a girl dumps him he goes after Kate. I was a single parent to half the amount of kids she has and I had to work 2 jobs to support them. If you have to work, you sacrifice quality time with your kids. If John wasnt such a dick Kate wouldnt have to work at all.

1660 days ago


Good for Jon as Kate is no more then a fraud. Case in point, why is she still going under the name Gosselin if she wanted to be away from him so bad. She kept the name because it's all part of her marketing and wouldn't want to chance falling out of the spotlight if she went by her maiden name. Furthermore she keeps Jon away from the kids, has supervised visits and all this other restriction but is always flying out of town to do shows as much as possible thus leaving her children in the hands of nannies. I'm glad they have taken that show off the air and I think it's about time either play mom for a living or give the kids to Jon so she can further pursue the fame she so longs after. Hate on me all you want, it's the truth.

1660 days ago


Like most guys out there...Jon is only asking for full custody to get out of paying support. If he got custody he wouldnt be watching the kids or spend time with them either. Jon likes being single an only seeing the kids when it suits him. Not saying Kate is great or anything, but least she is trying an she is a good mom. Jon is a loser an is MEGA JEALOUS of Kate. Go hook up with another young girl Jon an drink yourself silly...U suck the kids dont need the likes of you!

1660 days ago


GOOD...IF you watched their show or saw them with their kids no doubt would agree Jon was the better parent.

1660 days ago


To the person going on about two blue-eyed people not being able to have brown-eyed kids - you do know Jon wears colored contact lenses, right? His real eye color is brown.

1660 days ago


Jon is the worst of dads. He smokes, hangs out at the fence with the paps to impress them, and is busy hunting his next snatch. That's his focus. He's remarkably jealous of Kate. And his fury is because TLC has bested him in court and he's powerless to appear n the press mouthing off as he has in the past. They are making him stick to his contract which is what he should have been doing all along. Kate's DWTS stint is going to be up soon so he has now wasted even more money with this filing. It's a moot point soon. Nobody could be a better parent! It's why she is doing this show-for the MONEY. It's clear he isn't earning anything and probably won't in the future either. He's stabbing her in the back here and I think the judge will soon see it clearly. He must have another bad lawyer. One that his dad knows or something...wo works for free or pro bono.

1660 days ago
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