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Jon Gosselin Goes After Kate in Court

4/6/2010 3:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin thinks "Dancing with the Stars" is damaging his kids, thanks to Kate Gosselin, and Jon now wants primary custody as well as spousal support from his ex ... TMZ has learned.

Jon's new lawyer, former assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony F. List, tells TMZ he's going to court to ask for primary physical custody. List calls Kate, "an absentee mom," which he says is no surprise to anyone.

List expects to use "DWTS" as evidence that Kate does not spend "quality time with the 8 kids."

List also thinks Jon is getting screwed in the child support department, claiming "$20,000 a month is ridiculous."

In addition to primary custody, List says he's considering asking the judge to reverse the support obligation and make Kate pay Jon. He did not specify the amount.

Kate tells TMZ, "I am and always will be a mother first, but as a single working mom I will do everything necessary to provide for my kids despite the opinions of others."


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Hey GOSSINLINS...BOTH of u. Your 15 mins r over...Go away

1658 days ago


Jon Gosselin has brown eyes. So much for your theory.

1658 days ago


OHHHH this sure is going to bring out the crazy old bats from ROL and really let him have it. They all know he is right in doing this but they have their noses so far up Kate's shirt they cant even see straight. Hope Jon mops the floor with her.

1658 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Anytime Kate tries to do something that helps her make money for her children, there is Jon, causing more debt for her with legal fees, and there the fat ass JOn sits, trying to sabotage Kate.

He has no house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He won't get custody, he has no house, and he has no job to support his kids. He tried to steal money from his own children.

Any judge that would ever give this loser custody or spousal support is a loser just like Jon.

There is no way a court is going to give a lying, cheating, stealing LAZY person like Jon custody.

He just now wants to be around his kids, because he has no tramp to live off of now.

Jon is a loser, and I have never disliked someone so bad as I do this person.

He will do anything to try to hurt Kate anytime Kate tries to succeed, he is there trying to suck the air out of her dreams and out of her attempts to support her children.

SHE IS THE ONE TRYING TO WORK, even embarass herself on TV, just to get money for her kids from DWTS.

What is Jon doing, other then spending money and racking up legal debt all of the time?

I hope Kate petitions the court for a restraining order from this jerk, and also JON should be paying Kate spousal support on top of child support.

Any man who asks a woman to give him spousal support, is a lazy douchebag.

He complained when Kate was on book tour (making money promoting her book for her family to SUPPORT THEM) and when Jon was at home caring for the kids, he whined, complained and was mad that he had to stay home and care for them.

Now he suddenly wants primary custody? Now he wants spousal support?

Jon is a sponge, he is a loser, the type of man who tries to live off of women he hooks up with.

He sees that Kate has an opportunity right now to make a chunk of money for her kids, that now he is jealous and wants revenge because NO ONE wants Jon on any network.

Jon needs to go get a real job and a life.

Kate needs to file to no longer allow Jon visitation at the house, Jon needs to get his own house and have his visitation at his own house on his custody days. Kate should not have to leave her house when Jon is there on his custody days.

Jon is just after the money now that his gravy train ran out. He thought he was famous, he is a nobody and all he does is put his kids through emotional distress.

A judge is going to see right through his motive, he wants the kids to use them for financial gain, the minute he finds another 20 something tramp that will put up with his 2 inch penis, he will be off at the bars again, boozing it up and tramping around.

When the kids are in Jon's care, he is reckless with them, I honestly feel the children are at risk when he is with them.

I think the little doctor visit the other day was also Jon's attempt to try to make Kate look like she is neglecting her children's health.

He is all about manipulating, game play.

Jon Gosselin, you are the lowest lifeform possible. I once liked you on the show, now you are showing your true colors.

I feel so bad and sorry for Kate that she had to put up with you, as long as she did.

You see that Kate's life is coming together without you and here you are trying to destroy your children and put fear in their life again with your agenda.


1658 days ago


Just because she has a JOB and he doesn't

1658 days ago


The judge should tell Jon to get a job and quit living off of young women. Kate is earning a living doing dwts, that's more than he's done. He should be ashamed of himself if this story is true.

1658 days ago


Jon also wasn't ordered to pay 20K a month in child support. Rather it was 7500. Of course, when you are unemployeed, that is a HUGE number.

The guy is a douche bag. I wonder if Stubby has paid Hailey back yet?

1658 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

the only reason he's doing this is cuz he's broke and doesn't want to get a job and needs kate's money to live. He's scum she could could say because he smokes he's going to be a harm to the health of their children. Scum bum!

1658 days ago


Jon doesn't have a job or a place to live. Just another example of Jon wanting to let someone else pay his way. While I'm am not thrilled with Kate at least she has a home for the kids, and the wherewithal to make a living.

1658 days ago


GREAT ABOUT TIME! Kate is all about money I dont know how many times she has said that! She would rather a nanny stay with her kids while she is gone & not there father! B S!
Go get her Jon! Besides She can't dance she may go home this week!

we all make mistakes as parents no one is perfect kids dont' come with instruction books!

1658 days ago


gg sai: "One (or both) of them is not the biological parent. It is impossible for two blue eyes to have a brown eyed child. All the kids have brown eyes."

Um, the father is half Asian, and he has brown eyes. Where did you get the idea that both sets of parents have blue eyes?

1658 days ago


I am so on team Jon with this. However, he should have demanded joint custody from the very beginning. How in the world is he going to get 8 kids in a 2 bedroom apartment in NY. You need to get your act together, Jon, if you're going to win this one.

1658 days ago


Attorney calls her an "absentee mom" (i.e. often away to work) as grounds for termination of custody?

WoW, with grounds like this to lose custody your kids, kind of scary for those single parents in the active military overseas. Are they at risk for losing custody too?

Attorney's really are like whores - any attorney who would take a case like this out to have their license yanked.

1658 days ago






1658 days ago

old macdonald    

Jon is an idiot. Kate is a control freak! Kate can get over being a control freak.

GET MY DRIFT.......................


1658 days ago
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