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Jon Gosselin Goes After Kate in Court

4/6/2010 3:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin thinks "Dancing with the Stars" is damaging his kids, thanks to Kate Gosselin, and Jon now wants primary custody as well as spousal support from his ex ... TMZ has learned.

Jon's new lawyer, former assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony F. List, tells TMZ he's going to court to ask for primary physical custody. List calls Kate, "an absentee mom," which he says is no surprise to anyone.

List expects to use "DWTS" as evidence that Kate does not spend "quality time with the 8 kids."

List also thinks Jon is getting screwed in the child support department, claiming "$20,000 a month is ridiculous."

In addition to primary custody, List says he's considering asking the judge to reverse the support obligation and make Kate pay Jon. He did not specify the amount.

Kate tells TMZ, "I am and always will be a mother first, but as a single working mom I will do everything necessary to provide for my kids despite the opinions of others."


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Both of them are pieces of work. I was looking for the both button, can't seem to find it. Why isn't there a both button. TMZ put in a both button lol.

1669 days ago


It will be a sad day if he actually wins this case. For 8 kids and above average income, $20,000 sounds about right. There are people who pay that for just 1 kid. I never heard of such a thing. How the hell is she supposed to pay him and she has the kids? He don't care about them. Its all about the money and has always been. I would like to hope that the judge in charge of this case will not entertain this jacka$$. Above all, he is the one who cheated and broke up the family. On top of that, he is never home or near it at that. This sleeze is full of crap!

1668 days ago


Wow he turned out to be a really big douche bag.

1668 days ago


Is he SERIOUS? Talk about trying to keep your name in the news. Get a job like everyone else...

1668 days ago


his 15 min. were fading into the background finally as it should be....guess his douchebaggery self is back...someone help us!!!!
so much for starting out a new year..LOL same ole same ole fool!!

1668 days ago


Of course she has to work, cause Jon is un-employable (his words)!! I don't think she is a bad Mom for working we all have to make sacrifices for our families!! But for him to swoop in and say she is a non-existent parent is like the pot calling the kettle black!! Mr. I'm gonna sponge off anyone I can so I don't have to work!! All I ever hear is he's in Utah or NYC or Vegas yukking it up sans the kids, so who is the absent parent?? I think America knows it's him! And how does he really need in "spousal support"? $20,000 grand a month isn't enough?? Most normal folks don't make that in a month let alone 6 months. Suck it up loser and move along, I for one am sick of you and your ex wife and your kids!

1668 days ago


any of us will go crazy with 8 kids so stop the hating already. they are both as good parents as anyone would be. of course they are flawed, they are humans after all. the proof they are good parents is that they have 8 (eigth!!!!) happy children who clearly love them.

1668 days ago

Kasper.... Merrillville, IN    

Jon Gosselin....SHAME on low are you willing to go for a paycheck. First you thought you were such a big star that you would do better on your own and dump your family....WRONG...then you thought to corner TLC for cash and pull the show thinking they would pay you to go away ......WRONG.....Now do you really think anyone believes you when you say you are concerned for our kids? That Kate is an absentee parent Mr. French Riveria... YOU are going pretty low yo use child support for your income!!!!!

1668 days ago

Kasper.... Merrillville, IN    

OOPS!!!!!!!!!! That is concerned for your kids.....and pretty low TO USE YOUR I was so angry I missed the keys..Esme

1668 days ago


Just when you think he has stooped to the lowest possible level...the idiot does it again!! LOSER..

1668 days ago


what a haven't heard anything about him in months. So the only thing he can do is start trouble to get back into media attention. He never spent any good time witht his children..everthing I had seen he was out talking at his fence or on his cell. Loser...loser...loser. Finding it hard to see what any woman would see in him????

1668 days ago

Lulu Says    

Jon's newest thing is that he's saying Kate's gone to "Hollywood!" Has she? Check out this piece on 5 Ways that Kate has gone Hollywood...

1667 days ago

Just Me    

LOL I love how all the women are instantly backing Kate! I don't think Jon is a terrific guy, but I'm backing him on this one. If Kate wasn't the super bitch she appears to be and was actually someone you would want to be around, let alone stay married to, most of this wouldn't be an issue. She needs to be home, not out destroying Dancing with the Stars with her lame performances! Ataboy Jon, you got out, now do right by your kids and continue to watch Two Right Feet Kate continue her dancing career!!!

1665 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Jon Gosselin pays Kate $21,000 a month for child support. He does support his children.

1665 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

It is really sad when people think they are more important than they really are. When Jon's fifteen minutes of fame wore out and he without a job, wife, or girlfriend, the only logical thing to do is sue your ex-wife, who it seems is the only means of support. Say alot of things about her but she is a good mother. Jon could your get a job please

1665 days ago
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