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Nicollette Sheridan Expects Smear Campaign

4/6/2010 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicollette Sheridan won't be surprised if ABC and "Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry team up to paint her as a difficult diva who is making up claims she was physically abused by Cherry.

TMZ broke the story Nicollette is suing ABC and Cherry for more than $20 mil, claiming Cherry actually struck her in the face in anger, ultimately firing her.

Nicollette's rep tells TMZ the actress was "a model employee" and Cherry's behavior toward her was "abusive and appalling."

The rep says Nicollette asked ABC for "help and protection" from ABC, to no avail, adding she did not want to file suit but felt "compelled" to do it to stand up for her rights.

The rep says, "It will not be a surprise if ABC and Mr. Cherry try to depict Nicollette to be something other than a team player and long-standing industry professional."


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Is it just me or is this has-been trying to get some free press? Maybe SHE should be sleeping with Jesse James, too...or IS she....

1660 days ago


Listen... do you smell that? It smells like Gloria Allred.
"Hi, Gloria."
"You're what?"
"Here to represent Nicollette Sheridan?"
"Of course, you are."
I'm holding my breath...

1660 days ago


Who are you people that are defending HER!!!! She has been a whore since she started in entertainment! Don't you know???? Why don't you look past the last week or two!!!

1660 days ago


OMG, come up with a better story, Nicollete!!!! You're done! I don't even think "Dancing with the Stars" with take you!!!!

1660 days ago


Her sense of entitlement is what's mind-blowing to me. Who does she think she is?? And the same goes for Terri Hatcher. Dubbed "the world's oldest cupcake" by Letterman (loved that), she's really deluded herself into thinking she's "the adorable one" and the biggest star on the show. She is SO not. She's stale, irritating, and her bumbling, stupid, tired antics are just played out to the point that she's merely a nuisance now. Let's hope she goes next. I heard rumblings that Cherry has her in his cross hairs to get rid of next. I say GO CHERRY!

1660 days ago


She is a major LIAR! She got fired for being a diva bitch..and after havingtime to think it over is pissed and jealous that she is back to being a NOBODY and off a top rated show. ANYONE who ever hires this LIAR again deserves whatever they get. i am laughing so hard because even I know she is full of crap! I hope she gets BLACKLISTED forever and that no one ever gives her the time of day ever again. KARMA will come and bite cha in the ass eventually. You are not a quality actress like teh others on the show and never deserved to be on it..even for one second..get over yourself and go get a JOB. Cuzz in Hollywood, YA DONE!

1660 days ago


I bet she's great in bed, cause she has that crazy look about her.

1660 days ago


He just was jealous because she can have every man she wants and he doesn't because he's just an egoistical fat moron

1660 days ago


whaaaa1 give me attention!

1660 days ago


$20 million for a slap? Imagine if he broke her plastic surgery.

1659 days ago


never heard of her, is she one of those self important hollywood wannabe's?looks like a bitch to me, she should go away

1659 days ago


Unfortunately, there are bad bosses everywhere. The best way to avoid hostile workplaces is by doing research about potential bosses on sites like eBossWatch.

1659 days ago


If she is anything other than a wannabe, senior citizen "girl" who's gotten around one too many times in Hollywood, then I am the queen of Romania. Long-standing industry professional, my rear end. She was fired from probably the last and best gig of her "career," and probably for cause.

1658 days ago
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