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Sheridan: 'Housewives' Creator Attacked Me

4/6/2010 7:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicollette Sheridan has sued Marc Cherry, the creator of "Desperate Housewives," alleging he struck her across the head and face on the set, and after she complained he fired her.

In the legal papers, obtained by TMZ, Nicollette is suing for assault and battery, gender violence and wrongful termination.

Sheridan is suing for more than $20 million.

In the lawsuit, Sheridan claims Cherry created a hostile work environment from the get go, "behaving in an extremely abusive and aggressive manner toward the individuals who work on the show."

Sheridan says during the 5th season, Cherry put her in his crosshairs. She claims on September 24, 2008, he physically assaulted her after she questioned him about something in the script. According to the lawsuit, "Cherry took her aside and forcefully hit her with his hand across her face and head."

According to the suit, after the alleged incident, Cherry went to her trailer to "beg forgiveness."

Sheridan says she immediately reported the incident to ABC, but Cherry's aggressiveness only worsened and ABC failed to take action.

And get this ... The suit alleges when Cherry found out Teri Hatcher went above his head to complain about him, he said, "I hope Teri Hatcher gets hit by a car and dies."

And, she says, she was killed off the show unfairly.

UPDATE: ABC tells the L.A. Times "While we have yet to see the actual complaint, we investigated similar claims made by Ms. Sheridan last year and found them to be without merit."


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Some little facts are missing. Marc Cherry: ethnic background? Marc Cherry: Homosexual deviant? Marc Cherry: misogynist? Marc Cherry: typical, Hollywood Liberal?

No matter what anyone thinks of Nicolette -- at least she has a nice name even if she may be a total b*tch [and if that were true, what difference in your miserable lives would that make?] -- Marc Cherry deserves this lawsuit. For all of you dumbed-down democrats, civil claims for torts are available for two years after an incident.

You Americans have become so annoyingly stupid.

1628 days ago


Judging from the comments of most of the men here, Nicolette deserved it.
That is pure insanity. This is a symptom of what is wrong with this male dominated society. Too much testosterone and no brains.
This is why we have wars, men killing their whole families, and pedophiles preying on children.
It all comes down to their thinking they can get away with anything, anytime, and not have any repercussions.
No all men are like that I know, but the ones that are spoiled rotten and are prone to sick behaviors are all too prevalent in our society and should be dealt with. Marc Cherry needs to be locked up and have the key thrown away.

1628 days ago


Nicollette Sheradon is human just like anyone of us. For # 8, and # 25 to say those things it's a shame that you believe that she deserves is. How would you like someone to smack your mother or sister across the face, and to hear say the things that you said about her deserving it. Tell me how would you like that, by the way you guys talk, I can safely say that you both enjoy hitting women, cowards you are!!! no woman deserves to be hit by a man. I hope that Cherry gets what's coming to him, and I hope they fire his ass.

1628 days ago


I believe her/ I hope she wins and the jerk gets fired.

1628 days ago


stupid ass inconsistent show. You get involved and the next week is a freaking rerun, it's ridiculous, I just stopped watching it. And I agree with another person above that Sheridan was one of the main highlights of the show that always kept things topsy turvy. I know my attitude has certainly changed towards the show. Just Sunday night normally I would have moved mountains and dropped everything to position myself in front of the TV at 8 p.m., not anymore. In fact I was talking on the phone, turned and it was a couple minutes after Nine. Before I would have said, "oh crap, I missed my show" but Sunday night it was like I just didn't care anymore and I can imagine there are many like me.

1628 days ago


Nicollette,we loved you in the show,you made our day,and it is sad
you had to leave.Should Marc be guilty of the offence,let him pay,like they say,time will always tell.
Jane. Kenya.

1628 days ago

laura's eyes    

Sheridan DID make ABC aware of Cherry's inappropriate behavior after it happened. No one, male or female needs abuse like that. A 20 million dollar lawsuit is a stretch!

1628 days ago


Took her a year and a half to come to the conclusion that she had been abused?

1628 days ago


would love too see a few actors have the nerve to back her up! The only way you stop this kind of entitlement and abuse is too band together. I'm sure she's not the first or the last...

1628 days ago


Lets examine the facts..

Popular character killed of...look at the other characters they've killed off...make sense to you? Doesn't to me!

Guy has long history of just this kind of accusation.

No guy ever dreampt up this stuff unless he's an Elton John level drama queen in real life himself. Look at the perfect job he does with Marcy Cross's son...only a skeevy little gay b__turd would know that stuff! He's writing his own self into that character and the torments he put friends and family through.

1628 days ago


I sincerely question the validity of this "assualt"

1) It happened over 6 months ago.

2) It was not (apparently) reported to the police.

If, indeed there was evidence to support assault and battery, she should have started criminal proceedings. Since she didn't I get the distinct feeling that she knew she was being terminated and decided to turn an innocuous incident into "The Burning Bed"!

My opinion is she is a spoiled brat who was getting canned and decided to go out with a bang!

1628 days ago


Nicolette Sheridan is a has been! Until all the facts are on the table, this is just "he said/she said." So, I say ... enough said!

1628 days ago


Geez people - it's just television. Not like she found a cure for PMS.

1628 days ago


5. She's clearly lying.

Posted at 2:26PM on Apr 6th 2010 by KELLY

----------Says WHO Kelly? YOU? Who gives a flying F-CK what you think Ahole.

1628 days ago


What is surprising about all the above comments is the side that people take! How in the hell do you know what is happening on the set? Unless you work with them, for a period of time and watch the actors/actresses vs. the producer/director, you don't know jack.
However, a guy having a reputation for being a smuck should tell you something is wrong and should be investigated. It is a world of power and money and people (actors) are at the mercy of these jerks. Let's wait for the investigation then judge.

1628 days ago
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