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Jermaine Jackson: Dr. Murray Using BS Defense

4/7/2010 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson thinks Dr. Conrad Murray's defense -- that Michael Jackson killed himself by self-injecting a lethal dose of Propofol -- isn't just far-fetched ... it's "the biggest lie ever."

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It's not often that I agree with anything that Jermaine says...but in this case I do agree. Murray is not only lying...he's telling the biggest lie ever. Only a stupid gullible fool would believe Murray. Murray is guilty...100% guilty

1658 days ago


Wjo's the "author" of this article/video interview? TMZ Staff or some private collaborator? Maura maybe?

1658 days ago

Cynthia J.    

I am sick and tired of hearing from the Jackson family. What a bunch of losers. They all (not Janet) have been living off Michael for years. And, still, they want to live off Michael now that he's dead. And what's wrong with Jermaine, he names his son "Jermajastey" what a bunch of good for nothings. They all make me sick, especially Joe Jackson. They should all be ashamed for their money-grubbing behvior.

1658 days ago


Simone and idiots probably need another hobby, and perhaps one in the real world, as in stepping away from your computer. I mean honestly, being first to post "first" means what????? Go get some exercise...your parents are probably sitting in front of the TV with chips, and popcorn....

1658 days ago


ALL the Jacksons are FREAKS! And so are the FANS!

I look at it as: 1 DOWN-10 TO GO

1658 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Bigger then the lie A&E says regarding you and your serviving brothers financials? I mean really, sucessful real estate investor stocking shelve at the market, producers of groups know ones heard of... AND your mother paying for food for your family??? Don't speak asshole, take care of your family...

1658 days ago


All of you CLONERS seriously need to get a life. Expressing your opinion is one thing. If you choose to hate Michael Jackson then of course that is your perogative, but instead what you do is jump from story to story about him. Do you have nothing else to do then be consumed with reports about a man you despise. Like it or not (him or not) Michael Jackson runs your life... and that just made me smile. Whatever would you do without him? Or without these posts. As a fan I don't need TMZ to feel Michael's greatness because it's everywhere. I saw "This Is It" online the other day. If you haven't watched it yet I suggest you take a small break from internet ruckus and take in artistry at its finest. You guys are really pathetic. Why don't you get a friend, sign off the internet and give them a call, maybe go see a show... do something with your life.

1658 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

I just have one thing to say here. Michael could not have self injected and here is why. The amount of propofol in his system was acute, this means Murray started and IV drip and just gave him too much , the drug went straight into mj system via IV.IT kept infusing even after MJ was dead. He was killed instantly. HE did not suffocate nor did he suffer. Had he done an Iv push himself he would have been knocked out instantly leaving a loaded syringe attached to the tubing. And he would have fell out of bed head first if this was the case. OR fell off the side of the bed. I find it very suspicious that the Nurse Practioner had to tell LAPD what MJ was given and why did they not find that bottle of med under the bed.
Why 2 wks before death did he re-hire branca
why did the NP have to direct the police to the drug.
Why was thome holding onto 5 million.
Where is Thome now? and who is he with?
And if MJ was afraid they were going to kill him, why would he let anyone put him under?
If anyone has any sense in this bullshit story let me know.
And if his eyes were open he was dead, and not for just a few minutes for awhile.

1658 days ago

welc ome    

If Michael self injected he would have left a syringe attached to the IV due to the immediate effect of propofol. He also would have fell head first out of bed or fell out of bed sideways if he gave himself propofol. Murray gave it too much too fast via IV
he killed MJ immediate, no suffering on MJ part at all Instant. He continued to infuse propofol into MJ even after MJ was dead , that is why such acute poisioning occured even after MJ died he continued to recieve the drug directly into his vein.
And stupid Murray keep saying his eyes were open , please just keep saying that. This could only mean one thing, he was dead and not for just a few minutes, keep tapping that nail in your coffin.
thank for listening and pardon any typo errors

1658 days ago


You stupid jackass. Have you decided yet whether your brother was already gone by the time he got to UCLA or whether your brother was already gone by the time he got to the airport? You birdbrain.

I just can't stand to look at you! It's bad enough that you're so friggin ugly but to be so stupid on top of that and THEN to think you are Gods gift to women and your talent will still set the world on fire is just too much to bear. LOL

You could have when you should had the talent & the looks. Guess you just chose womanizing over a career. No need looking now it's too case you haven't figured that out yet.

1658 days ago


53. ALL the Jacksons are FREAKS! And so are the FANS!

I look at it as: 1 DOWN-10 TO GO

Posted at 3:06AM on Apr 7th 2010 by Dirty Sanchez

Catfish the Devil Joe(1) Katherine(2) Germie Jermaine(3) Randy(4) Janet(5) Jackie(6) Tito(7) Marlon(8) Rebbie(9)....who's #10?

BTW....I love your username!

1658 days ago


Michael was found NOT GUILTY of all charges on molestation...LET IT GO!!!!

1658 days ago


Why so much HATE? I don't understand people that post comments on stories about people they don't like. Get a life!
I support the Jacksons, I want the truth!!
The media lies about everything, those that continue to let the media tell you how to think are in need of some brains.
A little compassion and respect is needed. Go hate in another place please.
God Bless

1658 days ago


I don`t think this is so far fetched. Michael had problems with these drugs, it really does not matter who injected what, it was only a matter of time this happened...this doctor or another doctor. I wish the Jackson`s would except the fact, Michael is at least half at fault!
Therefore, was an accomplice in his own death. Innocent until proven guilty.
RIP Michael.

1658 days ago


Murray gave it too much too fast via IV

1658 days ago
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