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Jermaine Jackson: Dr. Murray Using BS Defense

4/7/2010 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson thinks Dr. Conrad Murray's defense -- that Michael Jackson killed himself by self-injecting a lethal dose of Propofol -- isn't just far-fetched ... it's "the biggest lie ever."

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reply to jaybone "he just had bad judgement". That´s why people go to medical schools, to have good jugment. Does your own dr also have bad judgement, do you care if he/she does not.It has happened a few times that surgeons have by mistake or bad judgement tremoved rthe wrong kidney or amputated the wrong leg, just by mistake,or poor judgement in prep. for surgery. Well you would not mond I guess.

1648 days ago


better one leg than dead. dead are silent.
dr M U R (de)R A Y , your name will not be forgotten.

1648 days ago


I AM A POET AND I WROTE THE POEM BELOW FOR YOU MICHAEL A beautiful ebony baby boy came to earth a beautiful bright star. While he lived, he fought against famine, sought justice, and spoke passionately with for love,and against reasoning for war. Some enjoyed putting him down for his child like innocent ways. He sought comfort from their hate as he Prayed. Oh he would get very angry as he fought against false accusations. You see he valued his good name. In the midst of his seasons for rain, their goal was to bring him pain. It didn't matter when those who hated him were proved wrong. Their only goal was, to break a good man who was strong. Some may ask why with tears in their eye. Its because kicking someone would make feel good. I'm sure he was often hurt by these jerks, Through the hate and tears Michael perservered! Like Michael, I say this with love. I envisioned him in white, as he soared up above. Michael, you were right, the color of a persons skin doesn't mean their bad. Some will never understand and this is sad. Its easy for me to envision a bright star taking you home. Heaven is the place that separates you from right and wrong. ___________MsPaap(c)__________ It only took a few minutes to write this but it took Michael a life time to live this. Alive or dead he will always be loved! I can't say the same for Murray or anyone else who helped take his life. Material things are not everything. Michael Jackson is in the guinea book of records for giving away more money to charitable good causes than any entertainer alive. Most crictics have given very little, or anything at all, to help the impoverished, sick and dying. Heaven separates good from the bad which is good thing because there are people who would pretend to be good and try to corrupt heaven like they've done on earth. I respect everyone's right to have an opinion. Whether we agree or not is immaterial. People have the right to speak their mind. At least that is the way I see it. ____________ Ms Paap______

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1648 days ago


simon response to comment 12
everyone is entitled to their opinion but you are one nasty evil person no one knows exactly what happend to michael and i bet you never even knew him your just a gossip munger who will belived any bs without the facts are you perfect? na did't think so to be happy that someone is dead and to feel happy you have no heart as i said everyone has an opinion but you shuold stfu untill you know what the hell your talking about foooool

1647 days ago


simon, your such a jerk - get a life loser

1628 days ago
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