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'Jersey Shore' Guys -- Gym, Tan, Shirtless

4/7/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With their pumped up, waxed and shaved man breasts in full display, "Jersey Shore" dudes The Situation, Ronnie, DJ Pauly D and the other paler, less buff one went tanning in Miami on Tuesday.


Despite becoming famous, these "guidos" still have their priorities in order.

GTL realness.


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HEY ITS SO EASY TO BULK UP WHEN YOUR TWENTY SOMETHING.............I'LL BET NOT ONE OF THESE GUY'S REALLY PACKING ANY MEAT? ? ? ? ? ! ! ! !! ALL POTATOE.........NO MEAT! ! hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

1667 days ago

Once white trash always WT    

Can't wait to see the crew at 50 if they are still alive. Still short and now flabby with wrinkled skin and those horrible tattoos are all over. They will still be the losers with their shirts off or the annoying fat short broad at the bar blabbing about the past. ha ha ha

1667 days ago


ya know.everytime im in jersey.i mean the smelly jersey.trash ridden i just got off the boat or i just rode my donkey azz mom overhere jersey.or the i couldnt make it in my own country im here for scrapings or handout jersey.i get a little itch in my shoe.and low and behold thiers ronnie the roach beggin for some hairy azz.he looks like a little steroid bitch.come get some son!!

1667 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Since when are the chest muscles of a guy called "man breasts"? Has anyone ever walked up to a well built guy and commented on his "breasts" to his face?

1667 days ago


ok auggie ill apologize fro him.wre sorry you came here to america and couldnt make it in your own country.if you dont like it here.take your skank back! am i clear miss cuban??

1667 days ago


Steroids and stupidity... a great mix.

1667 days ago


I'm sorry but you have to be "this" tall to ride THIS ride. They just don't measure up, so to speak.

1667 days ago


I love these guys, but it kinda looks like they have boobs!! Lol!!

1667 days ago


To the people automatically screaming "steroids," you can get their size naturally- they aren't THAT big. The dumbasses probably use them anyway because they don't seem to be the type to take diet seriously, but I'm bigger than they are and have never used steroids. It's people like them that give steroids a bad name though. Used responsibly and correctly, they are not dangerous.

1667 days ago


Honestly you CAN get that size WITHOUT steroids, if you eat right, train 5x a week, and your young. Everyone can hate on their personalities all they want, but Ive been working out naturally for 8 years and am same size as them. Its a hobby for some. Back to the doritos and fast food for the rest I guess!

1667 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Shrimp, Shrimpy, and Shrimpiest! What a bunch of teeny tiny tools.

1667 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

The Situation has been hitting the juice more than Barry Bonds. Damn! That fool got huge. Totally juiced up. What a bunch of media tools. MTV struck gold with them motherfuckers. And in the end they will be in the trash can.

1666 days ago

Penis Hilton    

TMZ still using the racist G word. Hate speech is still the name of the game. But 2012 is coming...

1666 days ago


If you're a dude, and you have tits, you're a queer. Looks like they are about to have a big orgy....without the chick.

1666 days ago


Stop hating on them. They are young, they take care of their bodies, but their attitude sucks! I don't want to make the assumption that they use steroids because my sexy Marine boyfriend is ripped just like that & I know he doesn't use them. Some people are just dedicated to keeping their bodies in shape.

1666 days ago
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