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'Jersey Shore' Guys -- Gym, Tan, Shirtless

4/7/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With their pumped up, waxed and shaved man breasts in full display, "Jersey Shore" dudes The Situation, Ronnie, DJ Pauly D and the other paler, less buff one went tanning in Miami on Tuesday.


Despite becoming famous, these "guidos" still have their priorities in order.

GTL realness.


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get over it. now we all know if we was put on blast like that on tv some of ya'll would have some comments like this.

1622 days ago

Guido Glossary    

You need more shore.....

1622 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Really? Really?

Is THIS what they want to do with their lives? Raelly? To be made fun of have your life out there for likes of us to judge....will you guys just do anything for money?

Do you think you are stars? Or, on the way to stardom? Wrong on both, they are using you and laughing at you. You are pawn for MTV and you like it!?

Have they NOT watched themselves on TV enough yet to go, man I'm a dick...I look like a dick and I'm acting like a dick.

I guess not yet.

1622 days ago


haha! This is so funny! All these people are just hating on the cast for 5 simple reasons.
1)They will be making more money in one show(in 3 months), than anybody commenting here makes in 3 year.
2)All of them have crazy bodies and can probably beat any kids on this page. Except for Vinny :)
3)They are famous now!
4)They are basically getting paid to have fun and get drunk. Which just so happens that probably about 90% of the people who comment on here drinks or has gotten drunk.
5)People cannot stand to see the rise if someone greater than themselves because the began to accuse them of ignorance, stupidity, cheaters, and (my favorite)"douche bags."

Feel free to leave your negative responses towards me :)

1619 days ago



1616 days ago


Jersey Shore Fans:

Check out "Shredded Like Mozzarella" t-shirt!

1615 days ago


Jersey Shore fans:

Check out "Shredded Like Mozzarella" t-shirt...


1615 days ago


Are you all ****tting me? Your all such haters. The show is Entertaining as hell! The dudes are taking advantage of the opportunity, and doing a hell of a good job at it! Stop hating cause you guys seem to be thier biggest fans! You haters wish you had the chance to be on thier lmao. B REAL

1611 days ago


We live in a sad, sad, sad world when these morons from Jersey Shore are constantly the source of tabloid fare. A bunch of moronic chuckleheads who in a few years, will look like Tony Soprano.

1591 days ago


LOL at all the nerds sitting on their asses saying they are juiced to the max. One, MAYBE 2 are, for the others its called: getting off the computer and working out once in a while.

1505 days ago

your mom .     

there all ****in better looking then you
god you guys dead ass have no life . like you wait till they put a new picture of them so you can hate like god hop off .

1505 days ago


Wow TMZ is full of negativity. 99% negative comments. Half of u probably don't know where a gym is in ur city, the other half are barely paying bills and u probably have kids that act worse than these guys. Why hate on them? They Dont hide anything and they are not ego maniacs... All they like to do is go out and have a good time. With 5 mil a yr u would probably act like u own the world, yet mike still walks on earth and keeps it honest w the roomates... They get ugly chicks from time to time and they have a good laugh about it. These people are good at heart, never in a hurry to bash on someone. U limp d*** love to judge them but for a second look in the mirror. I am so fed up w every post about the shore being bombarded with negative comments. I LOVE the JS and all of the ppl on it... Except Angelina. Remember don't judge a book by it's cover, you would take the opportunity they have gotten and run with it as well. Im a 22 yr old male, good lookin cat, going to FILM School in LA and I do NOT go out and get drunk often but I still like them.... They r good ppl just remember that, they don't deserve negativity to this extent from judgmental pricks like u. This is the realest reality TV show EVER. Jersey Shore for LIFE. Bi**h!

1477 days ago


shut up all u guys there all hot you should look at your self befor saying **** about someone eles!

1470 days ago


se ven super guapiziimos ese es el tiipo de person a que busco en mii viida pero no lo encuentro )= son los numero uno del mundo
eee !!!! (=

1453 days ago


vinnys fat as **** in this pic and pale he looks like the odd man out lol instead of MVP its more like Mike, Fat vinny, and Pauly lol

1415 days ago
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