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Jon Gosselin

Files for Custody

4/7/2010 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin has just filed legal papers formally asking a Pennsylvania judge for primary custody of the 8 kids he had with Kate Gosselin.

Jon also wants the child support order that is currently in place reviewed by the judge. Jon claims the arbitrator in the divorce "failed to take into consideration the numerous factors provided for by the law in PA."

TMZ broke the story that Jon's lawyer, Anthony F. List, feels Kate is an "absentee mom" now that she is in Hollywood on "Dancing with the Stars."

Kate currently has primary custody and Jon is required to pay $20,000 a month in child support.


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Thunder Thighs    

If you read these documents you can see that Jon had incompetent counsel during this arbitration. First, there was never documentation of what the true expenses for the children were. So Jon has been playing an arbitrary amount of money it would seen. Second, the visitation is not set as a schedule but is SOLELY at Kate's discretion, which she has been abusing. Third, Jon is supposed to be able to reside in the guest house even while Kate is there which she is not allowing.

I hope Jon gets custody of the kids and Kate gets ample visitation when she can bother being in the same time zone. But since she, herself, said that this is "the kids' house" that would mean that Jon would have the house most of the time (basically a reversal of the current situation) and Kate would be in the guest house (unless Jon purchases his own house).

It's pretty simple and boils down to what is best for the kids. It goes beyond this Jon Vs Kate debate that everyone has on these boards. Kate works away from where her children live. It only makes sense that the kids should primarily be with the parent who is most available to take care of them. There's not reason why nannies should be taking care of the kids when their dad is right there.

And, this business about not working. Welcome to reality. It's the way it is in many families when a mom is at home taking care of the kids, even after a divorce when there is child support and alimony. If it's ok for a mom to be home with her kids while her former, more affluent spouse works, then why isn't it ok for a dad? Especially when the work of taking care of eight kids is so great. It's not like Jon would be sitting around...eight kids takes a great deal of work if you are doing it right. Kate? She hires a nanny instead...even while at home!? Please!

If she wants to go off and be famous, go ahead. But her kids live in PA and if she doesn't want to be there with them, let Jon do what is best for the kids. Everyone rags on Jon, but the truth is that if he's willing to step up and bet there for the kids when Kate isn't that shows some character there that should be recognized.

1603 days ago


Jon is an unstable parent and all this can be proved as Jon's behavior has been photographed since Nov. 2008 when the paps caught him him at 2am coming out of a bar with a single school teacher in PA. There are testimonies from his former mistresses and photos that prove he is not a good human being much less decent parent. I cannot believe a court would award him money$$$ Kate has earned when Kate IS the one providing for her children, NOT Jon. Jon does not want custody of his children. Jon wants custody of Kate's money which Kate earned. Jon got half of all the earning Kate earned for 9 yrs of their marriage and now it is over. Jon is the lowest of low life in America.

1603 days ago


I think he should go after custody! She is not a good person. Besides, she should have let him stay with the kids while she is in LA not her sister. That is being selfish. He is the father. People keep saying that he will have to answer for all the times he wasn't there. He bought a place in Manhattan for WORK, we know he has visitation, but he keeps his time with the kids PRIVATE! Unlike Kate. Isn't it funny that TLC went after John and not Kate, she was saying stuff too. And if you look back she was being more vocal about John than he was about her! But she was kissing TLC's butt so they didn't go after her! I WILL NOT watch that channel anymore. And I am soo over this couple. John should get the kids and Kate should try to be a better person. BTW, I am a mother. I am not perfect. I am all for Jon in this situation.

1603 days ago


They're both terrible parents. They've both used those children for their own fame, but I definitely think Kate is the driver of the greed. Expensive home, hair, mani-pedis, tanning, expensive clothes. She's driven everyone who cared about those kids away--her parents, brother, Beth, etc. She doesn't actively care for the kids anyway--they're her meal ticket.

1603 days ago


Just exactly how does this moron have 20K to pay each month? Neither of these nit-wits are able or responsible enough to raise 8 kids. Say goodbye babies!

1603 days ago

payday advance loans    

I think they both are using the kids for money. Its sad but true and after watching Kate on Dancing with the stars, I can see why Jon always fought with her, she ia a crazy controlling bitch. Those kids are all gonna be damaged in one way or another at the fault of both parents.

1603 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Wow! The little moron has taken a page from Kevin "The Professional Bum" Federline. Why are women so stupid as to procreate with these losers?

1603 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

Hi kids! It's your dad!

Look, I really don't want custody of you cuz you'll get in the way of my whores, but I don't want to work, and I sure as hell don't think you all are worth $20,000. So, I'm gonna take you and your mom's money, then leave you with nannies so I can bang my skanks. OK? Great!

1603 days ago


Jon's a huge d-bag. But the whacked-out child support system is what's driving him to seek a modification of the custody order. $20,000 a month from HIM? Come on. If the order made sense, maybe he'd accept it and move on. But he can't AFFORD to. Unrealistic child support obligations RUIN children's lives (by often alienating them from their paying parents) and ultimately end up costing all of us, through court/collection/prosecution costs! (This, coming from a divorced mom who didn't rely on Baby-Daddy Welfare.)

1603 days ago


Jon is upset as he and Morgan were in LA when DWTS began the season and Jon was denied seats to watch Kate at the show. Jon thought he would play nice by tweeting he was proud of her and get his ugly face on the news at the shows pretending to support his X with his gal, Morgan but was denied entrance.I heard that Morgan wised up, and dumped Jon because Jon is behind in child support payments and owes Haily Glassman 200k and Jon asked Morgan to loan him the money. After the split with Morgan, Jon goes to PA, and asks to stay with the kids more than his custody agreement states as JON NEEDS A PLACE TO LIVE AND WANTED TO MOVE INTO THE GARAGE APARTMENT and Kate said no. Jon wanted to get his photo in the mags with Tony when Tony came to the property to practice with Kate. Jon is a user and when he is told no he sues. Jon pulled the same crap when he heard TLC announce the new name of the show to Kate Plus 8. Jon was going to get paid but have less air time as he was showing up late or not showing up at all on his days to film. He was difficult to work with when he was there and hostile towards TLC.Jon stopped the filming and stopped HIS income and Kate's income from the show and breached his contract with TLC. Jon was able to make Kate and the kids suffer in 2009 and now wants to make Kate and the kids suffer in 2010. I hope the PA courts spares the children from being under the control of Jon Gosselin.

1603 days ago

399 Hollywood Teamsters    

The judge could use a good laugh, I'm sure this petition will have him rolling on the floor and pissing his robe.
Hey Douchey McAssnozzle, get a job and pay your bills.

1603 days ago


Uh yeah, listen...Johnny? You need a better lawyer. He needs to tell you that you weren't around your kids much when you had a girlfriend, so now that girlfriend's gone it doesn't make you Dad of the Year in establishing custody just because you decided to hang around when it's convenient (i.e.,when you have no earnings again).

I don't know what these "numerous factors" are, but here's the way it goes:

1. Custody: best interest of the child.
2. Support: income shares model.

Oh gosh, wait. Could this possibly be about you seeking primary custody because you don't want to pay child support because your "career" is in the crapper? Ah, how convenient and quelle surprise. Kate pays you as primary custodian, and then you have money again, and then you're free to bring all your girlfriends around the kids as caregivers for the day. Swell.

Good luck with that. I'd say a judge would see through this in a minute, but in PA this will go all the way through custody evals and trial.

Not that I'm a fan of hers. She's an idiot. But you're a bigger idiot. The kids should have a third choice.

1603 days ago


poor poor Jon, his brother does not want him living with him so he wants to live in the garage apartment...that is just plain silly, they are divorced, he needs to get his own place and stop sponging!!
have his visitation at his OWN house..grow up!!

1603 days ago


I didnt know sperm donors could file for custody ?

1603 days ago


Wow i never thought i would see a bigger douche bag than Gloria Alred and her whore, but amazingly enough Jon turned out to be bigger.

1603 days ago
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